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nothing serious...

   Discussion: nothing serious...
zil · 17 years ago

but, who's exciteratetated?!

and on a slightsly more serious note, what part of the con are you most looking forward to?

goovie is married! Back · 17 years ago
i'm excited.

and the part i'm looking forward to most is the orgy.


and hanging out with crackmonkeys.


excuse me.
zil Back · 17 years ago
hey, I'm bad. I like a good orgy. someone spank me?
radiogatorgirl Back · 17 years ago
I'm gonna miss an orgy??????????  Man, I knew I shoulda hinted harder about what kind of gift I wanted for Valentine's day.   All I got were hte in-laws coming down.  
Wintress Back · 17 years ago

Of all the things that don't mix, in-laws and orgies TOP the list.

Back that ass up!


Bruce Rose Back · 17 years ago
That's a lot funnier with the full story.
Phoenix Back · 17 years ago

i'm *so* excited and psyched.

Hanging out with all the crackheads, weirdos and neurokids wonderful people will be so much fun. We'll have our own non-virtual neuroworld. And a stuffed moose called bethinspirit. And muuuuuuusic.

You have no idea.

goovie is married! Back · 17 years ago
yes, i do. it's gonna rock every casbah in casbahdonia.

A.J. Back · 17 years ago
You of course, Zil!
zil Back · 17 years ago

word to your mother I AM the coolest thang around.

or not.

I hope you sensed the sarcasm. ;-)

Talcott Back · 17 years ago
yes, you are the coolest thang around :-)

I presume the "or not" would be the sarcastic part, right?
Nik Chaikin · 17 years ago
I'm totaly exciteratetated psyched and every other synonym! It's all i've been talking about for the last week, i'm driving my friends, family, co-workers, class mates, and just about anybody else i come in contact with NUTS! The best part for me is that this is my first chance to see you all. (aside from pics)
zil · 17 years ago
I dunno what I'm looking forward to most. is "all of it" a good enough answer? since I'm answering my own fucking question I guess I'll make an exception.

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