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Poll: Have you ever cheated on a test?

Yes and I was caught 6 (7%)
Yes but I wasn't caught 46 (55%)
No 31 (37%)
   Discussion: Have you ever cheated on a test?
Wintress · 16 years, 7 months ago
A friend and I took trigonometry in the guise of "teacher's assistant's." The idea was that we both needed the class and it conflicted with our respective class schedules. The math teacher agreed to let us do it "independent study" so long as we graded papers for her.

Lo and behold, we did more paper grading and general screwing around than we did studying and learning. We ended up copying answers directly from the teacher's edition of the text book in order to meet the homework requirements. THEN we used the same calculator for the final of those graphing calculators so we could compare answers.

I still don't understand how to add conjectures. If that's even what they're called. Sad. Very sad. *ssiiiiigh*
Prinut · 16 years, 7 months ago
I would always cheat on small tests and stuff. I never got caught though, and I don't think the teachers would ever want to catch me because I was a quiet, nice student.

My geometry teacher, Mr. Kressley, made it incredibly easy for us to cheat. First of all he would let us look in the back of the book for formulas and stuff, but we would all end up looking at the rest of the book for examples and such. Second of all we had a split class which meant that we had lunch in the middle of the class. Usually he would collect the first part of the test before lunch, but we would all take a really long time and copy all the answers down on "scrap paper" and then compare answers at lunch and figure out how to do the rest of the test. We were very sneaky. Although it wasn't hard with Kress-dawg as our teacher...
Nik Chaikin · 16 years, 7 months ago
Good ol' trip to the pencil sharpener.
Geoff · 16 years, 7 months ago
And I didn't get caught. It didn't even affect my grade, really...I just wanted to see what it was like. Of course, in later years, cheating proved to be one of my favorite pastimes. =P
George E. Nowik · 16 years, 6 months ago
it's funny. i wrote out the answers to a test in high school. printed them out in 5-point font. put them on a card inside my hat. wore the hat i always wore to the test.

then realized that having taken the effort to put the answers into another medium (it was something like state capitals i think for all 50 US states), i'd memorized the answers. i never looked at the note card.

but the intent was there. d:

-= george =-
Bender Back · 16 years, 6 months ago
at my schools, they confiscated our hats.
Gordondon son of Ethelred · 16 years, 6 months ago
I cheated just once and it wasn't my choice. I was taking a French test, my worst subject. It was a fill in the blank test and the girl sitting next to me saw I was having trouble. I had left out two questions, lets say 3 and 16. She wrote me a note that gave the answer to 3. I was so nervous I put it in the space for 16.

As an aside, the girl was my second cousin though neither of us knew it at the time.

I did often cheat to help other people. In chemistry the student sitting next to me would signal my answers to the rest of the class. He was never caught. I did nothing to help or hinder him.

I used to give answer in math to the girl sitting next to me that I liked. I did it all semester and wasn't caught. Then on the first test that she didn't need help (I had been tutoring her) the teacher accused me of helping her and made me change my seat.
Geoff Back · 16 years, 6 months ago
"As an aside, the girl was my second cousin though neither of us knew it at the time."

Oh, that just sounds like there was an amusing, dueling banjos-style discovery story behind it. Out with it. ;)
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 16 years, 6 months ago
Not really, we just saw each other at a wedding soon after the semester was over. Maybe it was lucky for me it wasn't her sisters that were in my class, they were the cute ones :-)
sheryls · 16 years, 6 months ago
i used to write my spanish vocab in pencil on top of a black folder, so you could only see it in the right light, and keep the folder on my desk.

And of course, who DIDNT program their chem formulas into their TI?

In Russian class, we were encouraged to cheat. the teacher taught us how to (or at least how russian students did it) - she said that cheating was a regular part of the russian education system. girls would write the answers on their thighs and wear skirts that just covered them, so they could look down in their lap to see it.
Gordondon son of Ethelred · 16 years, 6 months ago
A little under 10% of the cheaters have been caught. I wonder if that is what happens in my classes. I usually catch someone in about half my classes. Are there really 5 people cheating per class?
Ian Blumenfeld · 16 years, 6 months ago
I don't doubt it. An anonymous survey at the high school where I teach found that something like 85% of students have cheated at least once. I just started giving oral exams.

As a comic aside, we caught someone cheating on a creative writing assignment. The genius copied an Arthur Conan Doyle story and changed 1 word. I almost fell over laughing.
sheryls Back · 16 years, 6 months ago
is that like when Cartman won the environmental essay contest by turning in Walden? :D
FrüBill Back · 16 years, 6 months ago
what about "I don't take tests you clod" and "I cheated on Pete Best's test"? But I can say I only cheated in high school but not in University and paid dearly for it
ellen, formerly evil · 16 years, 6 months ago
I think I was in the 3rd grade, and I sucked at math (I was very slow) and we got candy if we were one of the fist 10 people to finish or summat, so I cheated. funny to think that candy was the only impetus I ever had to cheat. :P

OTOH, I "recycled" a paper I'd written in High School for my really stupid intro English course... which is only sorta-cheating in my eyes.
Bender Back · 16 years, 6 months ago

in  middle school, they made us enter every year in the county Holocaust Awareness Contest.

I got so fed up that I entered the same essay three years in a row.

The third year, it won.

Magical Bob · 16 years, 6 months ago
In a fifth grade spelling test, we had to surround ourselves with books and folders to discourage cheating. Luckily for me, one of the words I was unsure about happened to be in the summary on the back of one of my books. Ballerina or something... Anywho, that was the only time I have ever cheated that I can remember. Aside from not helping or hindering people who mooched off me. Unless they were jerks about it or to me. Mean people...

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