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Photo Gallery: frumom

Kat, Egypt '07, on law school project & camel
All that and they still got all their work finished!
Viewed 1163 times
beautiful Foxy Fruvous cat
thru the rails Foxy
Viewed 1402 times
NU Law musical... Kat singing as old professor_07
Viewed 1427 times
Kat in Northwestern Law musical_'06
kat in bow on stage 06
Viewed 1359 times
Jill & Julius
at Fashing party '07
Viewed 1367 times
Foxy Fruvous again!
Fox on back in tissues
Viewed 1314 times
Foxy Fruvous Cat, '07
Viewed 1349 times
Kat as old lady prof at NU musical & Ben, Chicago
kat captured the mannerisms so well everyone told her to hide from that professor for a while
Viewed 1334 times
June '07 family shot: Julius, Kat & Jill

a rare trip to OH for Kat captured on film!

Viewed 1294 times
I am obsessed with this ^cat^ since my ^kat^ went to college....
Viewed 1403 times
Foxy had breast cancer, went to lung cancer after three surgeries.
Foxy Fruvous was the sweetest kitty ever!
Viewed 1398 times
new license plate 2002
Viewed 1435 times
Kat & Cat
Viewed 1390 times
Julius trying to teach The Fru Cat to "Sit and Stay"!
Viewed 1387 times
Foxy died June 19, 2008
Viewed 1363 times
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