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new dave cd?

   Discussion: new dave cd?
J. Andrew World · 21 years ago
I se your !!! and raise you a !?!
Arbie Back · 21 years ago
That would explain why I saw Dave playing and singing backup in a singing sketch....
angelmusicmaven Back · 21 years ago
Erin Ireland! · 21 years ago

So, if there is no possible way I could ever make it to a taping of Royal Canadian Air Farce to pick up a copy of the cd, is there anyone who is planning on going in the near future who could send me a copy?�

Maybe it's available on Dave's website... is that even still up?

100% dainty! Back · 21 years ago
yeah but it hasnt been updated in a million years
Agent Scully Back · 21 years ago
maybe he doesn't have a webmistress anymore.
I can see the bunny Back · 21 years ago
He doesn't - he wants to learn how to update it himself so it's going to be a while. ;)
hkath Back · 21 years ago
Heheheheh. The idea of Dave using a computer for anything other than a doorstop still blows my mind.
I can see the bunny Back · 21 years ago
He sounds pretty determined - at least he did when I talked to him last anyway. He may have thrown in the towel and decided a doorstop is a good use for the computer though. ;)
hkath · 21 years ago
Um... um. So, like, when Fiona and I saw him at Ottawa Folk and at Hugh's Room, we asked him both times if he had any projects going on, and he was like, "Meh, no, just helping with Kyp Harness's CD..."




Arbie Back · 21 years ago

Leanne�has (sporadic) email contact with Maury Lafoy and she is going to try to find out some more info. Maybe if we sweet-talk her she will get a bunch and mail them all to us (no really, that's more than I would expect her to do)

I checked the Air Farce sites, no mention of musicians at their tapings at all.

Leanne also said Dave has no idea how to update his site, I think she said he is trying to learn....

I can see the bunny Back · 21 years ago
Sporadic is a good word for it all right. *g* But I'll see him next weekend and I'll let everyone know if we can make the cds more accessible.

But it sounds like they are entertaining there again. When I talked to Maury, he'd just returned from their first Air Farce of the season.

Btw....Maury's girlfriend Shoshana (actress and comedienne) is working on a kids album that Dave is also apparently involved in. She's hoping it'll be done by Christmas but I'll let you know. :)
A.J. Back · 21 years ago
Of course he's a good liar. All of them are good liars. It's what they did most of the time when talking about Fruvous.
100% dainty! · 21 years ago
I really really really really really really want this new CD.� but i'm in arizona, not canada. is there anyway i can get my paws on it?� i'm in love with the first one and need me some more of that dave-o music/poetry!!
Rhi: so confused Back · 21 years ago
i also really really want this! can we send money to some kind person who could pick up a copy and�mail it to us?
I can see the bunny Back · 21 years ago
I'll be seeing Maury on Saturday. I'm not sure if he and Dave are behind putting out the cd or if the Air Farce people are. He was quite vague on the subject in his last email. But I'll let y'all know what he says on the subject of buying copies. :)
A.J. Back · 21 years ago
The Ground Crew sing Cocktail Hour Favorites

That SOUNDS like something the Air Farce would be putting out.
Annika Back · 21 years ago
Yes I *heart* his last album.� I want his new one too.� If anyone knows where to get it, pleeease tell me.
A.J. · 21 years ago
Wait a minute! In Brent's original post he said HE has a copy. Where did HE get it?
nate... Back · 21 years ago
A very good question.
100% dainty! Back · 21 years ago
your mom. :)
nate... Back · 21 years ago
Wow... didn't even know she was a fan!!

Brent Miller · 21 years ago

Here's the ordering info for Dave's new CD:

The cd will be on the website in about 2 weeks time -
they are currently under repairs there. If people would be interested in
phoning in an order, 416-205-3800 is the number to call with a visa card at the ready (this just in place today, Oct. 1st). The cost is 20 bucks cdn. plus shipping.

I'll be posting a photo of the CD along with the information above and
anything else I can think of, I just need to find the time to take
photos and put together a page.

Take care, we miss you all,
Brent and Mar

I can see the bunny · 20 years, 11 months ago
Dave finally got back to me via email and had this to say regarding the cd...

"You can get it by calling the Air Farce office at 416 205 3800, or if you wanna wait a bit, you'll be able to order it from in a few weeks time. Or you can ask for tickets to a thursday night taping at the CBC and c'mon and check it out. And, if you like, take the cd home with you from there."

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