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Poll: If you could be one of the following, which would you choose?

A famous writer 26 (33%)
A famous singer 15 (19%)
A famous actor 5 (6%)
A famous something else 10 (13%)
I'd want to be one of these, but without the fame 16 (21%)
None of the above 6 (8%)
   Discussion: If you could be one of the following, which would you choose?
zil · 18 years, 5 months ago
I don't want fame. I don't want to even be looked at. I don't want to be talked about. I can't walk into a room of people, walking in late.

I just want to exsist. I want to paint, draw, sculpt and wake up every morning happy to be doing what I love. I know what you're thinking, "yeah right. if she had the chance for fame and fortune shed jump at the chance" well you're wrong. I couldn't want it less. I just want to be healthy.... do what I love... be with people I love... and walk my border collie Haylee by the ocean. the end.
zil Back · 18 years, 5 months ago
oh... erm yeah and why isn't ARTIST one of the choices?! *scoff scoff* ;-)
Josh Woodward Back · 18 years, 5 months ago
because to be a "famous artist", you need a 25-person marketing department, an outlet store for your paintings in every mall in america, and a catchy slogan like "painter of light". :-)
Andrea Krause Back · 18 years, 5 months ago
Or be dead. Tragically. Or insane. Tragically. :)
zil Back · 18 years, 5 months ago
aw nuts! ;-)
J. Andrew World Back · 18 years, 5 months ago
Yeah, I mean what is up with that! Ilustrators Untite! Artists Repersent! Us artists get no lovin'!
Rob Balder Back · 18 years, 5 months ago
I wouldn't wish for the kind of fame that gets you on Entertainment Tonight...the kind where you lose your private life and have to constantly act as your persona would.

In fact, I wouldn't "wish" for any kind of fame, if it came down to rubbing a magic lamp or whatever.

I want to write to entertain. The more (and better quality) people I entertain, the more I feel like I have accomplished. I want fame for the validation of my work. I want to be shown that something I created meant something to people, particularly to smart, independent-thinking and imaginative people. I want for people I don't know to recognize me for some value I gave them through what I wrote, and when I meet them I want them to be people I'd want to know better.

Is that too picky?
Bruce Rose Back · 18 years, 5 months ago
umm... I can't say it better.

I don't want fame... I want respect, love, and happiness.

I'd also like a dog, but that's asking a bit much.
Gordondon son of Ethelred · 18 years, 5 months ago
I voted for writer but my real first choice would be mathematical physicist.
Mollie Back · 18 years, 5 months ago
I'd like to be a famous nurse-midwife...oh yeah, nurse-midwives aren't famous! Oh well.
Cara K. Back · 18 years, 5 months ago
Yay! Horray for math and physics! Well Just physics really. Of the astro variety. And I shouldn't be typing this message..everything I do requires energy, and energy has heat as a by product which of course leads know what...which leads to the evental death of the universe!

Maybe I'll type more if I'm feeling more destructive
Cara K. Back · 18 years, 5 months ago so wrapped up in my disseration I forgot to post my point

Fame for me is more like the recognition that you are needed in the world for some reason. Whether it be entertainment, world peace, or the discovery of the Bose-Einstine constant...

I know I personally can't stand crowds of people talking to me, I'd be a famous recluse if I was famous at all. Still doing talks and such to get people interested int he field, but nothing like self-promotion
Eri Back · 18 years, 5 months ago
*just giggles at cara for forgetting to type her post*

girl, I <3 you. :)
nate... Back · 18 years, 5 months ago
You "less than three" her?
Why would you do that??

And, is it kinky?

