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Torrent: Redbird 2004-Feb-06

   Discussion: Torrent: Redbird 2004-Feb-06
Joe Navratil · 20 years, 3 months ago
Big major huge thanks to Paul Hutchinson for providing the source for this one and putting up with my pestering him repeatedly :-)

Size: 483.7 MB
Type: FLAC

(Peter Mulvey, Jeffrey Foucault, and Kris Delmhorst with David Goodrich)
February 6, 2004
Burnley, England

Taper: Paul Hutchinson,
Aiwa tie-clip > Sony MZ-R70

Transfer: Paul Hutchinson
MZ-R70 > unknown soundcard > CDwav > CD
and Joe Navratil,
CD > EAC 0.95p4 > flac v.1.1.0

Notes: Loud clapping throughout, but it doesn't interfere with the music at all.

About half the show is covers, so rather than attempt to annotate and get it wrong, I just included this note. Fortunately, the artists credit most of their covers during the show.

Paul, the taper, has made artwork for these discs. The artwork includes CD labels, a traycard, and a pair of case inserts (one for each disc). Contact him at the email address above if you'd like a copy.

The EAC extraction logs are included. Both discs had a small glitch in t1 just after 02:20 (which kept reappearing on several attempts on two different drives), but didn't lead to an audible artifact.

------------------              [times from 'shntool len']
01. Ships                                          4:12.11
02. Moonglow                                       3:42.46
03. Patience                                       4:20.28
04. On the Way Up                                  4:23.30
05. Lovely as the Day is Long                      3:30.17
06. Every Mother's Son                             3:50.47
07. Susquehanna Waltz                              4:41.41
08. Bobby Lee                                      3:49.66
09. Broken White Line                              4:35.23
10. Cluck Old Hen                                  3:11.57

01. Round Here                                     6:51.45
02. Northbound 35                                  5:46.69
03. Miles From the Lightning                       4:18.39
04. Jesus                                          5:31.26
05. The Whole World Round                          2:49.02
06. You Are Everything                             5:18.41
07. Lighthouse Light                               3:24.71
08. Sad, Sad, Sad, Sad (and Faraway From Home)     3:23.53
09. I Gotta Get Drunk                              2:39.39
10. Redbird                                        3:07.00
11. Goodbye                                        5:03.17
12. 4 + 20                                         4:22.70
13. Out on the Highway                             5:21.31
14. Encore: Drunk Lullaby                          5:18.51
Josh Woodward Back · 20 years, 3 months ago

You are a god.
Zach Back · 20 years, 3 months ago
I love you.
ChrisChin is Getting Old Back · 20 years, 3 months ago
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! You so Rock!!
Joe Navratil · 20 years, 3 months ago
Looking at the tracker, it appears that I've got the slowest connection in the world going on right now (wide open it's at 12kB up), and all the leeches are peering to each other faster than I'm seeding. Sorry about that, everyone.

Presumably the situation will be already fixed by tomorrow morning when I can open up another, faster connection that just happens to be behind a firewall. However, in case it's not, it should get a little faster at about 9:30am PST tomorrow morning.

One of these days I'm going to actually get a torrent deployed so that it's a reasonable speed to begin with.. this is strike two, I guess :-)
Josh Woodward Back · 20 years, 3 months ago
Mine should be seeding now, and I've got wicked amounts of bandwidth. I'll leave it up at least over FruCon weekend..
Joe Navratil Back · 20 years, 3 months ago
Thanks a ton, Josh!

I've got three different servers seeding it at this point too, so it should be moving reasonably well... but I totally forgot this was FruCon weekend. Poor timing on the torrent :-)
John · 17 years, 7 months ago
Hey... can anyone seed this?? Dying to have it...

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