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Poll: Ladies -- do you shave?

Yes 22 (23%)
No 3 (3%)
Sometimes 25 (26%)
Yes, and a bit more than legs and pits 16 (16%)
I'm a guy, you insensitive clod! 31 (32%)
   Discussion: Ladies -- do you shave?
zil · 17 years, 5 months ago
so yeah. I hate shaving cause my skin is sensitive and it yells at me in the form of razor burn when i do shave.

*shrug* and i'm a dirty hippie so I do what i feel like and if that means not shaving for a year then its what I'll do, but sometimes I want to dress up or like last halloween when I went as a vampiroho I want to have a sexier look and honestly, hairy legs don't help that look go off so, yeah. I mean when you're going the whole pleather mini w/fishnets, pleather corset and pleather trench coat you really can't have hairy pits and legs. it shatters the fantasy. dude.
Sally Back · 17 years, 5 months ago
Yes, in fact I just got done doing my legs :)
Annika · 17 years, 5 months ago
I wish Nair came in giant tubs so that i could just climb in and get rid of every hair from the neck down.
Rachel Marie aka RAI Back · 17 years, 5 months ago
Um... as long as it didn't smell so bad. Otherwise, ew. ;o)
Annika Back · 17 years, 5 months ago
Okay, yeh the smell is pretty horrid. But dude.. you are so smooth and... smooth afterward!
danced with Lazlo Back · 17 years, 5 months ago
that stuff has *never* worked for me. Dude, I seriously think I have, like, invincible hair, or something.
A.J. Back · 17 years, 5 months ago
You mean like your skin is burned away leaving your hair floating there in mid air?
J Back · 17 years, 5 months ago
talk about itchy
that stuff is awful
ellen, formerly evil · 17 years, 5 months ago
honestly... where's the waxing option??? I wax when I can and shave in between. It really doesn't hurt that badly, and shaving irritates me so much that I cut myself every time. It's worth it, girls. ;)
Annika Back · 17 years, 5 months ago

I love to get waxed. Your body feels so wonderful afterward.

J Back · 17 years, 5 months ago
waxing is nasty to me. I like the razor
Agent Scully Back · 17 years, 5 months ago
No mentioning about sugaring either.
ellen, formerly evil Back · 17 years, 5 months ago
that's true, that's what I started out with. Oh, and I do this all at home. Yes, it's a pain in the neck, and messy, but the cost is not all that much more than razor cartridges. Now I've discovered this and it's like heaven on earth. Clean, cheap, easy.
Misch Back · 17 years, 5 months ago
o/~ My ex-friend katie, lent me her epillady, and I found out how loud I could SCREEEEEEAAAAAM o/~

Eric Schwartz - "Houston, We Have A Problem"
danced with Lazlo Back · 17 years, 5 months ago
A.J. Back · 17 years, 5 months ago
Lisa is also a fan of waxing. Me, I'm just glad that society decided that I only had to do my face (although asthetically I'm with Anni in wanting to jump in the tub of nair.)
100% dainty! · 17 years, 5 months ago

I had my legs waxed this summer and it was awful!  and it was at a really expensive place too, not some hole in the wall.  it took forever and it burned and i got hives from it, and she coudln't even get all the hair.  i'm never waxing again.

for the most part i shave, athough i'm pretty sporadic about it.  i wish i could just not shave at all but i honestly do not like the way my legs look with a forest on them. i know it's a cultural construct, but oh well.

jen · 17 years, 5 months ago

I never wear skirts or anything so i used to only shave when my legs became forests. now im starting to care more though. but still, i'll only shave my legs every week or two weeks. and im one of the lucky chicks who doesnt have much armpit hair, so taking the razor to them for two seconds every few days is all i need.

in fact the only hair on my body thats a problem is my eyebrows. if i dont pluck consistently i have the largest unibrow known to man. nothing makes a girl ugly as BAD eyebrows... either no plucking at ALL or those sad little overplucked lines.  Seriously, having really nice brows can MAKE a face ;)


Twisted Crystalline · 17 years, 5 months ago

Yuck yuck yuck!  Shaving must die.  I'm far too hairy...I wish I had a sugar daddy that would pay for me to get esthetics done so I would never ever have to shave anything again.

Rachel Beck · 17 years, 5 months ago
I went four years without shaving my legs and got used to seeing myself fuzzy. Then I started shaving again. First thought: "Good grief, I'm pale." Second thought: "I look like a plucked chicken." Haven't made up my mind what exactly I think yet.
Rachel Marie aka RAI · 17 years, 5 months ago
I live in Rochester 8 months out of the year. People never ever see my legs. So maybe during the school year I shave once a month.

