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Jill KatFan#1 Josupeit
Username: frumom
First Visit: Aug 17, 1999
Last Visit: Thu, Dec 9, 2010, 12:38am
Location:Centerville, Ohio
About You:My daughter ^kat^ got me into Fruvous by dragging me to their '99 NYE show in NYC... and then I was hooked! I went to 17 shows in 1999, and just loved their live performances, as well as all their CDs. I even began attending their shows without Kat when she left for Yale in late August '99. It was a joy to meet so many warm, bright, fun Fruheads at every venue. Many have become like family! You just don't find that level of friendship and interest in each other at other bands' shows!! Kat and I have made a fan out of Julius (husband/Dad of aforementioned persons!). ................ Other favorite artists are: GBS, BNL, EFO, Brother, Ellis Paul, Van Gogh, Picasso, Peter Mulvey, XTC (super favorite song being Greenman!), Nields, John Wesley Harding, Brother and so many other folk/rock types that Kat has exposed me to as well as those I have discovered. Julius and I travel great distances to see the live shows of so many musicians now... and love it!


Kat as old lady prof at NU musical & Ben, Chicago NU Law musical... Kat singing as old professor_07June '07 family shot: Julius, Kat & JillFoxy had breast cancer, went to lung cancer after three surgeries.
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