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Basic Information

Kat Kunz
Username: ^kat^
First Visit: Aug 10, 1999
Last Visit: Wed, Nov 5, 2014, 11:58am
Location:Chicago, Illinois
About You:

once upon a time in a city not unlike your own, a young, impressionable female was given a purple-colored cd of innovative, quirky, eclectic tunes by a band whose name she could hardly pronounce, let alone remember. little did she realize that at that moment, her life had changed FOREVER.

right. excessive dramatics aside, that first brush with fruvous was january of '98, though i didn't purchase a cd until late march. hooked by the jangly melodies and soaring harmonies (not to mention that attractive persian band member), my first foray into active fruheadism was a free show at a borders in columbus on june 9 of '98 (jian's birthday, no less). 36 shows and many, many friends later, i can honestly say that this band has brought more happiness into my life than i ever imagined. i've tried to give some of that joy back to the lads as best i can by insidiously spreading the affliction of frufandom to all who meet me--and i've done a pretty darn good job, if i do say so myself. one of my most successful converts is my mother, jill josupeit, another FHDC regular and surrogate mom to an absurd number of fruheads. makes up for my being an only child, i guess (though even my half-sister connie's on here once in awhile).

outside of fruvous? (you mean there's more to life than fruvous? *grin*) i graduated cum laude in may '03 from yale university, with a B.A. (and distinction) in ethics, politics & economics ("EP&E"--yes, they really are all related. i promise). I wrote my (eighty-page!) senior thesis on internet radio and the recent effects of digital copyright legislation... and already i feel like that work has become irrelevant in the rapidly-changing technological environment nowadays. i'd really like to integrate all of this into a grand, culminating career as an entertainment lawyer, or at the very least, work in some form of intellectual property law. I've begun to pursue that dream by enrolling in Northwestern Law School, where I'm currently in the second semester of my second year. i love to sing and am becoming increasingly more adept at playing guitar with every passing day (provided i remember to practice...).

otherwise, i'm a music addict: barenaked ladies, they might be giants, the nields, great big sea, xtc, belle & sebastian, ben folds five, ben folds solo, r.e.m., tori amos, tory cassis, sarahs slean and harmer, elvis costello, eddie from ohio, peter mulvey, ellis paul, susan werner, richard shindell, dar williams, lucy kaplansky, sloan, guster, jude, sean altman, looper, aimee mann, michael penn, jill sobule, equation, john wesley harding, jess klein, travis, badly drawn boy, coldplay, blur, andy stochansky, the apples in stereo, pete yorn, death cab for cutie, the shins, mogwai, anne heaton, the decemberists, aqualung... um. yeah. i like a little of everything, really. i'm in and out of FHDC all the time, so feel free to send me a message to tell me to get back to whatever work i should be doing. feel free check my website, too--it's user- friendly, fashionable, and full of katinfo(tm)!


myself and my favourite fr´┐Żheads, andrea & paul 2.19.00noho, 12.30.99. rrrowr.^k^ and her cat, December '05the sexiest man alive, 1999
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