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2004 FRFF Seating Policy

   Discussion: 2004 FRFF Seating Policy
ChrisChin is Getting Old · 16 years ago
Just saw this on the FRFF site today....note earlier start time (#1), creation of a reserved area for non-campers (#3), larger tarp size (#4), and reverting back to the waiting on the sidelines of the main stage area instead of rushing from the corners (#5).

Main Stage Seating Policy

The promoters and staff of Falcon Ridge Folk Festival want all of our patrons, performers, and staff to enjoy the main stage entertainment to its fullest. In order to achieve this Falcon Ridge is instituting a "Main Stage Seating" policy that we ask everyone to adhere to from Friday morning through Sunday Evening. Thursday's entertainment, as well as the other stage, will be first come, first serve, seating.

All Music Listening areas (Main stage, Workshop stage, Family Stage, and Dance Stage) will be designated NO SMOKING AREAS. A smoking zone will be established and posted.

1. No person will sit or place any items (e.g. blankets, chairs, coolers, children, etc.) inside the designated main stage area prior to 7:00am. Litterbags will be available by 6:00am for anyone interested in helping clean this area. The area will be clearly marked. Signs will be posted for each defined seating area section as shown below. Any items found within the seating area prior to 7:00am will be removed and can, if available, be reclaimed along the sides of the main stage area. Falcon Ridge Ltd. and its staff have no liability for items left in the main stage area.

2. There will be a 20' wide area midway back behind the low seating area that will be designated as "WALK-IN" seating. Low seating is defined as blankets or tarps and low back beach chairs, which mean a soccer ball cannot be rolled under the seat and the back does not go above the average person's shoulders. The "Walk-In" area is for anyone who does not intend to stay for long periods of time. This area will be open thirty minutes ( hour) before the first performance each day. Individuals using this area are expected to bring limited personal items, primarily personal seating devices. When individuals leave the area, they are expected to remove their belongings as well. This area will be monitored, items deemed abandoned will be removed to the left side of the main stage for reclamation.

3. A reserved area will be maintained for patrons wearing non-camping (non-volunteer) wristbands. Once this area is full, or at 12:00noon each day, the area will no longer be monitored and will be open to all.

4. Tarps will be restricted to 9'12'. No tarps in the Walk-In area, please (see rule #2 for Walk-In seating guidelines). Once placed, please do not disrupt other tarps or chairs to place your own. All patrons are allowed to sit on vacant tarps and chairs until the owners return. We ask all of our patrons to use courtesy when using vacant seating.

5. Main stage seating will be closed after the last performance each evening. In the morning, people will be asked to gather behind the caution tape or painted lines around the perimeter of the main stage seating area. Monitors will indicate the lines, please be courteous and move back when asked. Seating will take place after the official announcement of the time.

6. Tents and sun cover lean-tos are allowed behind the posted sign. They must be removed during the dinner break to allow for a larger audience for the evening performances.

We hope that this policy will increase everyone's enjoyment of the main stage performances. Please feel free to comment on our policy on your survey form.
Shelly · 16 years ago
so it's basically the same as last year. -i- personally thought it worked out pretty well except for a few snags...

and i even got to be one of the nazi's keeping people out one morning. funnnn!!!! *cackle*
Paul · 16 years ago
I wish people would not feel the need to line up early and rush the field to place their tarps. In the spirit of community that Falcon Ridge has just sharing the space would be better. Then we wouldn't need such an elaborate seating policy. For one weekend it would be nice to just be a community with less rules. I have seen people, especially elderly people, get practically run over by others running to get the best spot. I did the land rush once an frankly felt embarrassed for participating and haven't done it since. With the walk in area I still got a good seat even for the really popular acts.

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