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SMAF 2007

   Discussion: SMAF 2007
Gordondon son of Ethelred · 17 years, 7 months ago
The SMAF 2007 Website is up and running. If you buy your tickets before March 1 you can get the super earlybird special.
  Before 3/1/07 After 3/1/07 Daily Tickets (ONLY AVAILABLE AT THE GATE!)
Full Festival $45 $60 Friday $15
Full Fest
+ camping
$65 $80 Saturday $25
Full Fest
+ cabin
$90 $110 Sunday $20
SMAF is special. The best description I've heard is "summer camp for musicians." Go and have a really special weekend. For those of you who are songwriters now is the time to apply for their songwriting contest. Oh yes. who is playing?
  • Terri Allard
  • Tom Kimmel
  • Lynn Frances Anderson
  • Jess Klein
  • Danny Bakan
  • Greg Klyma
  • Liz Barnes
  • Tim Mason
  • Jonathan Byrd
  • Angie Miller
  • Don Conoscenti
  • Ashland Miller
  • Nadine Davenport
  • Eric Schwartz !!!!!
  • Lynn Deeves
  • John Seay
  • Anne Feeney
  • Small Potatoes
  • Jen Foster
  • SONiA and Disappear Fear
  • Four Shillings Short
  • Spirit Wing
  • Spook Handy
  • Anne Weiss
  • Kim and Reggie Harris
  • Annie Wenz
  • Chrisine Havrilla
  • Wishing Chair
  • Georgie Jessup
  • Women In Docs
  • Lori Kelley and Cletus Kennelly
Less big names than usual but that has never been what makes SMAF great. It is the best place for discovering new musicians that I know. That is where I first saw We're About 9, Iain Campbell Smith, Pat Wictor, David Morreale, and a host of others I've followed ever since. This year I can vouch for Eric Schwartz, SONia and disappear fear, Four Shillings Short , Kim and Reggie Harris, and Spirit Wing. You say you don't like to camp? No problem. SMAF has cabins. It has running water with real showers and flush toilets. If you want to camp you can and still get all the advantages of indoor plumbing. You also get the Budgiedome. We'll be hosting some sort of breakfast event. Not sure of the details yet. Oh yes, the obligatory link to the website. Go and buy your tickets while they are cheap.
Misch Back · 17 years, 7 months ago
Yes folks, you WANT to go to SMAF!

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