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Poll: Do you want to get married some day?

Yes! Marriage is wonderful. 14 (44%)
Maybe. I'm not sure I'll ever find the right person, but I'm op 12 (38%)
No way! Marriage is overrated/unnecessary/unhelpful 6 (19%)
   Discussion: ceecee got married!
A.J. · 21 years ago
Yeah, threads and polls that are not created correctly need to be deleted. We need this power!
zil · 21 years ago
I just think its funny that it was commented on 34 years ago.
zil Back · 21 years ago

or atleast it was before I commented and now noone knows what I'm talking about.

wild bill · 21 years ago
thats a blast from the past, good to hear that she's doing well.
Arbie Back · 21 years ago


Both for the blast and that she is doing well.

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