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John J. Ryan
Username: JJRRutgers
First Visit: Apr 22, 2000
Last Visit: Thu, Jan 21, 2010, 7:05pm
Location:Plainsboro, New Jersey (08536)
About You:I'm married to Karaoke Ninja! Introduced to Fr?through TMBG fans, and finally got out to a show on 4/21/00 in NYC at Irving Plaza. Now I've seen them in Baltimore, and at the Bottom Line 7/25-26. It was at the 7/26 show that Mike Ford stole my Brooklyn Lager during Spiderman! Also a fan of Billy Joel, Bosstones, Dream Theater, a new fan of Eddie From Ohio (Thanks to you Fruheads), and the Beatles (Sorry, Mr. Cheese!). I've also discovered new bands like Great Big Sea, The Nields, and Da Vinci's Notebook thanks to you guys...


Myself with another TMBG friend of mine, Stacey: Sept. 11th, 2001 (Early AM Hours)My new quartet, Harmonius Rex, performing at the Empre State Building.What happens after too many beers at a barbershop convention...It's Pete and Maura Kennedy! Well, not quite...
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