However, during the summer I am a lifeguard and during the summer shave twice a week.

This only applies to my legs. My armpits I shave every day, religiously.

Snow In Summer · 17 years, 5 months ago

it started out as laziness, thinly veiled by my tye-dye wearin', granola-eatin' dirty hippie college phase.  honestly, i just don't shave, wax, pluck or partake in any other hair removal ritual.  i tend to think of it as a practicality now.  i don't wear anything but jeans & t-shirts outside of the house & my boyfriend couldn't care at all.  maybe if i had to wear skirts all the time, i would think otherwise.  at the moment, i figure that if i don't go about flaunting my furriness, why should anyone care?  i understand that in our wonderously conservative American culture, most people are bothered on some level by a woman who doesn't shave.  it's never been something that i understood, unless there's some deep down cultural thought that it's not "clean."  i suppose it's turned into the fact that i don't buy into most feminine expectations.  i don't do make-up, hair removal, manicures/pedicures or fashionable clothes.  i believe that  beauty practices are all for affectation & i can't bear to go through all that trouble.  i suppose my one remaining ideal is that personality is what matters & everything else is secondary. 

nate... Back · 17 years, 5 months ago
I dunno.
I don't know anyone who's "bothered" by it.

In the same way that some people prefer guys without facial hair, some people prefer gals without let hair.

Starfox Back · 17 years, 5 months ago
I've dated a woman who didn't shave before and I didn't mind. My only beef is either shave or don't. If you shave keep up with it semi-regularly. If you don't, well then, it's moot.
jen · 17 years, 5 months ago

im only bothered by it if a woman doesnt shave at all and like, FLAUNTS it by wearing shorts and tank tops. its really gross looking. i know its a pain in the ass to shave, and as women, we have this "standard" to live up to and sometimes we just like to say screw the establishment, i just won't shave, but seeing a hairy woman is just gross. On the other hand, if you have a bf who doesnt care if you dont shave or whatever, then go nuts and be hairy! :) when i was with my guy he would tease me about my hairy legs sometimes, but i knew he loved me so it was all good :)

one thing im very concious of is the upper lip... i see far too many pretty girls with a little 'stache goin on and want to tell them to shave! i am one of those who has the wee 'stache and i take a razor to it when it gets noticeable. dammit, why do we have to have any body hair at all! its a pain!

On the other side of the coin, i like when guys shave too. If a guy expects me to shave, i'd like to ask the same in return. i even talked my ex into letting me shape his brows cause they were all in disarray... it made a difference! and i'm not a fan of the facial hair. i also love smooth chests on guys, but shaving that would be a huge pain, i can imagine.


Bender Back · 17 years, 5 months ago

*Flaunts* it?  Excuse me for not wanting to be a sweathog in the summer.  I take medication that makes my hands shake, my skin is too sensitive for nair, and I can't afford waxing.  Even an electric razor cuts me. 

Gross, eh?  I'm not even going to bother.  It's pointless, really.

goovie is married! Back · 17 years, 5 months ago
i love you, leah.
jen Back · 17 years, 5 months ago

well thats different. im sorry about the medication that makes you shake... i know all about that. i just personally find extreme body hair on women a turn off. but then, ive seen women with light, non-coarse hair who dont shave and they look okay. but i myself am a hairy beast if i let it go too long and the feel of it is skeevy :)


Zach · 17 years, 5 months ago
Beth · 17 years, 5 months ago
I like that a lot of the ladies on here are pretty lax when it comes to shaving regularly. Or at all. Because I myself am very lax, and I'm glad not to be alone. I'm pretty careful about the armpits, but the legs are a lot more trouble, and I'll let it go for awhile, unless I have to wear a dress or some other leg-showing garment. Too much work. I think I'd try waxing, if it cost only three pennies, because then I could afford it. Oh, and the boyfriend is pretty cool about it, so that's good.
Yvonne · 17 years, 5 months ago
Seriously.  Red bumps all over the place.  Or hairy.  Either way it's disgusting.  As soon as I can afford it I'm getting every hair on my entire body removed permanently.  I will consider leaving the hair on my head and my eyebrows intact.  :P
danced with Lazlo · 17 years, 5 months ago
Yeah, I shave. I try not to do it too often though cause I get very irritated. I just really like feeling smooth. I often feel like I'm only shaving for the boy... he prefers me hairless, and I like the way it feels when he touches my hairless skin... But he doesn't want me to do it for him, he wants me to do it for myself. I just wonder sometimes if the yummy smooth skin feeling is really worth the irritation and the stuble and the the ingrown hairs and all that shit. Things like Nair have never worked for me, and neither have the home waxing kits. I have, like, superhair or something. I can't afford a professional waxing.
sheryls Back · 17 years, 5 months ago

