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Logon Tweaks

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Logon Tweaks

Posted by: Josh Woodward on Tue, May 1, 2007

There are new security features on FHDC. If you're having trouble logging on, or staying logged on, keep reading.

I made a few changes to the software a few days ago that may have logged you out if you've been logged on the same computer for ages. The new login system is much more secure, and will protect your account if you use it on public computers. The main changes:

  • The logon cookie now binds to your IP address by default. If somebody manages to steal your cookie, they can't use it from another computer. If you find yourself being logged out immediately or within a few pageloads (especially AOL folks), uncheck the "Bind to IP" box.
  • You can only be logged in from one computer at a time. If you log on from home and work, you'll need to log on again each time. Logging on from another computer kicks off the logon from other computers forever, so if you forget to log off from a public computer, they can only play with it until you log on again.
  • Password verification is now needed to make changes to your account. This way, anyone who gets ahold of your account can't change the password and steal it for themselves.

If you're having any troubles with the new system, let me know what's wrong and I'll twiddle some switches.

   Discussion: Logon Tweaks
lawrence · 17 years, 2 months ago
Josh Woodward Back · 17 years, 2 months ago
*shrugs* Why not?

But it's actually an upgrade to the core Entropy software, since my customers were requesting it.
lawrence Back · 17 years, 2 months ago
Can we at least have the option of staying logged in in multiple places, then? I mean, I'm not exactly concerned about my FHDC account getting hacked. What's the worst someone can do with it? Delete it? Oh darn, I guess I'd just have to create a new one, then.
Josh Woodward Back · 17 years, 2 months ago
Lawrence, seriously... breathe.

In.... out....

In.... out....

Cleansing breaths...

In.... out....
lawrence Back · 17 years, 2 months ago
No, seriously. I'm just saying, the ability to stay logged in would be a nice feature. This isn't a bank, so I'm not worried about people stealing ... well, anything, really, given access to it. I don't use the same password here as anywhere else, anyway, so even if someone guessed it, I'd still lose nothing.
Starfox Back · 17 years, 2 months ago
And it's not like it's that big an inconvenience to re-login in.  Especially if you have Mozilla remember your password.  :)  I was wondering about it, but didn't really care beyond wondering how I got logged out.

You get the Starfox Seal of Approval.  Just make sure you feed it fresh fish. 
Gordondon son of Ethelred · 17 years, 2 months ago
Ahhhh, that explains it. I log in on both work and home.

So the days where I could log in at the Knitting Factory then come back months latter and find myself still logged in are over.
nate... · 17 years, 2 months ago
thanks for making the changes!
I always hated when I'd find myself logged in on a public computer I hadn't used in ages.

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