I can see the bunny · 18 years, 5 months ago
I'd rather be the person who makes *other* people famous. It's only a hobby right now though - anybody want to pay me to talk about them incessantly? Maybe I can start the Canadian chapter of Carey's company. :)
Misch · 18 years, 5 months ago
I want groupies!
goovie is married! Back · 18 years, 5 months ago
hello, did you not read that entry of mine last week? i'm a groupie for sale. :)
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 18 years, 5 months ago
You didn't give a price list though? What are the prices for

screaming when you see me babbling endlessly about me to total strangers stalking me doing the things that If I said them outright Neal would kiss my ass.
goovie is married! Back · 18 years, 5 months ago
oh, and btw, neal's not allowed to do either of those things. so there. :)
· 18 years, 5 months ago
The problem with the world of there is always someone better.

the good thing is...there's no one like you! I know there are much much much better singers/drummers in the world, but I wouldn't play most gigs for gas money if I didn't love it with all my heart. I love when I can make people smile, laugh, groove...and I have always wanted fame for that reason..even local fame...cuz it makes me feel like I've made a good decision in using my talents.

More money would be nice (to pay off bills) but we all know the weight money brings...and the more famous you are...the more people you pay....not all what it's cracked up to be... and all that! :) I'll be an interpreter (crosses fingers) in 2004...but if I couldn't do music or interpreting...I'd love to try my hand at being a tour guide...

can you see it?


Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 18 years, 5 months ago
That's not true, there is no one better than Batnose, the world's greatest Rock' 'n' Roll Band.
Josh Woodward Back · 18 years, 5 months ago
what about batnose with a tub of whipped cream and a spoon?
goovie is married! Back · 18 years, 5 months ago
josh, i think you just killed me. :)
zil Back · 18 years, 5 months ago
*ears perk* whipped cream what?
ellen, formerly evil · 18 years, 5 months ago
cheesy as it may sound, I've always wanted to be a famous children's book illustrator. Small market for fame perhaps, but to help create an enduring shildren's book... well, the thought is amazin. The next "Goodnight Moon" or "Where the Wild Things Are".

Maybe the best thing about it is that you're most famous to children :)
zil Back · 18 years, 5 months ago
I've thought about going that rout with my art... dunno though.
goovie is married! · 18 years, 5 months ago
i don't want to be *famous* necessarily. i just want to spend my life doing what i love, and doing it well. anyone who would like to turn me into say, sars (i agree with jaci) or dar would be rewarded with chocolate orange slices.
nate... · 18 years, 5 months ago
See, I have no interest in fame..... I could avoid it fine if I had to deal with it... but mainly, I just want a huge amount of money. *shrugs* If I have to be famous to do that, so be it.... :)
Jºnªthªn · 18 years, 5 months ago
Paul D. Beasi Back · 18 years, 5 months ago
Because infamous is when you're more than famous. e.g.: "This guy El Guapo is not just famous, he's IN-famous!"


No fame for me. Couldn't take the lack of privacy.
Andrea Krause Back · 18 years, 5 months ago
"Would you say I had a...plethora...of pinatas?"
J. Andrew World · 18 years, 5 months ago
Wait I already am famous! I seem to be a celbraty and where ever I go people still talking about me. I have had more then one person say "No one can forget you!" Whee! It's fun being famous!
Rachel Beck · 18 years, 5 months ago
I just want to write and pay my rent. Is that so much to ask? Survey says: yes.
Erica: movin' to Ohio!! · 18 years, 5 months ago
oh god, to be be NOTICED!!! to have my insanity proclaimed from the mountain tops and to have scads of people struggling to decipher MY message...lordy.....i just want to be known, to have that rush of creativity with the pressure weighing down my soul and finally, the BURST of answers....of words and sentences and paragraphs spewing from my pen..if only. my art will never make me happy, but my writing...THERE'S satisfaction.
Arbie Back · 18 years, 5 months ago
Fame...what a concept. I think none of us would mind fame in the sense of our accomplishments living past our mortal life. Even if only to a select group, like for instance Arthur Rackham(sp), who is well known to those who have a love for illustration, and there are biographies and he has a place in any history of illustration. (he illustrated Peter Pan among other things). But this other thing we call fame, the illogical, over the top need for attachment to a person or commodity, that's an advertising executive's wet dream and a destroyer of people.

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