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lookit me, bein' new.

   Discussion: lookit me, bein' new.
shoebox · 14 years ago

roight.  well.  good morning ev-ree-bod-ee!  i'm a person who is most commonly known as emily.  i like to listen to/look at/play with/wear/eat/invent/facsimilise pretty things, lengthy out-of-tune walks on moonlit beaches, and to fall asleep in unusual places.  and really, what more than that could you possibly be interested in?

i have marked this message with an exclamation point icon because my observances of the human race have led me to believe that we, as a species, enjoy that prticular punctuation point almost without exception, although admittedly, it should probably be enjoyed with moderation.

pleased to meet you all. 



Bender Back · 14 years ago

you used the word "frolicksome" in your profile.

marry me? 

shoebox Back · 14 years ago
but of course.
Bender Back · 14 years ago

also, hi, I'm Leah ;P
shoebox Back · 14 years ago


that was a useful addendum.  it is frowned upon to be ignorant of the name of one's wife in today's society.

danced with Lazlo Back · 14 years ago

What with all the identity theft one must be careful with such personal information.
shoebox Back · 14 years ago

yet another perfectly valid point.

it's a complex issue, that's for darn sure.

danced with Lazlo · 14 years ago
I approve.

You may join our ranks. :)
shoebox Back · 14 years ago
hurrah!  i feel so approved of!  how excellent!
Nik Chaikin Back · 14 years ago
*steps out of lurking corner* Hi. *steps back*
shoebox Back · 14 years ago
aw.  i'm lurk-pause-worthy?  now that's an honour.

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