I'm the same way - dead white with little red bumps all over. i generally shave for the boy - which is what makes me shave daily (my hair grows back by the end of the day - if only my mornings were free ;)

i shave my armpits religiously as well - although they get irritated too. i hate my armpits. and my legs. you can see every hair follicle on my legs. it makes me jealous beyond belief to see girls that have those perfect legs with a bit of color and not a hair follicle to be seen. grr.

i do some other random hair maintenence here and there (including eyebrows and other places) but i don't take anything completely off. my eyebrows, like jen's, grow into a horrid unibrow if i don't pluck them like crazy. it's like a catterpillar crawled onto my face and died. blech.

danced with Lazlo Back · 17 years, 5 months ago
*nod* yeah, the visible follicles and the rapid growth are what make me feel like its just absolutely futile. I've never felt the need to tweeze my brows... I dunno if I'm lucky or just oblivious in that department. There are exactly 4 rogue hairs on my face that require periodic extraction. *shudder*
sheryls Back · 17 years, 5 months ago

Here is a picture of me from when i only plucked the centers (i'm the short blonde one, duh - i was also 17) and here is a recent one (taken with the camera phone at the german american fest. forgive the lighting and resolution) with how they look now.

my mother literally had to pin me down and pull them out in order to get me to start plucking them.

jen Back · 17 years, 5 months ago

wow, sheryl, what a difference eh? of course, youre always assilicious but the now brows are just jammin!


Mollie · 17 years, 5 months ago
Don't shave. Not a lady. :)
nate... · 17 years, 5 months ago
I only wax my bikini line.
zil Back · 17 years, 5 months ago
*joolee* Back · 17 years, 5 months ago
*crawls into a corner, curls up into fetal ball, and weeps*
emilie is CRANKY Back · 17 years, 5 months ago
*cracks up*
Mistress Rabean · 17 years, 5 months ago

Sometimes I let my legs get really hairy, and sometimes I decide to shave them.  I shave my armpits and the dark little hairs that show up between my breasts fairly regularly.  I don't feel the need to shave and be hairless below the neck.  I also don't feel the need to look at so-called women's magazines or to like the fashion industry.

Of course, I'm a bit of a clean hippie. 

I first started shaving because some boy commented to his friends about how I had hair on the back of my neck.  Of course I had hair on the back of my neck!  I'm not proud that I bowed down to such idiotic peer pressure, but I like to think I learned from that experience.  Now I don't see why I should have to shave my body, although I do shave when I feel like shaving.

My husband doesn't mind my being hairy, which is good, because if he did mind, he'd be a hypocrite.  And I like hairy guys.  Mmmm....chest hair is sexy.  ^_^

Mamalissa! · 17 years, 5 months ago
And by sometimes, I mean every few years.

I am a hairy girl.

pits - I shave daily

I prefer to wax or sugar my legs, and I do it at home. Nothing like ripping your own hair out. These days (ie, 2ce since FRFF), I'm using Moom.
danced with Lazlo Back · 17 years, 5 months ago
and it works? well?
Beth · 17 years, 5 months ago
This is the girliest discussion since that breast size poll. {g}
soul groove feline · 17 years, 5 months ago

hair removalĀ is painful, boring, expensive, and in my opinion, pointless for the most part.

i usually only shave before special occasions...the prom, falconridge, etc. I get ridiculed to all hell at school, because we have to wear kilts and knee socks...
oh well, i'm not about to scrape my own skin with sharp objects every day to pacify a bunch of idiots.

as for eyebrows, face, and...other locations: no. way. I'm also often teased about having a hairy face feels a little nasty, but i'd rather that than the huge welts and scabs i get when i wax...

i guess it just comes down to the fact that all the people whose opinions on my hairiness would actually matter to me haven't shown any signs that it bothers them, everyone else can say what they want about it...all i hear is a foghorn...

George E. Nowik · 17 years, 5 months ago

i shave my head.  and that's about it.

 -= george =-

danced with Lazlo Back · 17 years, 5 months ago
mmMMMmm... sexxy norg's head.

Oh no... no, that sounds wrong...
George E. Nowik Back · 17 years, 5 months ago

sounds wrong and yet ....

nah.  this is still below the PG-13 mark. :D

 -= george =-

J. Andrew World · 17 years, 4 months ago
I think Pete Best should be an option!  Mainly because I shave him!  I like My Pete Bests bald!  He gets upset about his eyebrows though!

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