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Supers on Saturday?

poll Would you like there to be a Supers show on Saturday evening?
Yes! This is my first choice for Saturday night fun.
No, I have nothing against the Supers, but I want more time to h
I hate the Supers.
I don't care if there is a show or not. I would probably go if
I don't care if there is a show or not. I would probably NOT go
  23 Votes - 21 Posts
   Discussion: Supers on Saturday?
A.J. · 15 years ago
Not that this is even necessarily an option, because nobody even said that they were avalable, but assuming Leanne COULD get The Supers to play a show on Saturday night somewhere, should she really try, or would we all have more fun hanging out maybe not all together but in a few groups or something. Let us know what you would do.

Oh and those poll options should read:

Yes! This is my first choice for Saturday night fun.
No, I have nothing against the Supers, but I wan't more time to hang out.
I hate the Supers.
I don't care if there is a show or not. I would probably go if there was one.
I don't care if there is a show or not. I would probably NOT go if there was one.

Josh, we REALLY need poll editing. Or at least longer line limits.
I can see the bunny Back · 15 years ago
They are available and Maury is definitely interested, it's just a matter of getting them coordinated since I can't currently reach Graham. But the show is definitely do-able.

Anyone who is not familiar with them can check them out here
Josh Woodward Back · 15 years ago
Whoops, it now checks the line length of the poll options when you're entering 'em. Editing is harder.
bored, bored, bored.... · 15 years ago

I'm up for a show.  If the Supers show is a no-go, then I'd be up for Tory at the Res.  If I'm going to fly over 3000 miles to Toronto, I want to cram in as much music as possible.  And visiting, of course.  Visiting and music.  And beer.  There should definitely be beer.

Lacy -wanna split a few Guinness with me? ;-)

meh Back · 15 years ago
You said the magic word! :-)

Of course I'd split some Guinness with ya. :-)
I can see the bunny Back · 15 years ago
The show looks like a go. :) Graham asked if I could "promote it to the fruheads". Y'all are now informed. *g*

I know a few people aren't interested but by the poll and whatnot I think there are perhaps enough still into seeing the band...
Fred Goldberg Back · 14 years, 11 months ago
To tell you the truth I don't care that much about the Supers, having seen them once already. But my *first* choice is Guiness, which can be arranged at the penthouse or at *some* shows.
I can see the bunny Back · 14 years, 11 months ago
Well, the show's not happening any longer. The guys and I have talked about it and decided it wasn't going to work out. I'm a tad disappointed but c'est la vie I suppose. Those of us who are interested in music that night will be out stalking Jack DeKeyzer instead. Anyone else up for some damn fine blues music?
danced with Lazlo · 15 years ago
I'd definitely like to see a Supers show Saturday night. But I'm not going to say it's my *first* choice. Its not my first or my last choice, its just something I'd like to do. If there is no Supers show and people are hanging out, that's cool too... but I'd actually really like to see The Supers.
goovie is married! Back · 15 years ago
i'd love to see the supers, since i've never actually seen (or heard!) them. but i'm up for just hanging out that night, too. whatever works. :)
Talcott · 15 years ago
I like the supers, and wouldn't mind seeing them again. (and if they could get a frü-opener, I'd defintily be there).
But as short as the con is, I'd also want more hang-out time, which is a bit eaiser to do in a restruant and hotel room.

In the end though, if both options are there, I'll probably decide on Sunday night.
iPauley Back · 15 years ago
I'm trying to figure out if that's a typo, or a cruel joke -- the potential concert is Saturday night. :-P

-- Pauley
Talcott Back · 15 years ago
I shouldn't be allowed to type ;-)
iPauley Back · 15 years ago
a shame... that'd have been a clever cruel joke :-P

-- Pauley
Josh Woodward · 15 years ago
Get a FruMember to play a show and I'm there. But there's just not enough time on FruCon weekend, especially a short one, for a random show. Count me out..
lawrence · 15 years ago
every time I go to Frucon, everyone is all rushed around Saturday night and the con has to end at a specific time so everyone can get to a show. why not be relaxed, for once, and not have to force the con to end abruptly after only a few hours?
A.J. Back · 15 years ago
Yeah, I feel the same way. And you know we aren't just talking about doing nothing here. We're thinking about renting a 2 floor penthouse suite and doing movies or games or whatever.
lawrence Back · 15 years ago
"whatever?" should I be frightened? :)
hkath Back · 15 years ago
I'm making up the timetable for our half-hour jaunts in the heart-shaped jacuzzi as we speak.
Phoenix · 15 years ago
I haven't ever seen the Supers before but my no.1 priority would be hanging out with all of you guys ;-)
Nik Chaikin Back · 15 years ago

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