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Favorite song tournament final: Fly vs. Fell In Love

poll Which of the following songs do you like better?
Fell In Love
  38 Votes - 17 Posts
   Discussion: Favorite song tournament final: Fly vs. Fell In Love
John J. Ryan · 15 years ago
Drinking Song and Fell In Love were neck and neck, but Fell In Love pulled it out.  So, we now have the final poll to determine what song is FHDC's favorite Fruvous song...
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 15 years ago
Of course it did. My candidates do even worse in these elections than Presidential ones.
Will work for anime · 15 years ago
so I just voted and made it 4/4....this is going to be a neck and neck race.
Rachel Marie aka RAI · 15 years ago
It has special meaning to me. My then-boyfriend now-husband (always Canadian) said to me once, "Rachel, you're much better than sliced bread. I'd take a whole loaf any day if I could have you."

Then I got it. Whole Loaf Love.
Gordondon son of Ethelred · 15 years ago
I sometimes think that I was following a totally different band than the one the people remaining on FHDC talk about. The Fruvous I knew weren't the greatest musicians. What they did was put on the most entertaining live shows I've seen. They got people laughing. They got people dancing. They got people pumped up. They got people acting insane.

Now if I want to hear serious songs I'll listen to so many other musicians. Does anyone think that Fly or Fell in Love compares with anything that Dave Carter wrote?

Why do I think I'm going to regret posting this?

nate... Back · 15 years ago
"Does anyone think that Fly or Fell in Love compares with anything that Dave Carter wrote? "

Yes, it's far better.

The "dance and get crazy" songs were usually my "bathroom songs" ... especially stuff like mblaboa, much as it was fun... it wasn't what I went for.
I went for new and well written songs.

Josh Woodward Back · 15 years ago
I'm with Nate - their joke stuff was fun once or twice, but had a really limited shelf life. Their serious music is some of the most beautiful and well-written material I've heard. And as far as I'm concerned, an average Fruvous song beats anything Dave Carter ever did.
VaiVedrai Back · 15 years ago
Fruvous was the first band whose songs could move me to tears (for both musical and lyrical value, and I'm talking about their serious music, to clarify things).
lawrence Back · 15 years ago
Does it need to compare to Dave Carter? Or anyone, for that matter? The thing that was great about Früvous was that they weren't only one thing.

I don't know why so many people seem to insist that they should only be a joke band.
Bender Back · 15 years ago
And conversely, "serious" music doesn't hold any more inherent value than playful music.  You hit it, Lawrence -- the great thing about Fruvous was their range and versatility.  They did all sorts of different things and made it all fit together.
VaiVedrai Back · 15 years ago
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 15 years ago
I think they just slipped us all rufies.
VaiVedrai Back · 15 years ago
Then we should be suing them for it...and whatever else might have happened when drugged.
VaiVedrai · 15 years ago
Don't regret it. It's a very valid point that you have, Gordon. But what I think this poll is meant to do is find the one song that represents the heart and soul of the band. Fell In Love, while being a serious, sentimental song, incorporates some of the quirky lyrics and soft harmonies that Fruvous was known for.

But that's just one person's opinion.
John J. Ryan · 14 years, 11 months ago
Get your votes in by then!
Mamalissa! Back · 14 years, 11 months ago
... or DIE!
John J. Ryan Back · 14 years, 11 months ago
I'm stupid, I screwed up the date.

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