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Poll: How much do you read?

a few books a month 16 (22%)
a few books a year 14 (19%)
mainly newspapers/magazines/websites 11 (15%)
everything, constantly 25 (34%)
I don't read much/at all 3 (4%)
none/other/etc. 5 (7%)
   Discussion: How much do you read?
elfy, teacher of many · 18 years, 1 month ago
YAY Literacy!

I read a book every 3 weeks or so. "a few books per month"? who does THAT? Aside from University students studying English, I mean.
Michael (foof) Maki Back · 18 years, 1 month ago
Ummm.... I read about to the point of pathology. I read *everything*...People Magazine? Okay. Week-old issue of USA Today? Hook me up.

I think this point was driven home when I went to the opthamologist, he dialated my pupils, and I still managed to squint enough to read Newsweek while I was waiting for my glasses.
It's a girl! Back · 18 years, 1 month ago
bwah!! I did the same thing at my last eye exam too!

I've read 4 books in the past week and a half and I'm panicking because I only have one left from the library and it's supposed to snow, so I might not get new material for another couple of days. Which means, of course, rereading old faves and getting into fanfic.

Who knows, maybe I'd read less if I had a life. But I doubt it.
Rachel Beck Back · 18 years, 1 month ago
Yup. When a friend of mine in college started singing (rather tunelessly) "Trimethicone zine in a base of water, ammonium lauryl sulfate, ammonium laureth sulfate..." I replied with great glee, "That's head and shoulders shampoo! You read in the shower, too!"

It's nice to feel that one is not alone.
goovie is married! Back · 18 years, 1 month ago
"a few books per month"? who does THAT?

uh...i do.
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 18 years, 1 month ago
No you don't, you read a few books per week. Of course you still haven't read Jurgen
goovie is married! Back · 18 years, 1 month ago
that's cos i don't read books that suck. :)
actually, i think my average last year was about 6 books per month. i was reading more by the end, of course, because i am a loser and i can't hold a job.
jaye Back · 18 years, 1 month ago
uh...i do, too.

(i'd read more if i spent less time reading hobbit death porn.)
Melinda J. Beasi Back · 18 years, 1 month ago
I used to read books constantly, like a couple books a day (not joking). In recent years my life has changed to such an extent that I don't even read one a month. I'm not sure whether it is a good or bad thing. On one hand I know I'm missing out on a lot of great literature. On the other, I'm living in less of a fantasy world than I did back then. When I was a child it was all about books and not much about real life. I'd like to think that someday I'll be able to strike a balance between the two.
Gordondon son of Ethelred · 18 years, 1 month ago
I read a few books a month but there is too much time that I'm not reading anything.
beth-pseudocanuck! · 18 years, 1 month ago
what about the option for "too much for school, not enough for pleasure?"

*sob* i can't wait till i'm done with school so reading can become FUN again.
elfy, teacher of many Back · 18 years, 1 month ago
I'm there with you on that one. It's only been recently that I started carrying around paperbacks again. I *heart* Terry Pratchett's stuff. I laugh out loud reading those novels.
A girl named Becca Back · 18 years, 1 month ago
I totally hear ya.
During the fall I read at least 2, sometimes more like 3, books per week, but none of them were my choice. (That's not to say none of them were interesting...but they were all pretty dense...and I hate reading on deadlines.) Last time I actually completed a book I was reading for fun? Early September, Catch-22.

Mmm....Literary Studies major....
Jillian Bird Back · 18 years, 1 month ago
The last book I read for fun was also Catch-22. I read it over the Christmas break. Small world, eh?
jaye Back · 18 years, 1 month ago
the last book i read for fun was bridge to terabithia. on the bus. this morning. woohoo for a long commute after all :)
sheryls Back · 18 years, 1 month ago
dude, that was one of my favorite books when i was a kid. i dont even remember what it was about anymore, just taht i read it like 100 times. my other favorite books were Top Secret, a book about some kid who turns himself into a plant after discovering the secret of human photosynthesis, and My Side of the Mountain, and Hatchet. and a million others that i read repeatedly.

Misch · 18 years, 1 month ago
Looks like i'm in the "hardly at all" category.

A few books last year, and only working on one book this year.

Do technical manuals count?
lawrence · 18 years, 1 month ago
I should read more, but as it is, I only read a few books a year. maybe I'll try to finish off everything on my list before June 21... :)

er, there's also random stuff online - I read a lot of articles on various websites, but I feel like that doesn't count. it may be informative, but it's not quite the same as literature.

iPauley · 18 years, 1 month ago
...alas, I have been slowly whittling away at Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six, with The Sum Of All Fears on the burner behind it. I made sure to buy the paperback of the latter, the last copy in the store at the time, that still had the pre-movie cover on it -- I wanted anyone who saw me reading that to know that I wasn't reading it because of the movie, I was reading it in its own right. :-P

-- Pauley
Annika · 18 years, 1 month ago
Books, magazines, flyers, encyclopedia's, trying to work out license plate words that make sense only to the person who ordered that plate, I've even read dictionary's, very interesting reading.
jaye Back · 18 years, 1 month ago
we got in a discussion in class this week about what a reference book is. the working definition is that it's a book that you don't read straight through - you pick it up and use bits of it. dictionaries, encyclopedias, cook books, phone books, etc.

laura and i pointed out, however, that we do read the encyclopedia straight through.

we were informed that we were weird.

this last bit is not really news.
dirty life & times Back · 18 years, 1 month ago
the OED is great!

i remember one saturday afternoon, sitting in my old apartment with my sister & bro-in-law, each of us with a different letter-volume in our laps reading out loud & just cracking our collective shit up.

sigh. good times.

i am a truly disturbed silly f&*k.
Annika Back · 18 years, 1 month ago
Back when my older brother and I shared an apartment, we had those huge dictionaries, we'd get some alcohol out and play the "dictionary" drinking game. One of us would find a word, read the definition, and the other had to guess what word it was, if we missed we took a drink. After a while neither of us were drinking at all so we changed it to if you get it right you took a drink. That's a great drinking game btw.
Mollie · 18 years, 1 month ago
y'all are a bunch of NERDS!!!
(myself included)
Andrea Krause · 18 years, 1 month ago
I used to read constantly when I was younger. Sadly, I think the decline coincided with my getting a TV in my room. Insomnia was fought with the idiot box rather than books.

I always WANT to read...I love books...but I never seem to find the time. Paul can read in short spurts whenever he finds a spare minute, so he's constantly reading books. I'm the type who needs a good chunk of time to devote to it...I don't feel I get into the story or really process it if I'm just reading a paragraph here and a page there. And...since I never seem to FIND a good chunk of time...I don't end up reading. The house is full of a billion books now but I never read them.

I did start one last night. Hopefully I'll actually keep at it. I miss reading.
jaye · 18 years, 1 month ago
from a chicklit thread:

the rise of aliteracy.

scary. of course, i'm a librarian, so naturally i would find it disturbing.
Talcott Back · 18 years, 1 month ago
Make it go away!

I can't begin to describe how scared that link makes me...
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 18 years, 1 month ago
I could have read the article but I chose not to.
Erica: movin' to Ohio!! · 18 years, 1 month ago
it's so refreshing to hide from reality in a good book. wow, i'm so sad......but still, i read a book a day all four years of high school, and most of middle school. now, i'm taking a break from it for a while, cause who needs to read in college? but...can't concentrate...julia stiles on teevee............*drool*

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