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Images Not Loading?

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Images Not Loading?

Posted by: Josh Woodward on Sat, Mar 15, 2003

Click for more information about this bug. (Updated)

As has been pointed out by some FHDCers, some pages will hang while loading images, and then your browser will never see images again untill you restart or reboot. The problem is that MSIE breaks when trying to load images created with Photoshop 7 and saved in the default way. I had posted that a browser upgrade would fix it, but apparently this doesn't work.

There really aren't any good solutions to this. If you're creating a .JPG avatar with Photoshop 7, you should use the "Save For Web" option instead of "Save". If you're having problems with hanging, then someone uploaded an avatar that chokes IE. Let me know what image it hangs on and I'll blast it. I don't have a good way of filtering these at the source, but I'm trying some things out that will hopefully work.

Regardless, if you're using IE, you're at risk for this anywhere you go on the Internet. As Photoshop 7 becomes more common, this will happen more often. If it bothers you, I'd recommend trying a different browser, such as Phoenix, Mozilla, Camino (for Mac), or Opera. All of these are great browsers that are at least on a par with IE, if not better (tabbed browsing, pop-up blockers, etc).

Here is some more information about the problem. Thanks to Paul Beasi for helping to track this one down!

   Discussion: Images Not Loading?
nate... · 21 years, 7 months ago
Upgrading browser doesn't help.
Josh Woodward Back · 21 years, 7 months ago
Seriously? Well, upgrade to Mozilla then. :)
Paul D. Beasi Back · 21 years, 7 months ago
While Mozilla is my browser of choice for Linux, mozilla has one glaring problem on other platforms, aside from the fact that it is incredibly bloated. Look and feel just plain sucks. You have to design an application for the operating system it is going to be used on, and Mozilla just blows all of the standard Windows placements of things completely to hell. Tight integration with the OS is just as important as standards compliance.

IE only breaks on a select few pages for me and in my opinion is superior to Mozilla in usability on the Windows platform.
Agent Scully Back · 21 years, 7 months ago
The problem isn't in Mozilla. I use both mozilla and IE simulteaneously.

I have IE6.0 all upgraded and the culprit are the people using photoshop 7.0 who do NOT save their avatars as save for web.

I use photoshop 5.5, my webpage isn't a problem like was stated before.

All my pictures are "saved for web"
Paul D. Beasi Back · 21 years, 7 months ago
Nate's right, this problem is in all recent versions of IE including the latest. I have the latest build and service pack and there is no difference.
Agent Scully Back · 21 years, 7 months ago
I think the problem is being avoided or getting a runaround about it.

We found the problem.

Upgrading a browser doesn't work.

But educating people on how to save a picture with the new version of software that has bugs in it will.
Josh Woodward Back · 21 years, 7 months ago
> But educating people on how to save a picture with the > new version of software that has bugs in it will.

Photoshop doesn't have bugs in it (regarding this, at least). It outputs perfectly valid images. They work great for me under Phoenix. IE chokes on them.
Paul D. Beasi Back · 21 years, 7 months ago
Valid, but stupid to be the default in my opinion. The image is 3K and the header is 13K.

However, images saved using "Save for Web" will work fine. You can also turn off the mostly useless behavior of defaulting to saving the preview information in the settings.

Yes, Microsoft needs to post an update to IE. But since the likelihood of that happening any time soon is slim, it's best if people know what they could do to help alleviate the problem if they are causing problems for more than 50% of web users.
Melinda J. Beasi Back · 21 years, 7 months ago
And actually, for whatever reason, no other websites I frequent contain images that make this happen with IE, so if the couple of people who have these avatars were to just save for web and upload them again, I would never have this problem. I would bet this is true of a lot of users here. As it is, as soon as one of those people posts in a poll topic or other thread, I can no longer view that thread without some serious hassle, so as soon as I've gone through the hassle once (having to close all my browser windows and relaunch IE), I never go back to that thread. Just seems a shame.

I'm not saying that it isn't IE's fault, because certainly it is, but it still seems like a much easier solution for a few people to adjust their avatars then for half of the fhdc community to have to change browsers.
A girl named Becca Back · 21 years, 7 months ago
I completely agree.  Especially since a) once IE stops loading images for me, I have to reboot, not just close IE windows, and b) even in this discussion there have been enough conflicting opinions on browsers that I have no idea what I should upgrade to even if that is the best way to avoid this problem.
Agent Scully Back · 21 years, 7 months ago
The solution isn't upgrading the browser and I'm not even sure why that was listed as an option since that's not the problem.

It's for those who use Photoshop 7.0 to change their avatars and save them differently.

simple as that.
A girl named Becca Back · 21 years, 7 months ago
Ah...sorry, I didn't mean updating IE...I meant, like, switching browsers.
nate... Back · 21 years, 7 months ago
There don't seem to be many other options there.... every other browser I've tried under windows has less features, is less stable, and is more bloated. *sighs*
Agent Scully Back · 21 years, 7 months ago
On Adobe's web site, various workarounds given include using the "Save for Web..." function to write the JPEG file, or to set Preferences to disable the saving of "preview" data in output files. Since these workarounds require action on the part of the Photoshop 7 user, is currently at the mercy of any PS 7 user who does not know about this problem or ignores it.

We are therefore working urgently on a way to filter out these JPEG images. In the meanwhile, we appeal to our users not to upload JPEG images created in PS7 unless they have been saved using the "Save for Web..." feature.

Looks like a problem in the default. Other users should be made aware of this.
Geoff Richards · 20 years, 9 months ago
I've seen a similar problem to this (probably the same root cause) with importing Photoshop 7 images into the Bricolage CMS. The Perl module Image::Info doesn't like them.

According to the exiftags program the images I've seen (which are ones with all the XML crap in) have "invalid exif headers".
Shawn Dawson · 20 years, 4 months ago
hey guys, could this be a photoshop bug? it wont even work if i save the pictures through the "save for web" option. before, it used to be just the save, but now its both and i cant even save a jpg at all! help!

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