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FRFF & the Budgiedome

   Discussion: FRFF & the Budgiedome
caroline: tired. · 17 years ago
There was a big article about FRFF in the Ticket section of my newspaper this week. There was a pretty fair portion on the Budgiedome, and so I thought I'd scan it in so you all could read it.

Page 1

Page 2

Budgiedome pic (it got cut off when i scanned the article.)
goovie is married! Back · 17 years ago
excellent. dissed again.

sorry. i'm being horribly self-centered today.
caroline: tired. Back · 17 years ago
i don't mind. mainly because i don't get it. :)

if i did it, *un-diss*
goovie is married! Back · 17 years ago
you didn't. it's just funny that out of all the performers who played at the dome, and i'm sure lori and steve mentioned most of us, the ones the article mentioned were 2/3 of the budgiedome pros song swap and...jim infantino. i'm guessing there's nothing intentional about this, that those are just the three artists that the reporter decided to mention, but as the unnamed 1/3 of the song swap, i'm a bit (tho unjustly and illogically) woeful about it. :P

seriously. it's a really nice article, and wtg steve, lori, gordon, stacey, and bill for being recognized for the hard work you put into making the dome such a great place to be.

and you know what? wtg misch for your awesome emcee skillz and yummy food, trace for being the mistress of the budgiedome, lawrence for banjofication, neal for always being willing to help everyone out...and wtg teresa storch, russell wolff, lis harvey, phil henry, cadence carroll, alastair moock, eric schwartz, and even adam brodsky for sharing your music with us. even tho none of you are probably as oversensitive to being left out as i am, because all of you are much saner and better adjusted people than i am.

(oh, and when you consider eric and adam better adjusted than yourself, that's when you know it's a good idea you're in therapy. :P )
stealthlori Back · 17 years ago
and while we're thanking everyone who helps us pull this project off, big thanks go to John Ryan for graciously allowing us to borrow his amp equipment even though he wasn't in attendance. Groovelily really appreciated it. :)
John J. Ryan Back · 17 years ago
My pleasure.
*joolee* Back · 17 years ago
Dude, it's nothing personal and the deleted post is not cool (h'ray for email notification). It was not done intentionally. He just mentioned examples of names - randomly picked, like 2 from each night.
Bender Back · 17 years ago
Attempts at public embarrassment by mentioning deleted posts aren't cool either.
goovie is married! Back · 17 years ago
and that is why i love leah.

hello, maybe i deleted the post because i thought better of it. i honestly think that's much "cooler" than starting a flame war, which is what i realized it might lead to. but hey, if you want to start one anyway, be my guest. just don't expect me to participate.
*joolee* Back · 17 years ago
Sorry, I'm not trying to start anything, it's just that I received it in email first, and either way it had an effect on me & him. Whatever. This discussion will get stupid and overanimated quickly if I continue. As I said before, he meant no offense. *shrug*
Bender Back · 17 years ago
However, what you did was very juvenile. Your actions have effects on other people, too, you know.

Frankly, and I think I'm speaking for many people here, I care more about the effects on Carey than on your journalist friend.
stealthlori Back · 17 years ago
okay, Carey already said "enough" and now I'm adding my "enough". Making this into a divided-camp issue isn't cool either. So let's all cool down a little. :)

Thanks to John for writing a comprehensive article under fairly arduous circumstances (ie, interviewing extremely sleep-deprived people while he was probably sleep-deprived himself). There will be mistakes and omissions, in almost any press item -- if not the writer's, then the editorial department's choice of words and emphasis. I'm just glad to see positive coverage for FRFF, and the late-night music camps, in the local press.

nate... Back · 17 years ago
jesus leah.... talk about not being cool.


*joolee* Back · 17 years ago
stealthlori Back · 17 years ago
thanks for posting this, caroline.

*is amused by the notion of owning a trailer to transport b'dome*

we -wish-. :D
caroline: tired. Back · 17 years ago
you're welcome. i thought it was pretty cool, i woke up and went "ooh, awesome" when i read it.
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 17 years ago
The one time I got to read an newspaper article that I was interviewed for my quote and my friend's were misattributed to each other. Reporters write their notes fast and not that carefully on this kind of thing.

He mentioned the rocket launchers but not the cruise missiles. Of course we would only use them if another camp was proven to possess BMDs [blenders of mass destruction] and all other options have been exhausted.
J. Andrew World Back · 17 years ago
Hehehehehe, Trailer....

It kinda hurts my head, this article. But that is awsome, Go Stacey and Bill!
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 17 years ago
What newpaper was this in?
caroline: tired. Back · 17 years ago
The Ticket section (it's like a little insert for arts and entertainment) of the Philadelphia Inquirer.
*joolee* Back · 17 years ago
I doubt it's the Philly Inquirer...I think if it's where you live, it'd be maybe the Times Chronicle? Or some Montgomery Newspapers publication.
caroline: tired. Back · 17 years ago
Lemme go check.....yeah, Chronicle. We only get the Inquirer and the Chronicle, so that's probably it.
stealthlori Back · 17 years ago
*whew* And here I thought I was going blind, looking and looking through the Inky and not finding it.

Thanks for the correction.
nate... · 17 years ago
go SJ!
*joolee* Back · 17 years ago
w00t! :)
Shelly Back · 17 years ago

go SJ indeed!!!!

because, like, -some- mention/press is better than none at all, yes?

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