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Photo hosting?

   Discussion: Photo hosting?
iPauley · 17 years ago
Is there yet, or is there going to be, some place central hosting FrüCon 7 photos? All I've got's my blog's server, and I'm not sure I've got the quota space.

-- Pauley
Josh Woodward Back · 17 years ago
If anyone wants to host their photos here, let me know and I'll create a gallery for them.
iPauley Back · 17 years ago

That would be most appreciated, actually, yes.  Count me in. :)

-- Pauley

Talcott Back · 17 years ago
Me too. Not that I have nearly as many as I planned to have, but more than the zero good ones I had for my other four cons
zil Back · 17 years ago
and theres actually a pic of me that I like!! WHAT?!
hkath Back · 17 years ago
Speaking as someone who just wants to view the pictures, not post them, that would be so great of you. :D

The gallery has been broken for a while and I can't get Jason to respond to my emails. Eventually it might be nice to rescue the pictures that are in there.
Jason Reiser Back · 17 years ago
Hmm... I'll take a peek at it.  It's probably the infamous Gallery 'database' corruption but it's probably fixable.
Jason Reiser Back · 17 years ago
Okay... fixing and moving the site now... it'll be working once the DNS change populates.  Then you should be able to add more albums and accounts to it.
hkath Back · 17 years ago
Wow, thanks! Maybe I should have just frumed you instead :D Although now I guess we should decide if it's better to keep our pictures here or there.
Jason Reiser Back · 17 years ago

Whatever you like... it's fixed and working now.  DNS is updating but if you haven't been to the site in the last 24 hours, there's a good chance you can reach it already.

A.J. Back · 17 years ago
Ok, can someone remind me what the URL for it is? :)
ChrisChin is Getting Old Back · 17 years ago
ooh! ooh! *raises hand* I have a bunch of pics...and even more whenever I get around to developing my rolls of film (yes you heard me, film.).
Bruce Rose Back · 17 years ago
And I thought I was the only non-digital one here. :-)
zil Back · 17 years ago
me LOVES film
Nik Chaikin Back · 17 years ago
I'm taking a photography class, i just developed my first roll today, and pearsonaly, i like working in the dark room.
Bruce Rose Back · 17 years ago

I took four years of photo in high school.  When I made my first print, I knew I'd found my calling.  Of course, it took a year and a new pair of glasses to convince the teacher of that.  In my senior year, I was one of the three students working with color prints (and the only one without a home darkroom.) 

Tell me more about this class... my curiosity is piqued.

Nik Chaikin Back · 16 years, 11 months ago
Well, we're only working in b/w, 100 speed film. Hopefuly i'll get my first print posted soon, it's of one of those little zebras on a spring little kids ride at playgrounds, the print is quite dusty unfortunatly, to much for spot tone to handle.but i've developed 2 rolls so far , the one pic i'm realy looking foreward to is one i took at niagra on my way back from frucon, the rainbow over the falls.(remember, b\w). i'm gonna title that one "A Rainbow In My Little Town", 100 Nikpoints to whoever frums me with the reference first.
ChrisChin is Getting Old · 17 years ago
Most of the digital shots that I took at Frucon can be found on my website here (Jianimal pics) or here (People Pics)

Captions and Film shots to come sometime shortly.

I can also move them to the Frucon gallery if it would make life easier for other people. I would just need access.
nitsita Back · 17 years ago
the Jianimal poutine pic is teh best. :)
goovie is married! · 16 years, 11 months ago
did the fhdc gallery of frucon pics go?
Phoenix Back · 16 years, 11 months ago
Look here. Does work for me...
goovie is married! Back · 16 years, 11 months ago
thanks. i had just misplaced the link.

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