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Poll: How often do you sign the FHDC Birthday Cards?

Every day, for everyone! 0 (0%)
Most days, for most people. 2 (3%)
Very often, but only for those I know. 20 (28%)
Occasionally, if I see a good friend. 43 (60%)
Never. 3 (4%)
Huh? Birthday cards? 4 (6%)
   Discussion: How often do you sign the FHDC Birthday Cards?
elfy, teacher of many · 18 years, 1 month ago
Sometimes I just don't see or I forget to check for a friend's name. I mean, half the people 'with birthdays tomorrow' are calling themselves "Celebrate ME" and the like. But it all works out because sometimes they forget to sign MY card. Frums will do in a pinch.
erica is so cold Back · 18 years, 1 month ago
this is so off topic but i love get fuzzy!
J. Andrew World Back · 18 years, 1 month ago
The fuzzy is kinda like a hair ball, only with out the coughing!
Agent Scully Back · 18 years, 1 month ago
or unless FHDC is having technical difficulties...which is what happened last year for my b'day. Name didn't show up on the top. Not that I hold any grudges. ;)

Shelly (you rawk girl! *g*) was the only one who signed it. :)
Josh Woodward · 18 years, 1 month ago
I try to sign as many cards as I have time for, even if I don't know the person. I've found that a lot of people who joined years ago don't realize that there still is a great Fruvous community around. That yearly reminder in their email box does a ton to bring back old people who had forgotten about the site. More signing = more fun people to play with :-)
nate... Back · 18 years, 1 month ago
I used to sign them all the time... even for people I didn't know.... but now, I only do that when I think of it.
Usually, these days, I just sign 'em if I see the name of someone I know.
iPauley Back · 18 years, 1 month ago
That's how I am, usually... mostly just the names I know.

And on a related note, thanks to everyone who signed my card! It was muchos appreciated :) If you meant to and forgot, no offense taken, I'm busy too, I know it's easy to miss stuff :)

-- Pauley
Arbie · 18 years, 1 month ago
I sometimes sign cards. I agree with Josh, it's a good way to remind people of FHDC and the community.
I find my biggest problem is that I get on late in the evening (west coast time) and I miss out signing 'cause I miss the cut-off. Oh well as Tanya said frums work too.
A girl named Becca Back · 18 years, 1 month ago
Um...if you always log in late in the evening, you can still sign the next day's cards, right? How do you "miss out signing"?

Also, frums only work if the person checks if the goal is to remind people of FHDC, they're not particularly effective. :)
iPauley Back · 18 years, 1 month ago
Late in the evening, Pacific Time, can very easily be past midnight Eastern. Anything after 9PM, really, is after 12 out here on the east coast.

-- Pauley
Andrea Krause Back · 18 years, 1 month ago
But I think what she's saying is there are still "tomorrow" cards to sign even if you get in past midnight eastern....he'd be signing the day's cards BEFORE the rest of us do. So yes, he misses the opportunity to sign the tomorrow cards AFTER we Easterners do, but when he logs in there still will always be cards to sign.
sheryls Back · 18 years, 1 month ago
*tries to uncross eyes*

ye gods, that was worse than the "see, i'll leave tokyo AFTER i get back to chicago, because there's a 13 hour time difference and only a 10 hour flight and......" *faints*
Gordondon son of Ethelred · 18 years, 1 month ago
Interesting note. It isn't anyone's birthday today. That's the first time I've noticed that. I wonder if it is the only day that isn't an fhdc member's b'day.
nate... Back · 18 years, 1 month ago
Naw, I see that now and again.
They're few and far between, but there are several days that don't hold fruhead birthdays.
Josh Woodward Back · 18 years, 1 month ago
There's a good chance that it is somebody's birthday, but it only will show people who have been active in the last a-little-over-a-year. I assume that if someone didn't look at their birthday card last year, they probably won't this year either.

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