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Poll: Have you gone to any rallies for the pres. or VP nominees?

Yes 11 (41%)
No 16 (59%)
   Discussion: Have you been to any of the political rallies?
Jody · 20 years ago

I went to see Kerry in Appleton, Wisconsin where I live. It was free, transport was free, and I took the Will Call sign afterwards. PLUS free cider for volunteering with teh Dems. :-)

So, my rally experience rocked. Kerry's stump speech was WI-ified, but still a positive one.


Jody Back · 20 years ago
I'm going to the rally tonight in GREEN BAY. I'll report back.
Jody Back · 20 years ago
Front row last night. Saw Bon Jovi. Guy I brought up to VIP shook Kerry's hand. BIG NIGHT@
Starfox Back · 20 years ago
Was it a real shake or one of those crappy half second, "I shake your hand but I gotta about 500 more to do in the next 30 seconds". I hate those.
Jody Back · 20 years ago
It was a "we grab each other's shoulders and shake arms practically" shake!!!!
Starfox · 20 years ago
Attended a speech by Badnarik to the GOA event here in Dallas last month. That's about it.
ChrisChin is Getting Old · 20 years ago
Went to a Nader Rally in 2000 at Madison Square Garden in NYC.
Josh Woodward · 20 years ago
I tried to see Kerry and Edwards in BG. It didn't work.
Jody Back · 20 years ago
That's awful. I did have to arrive half a hour early and get a ticket from a cute guy to get into this one.
stealthlori Back · 20 years ago
I don't understand the ticketing thing either, if they're not going to actually collect the tickets. I saw Kerry in Philadelphia a couple of weeks ago and they weren't taking tickets then either. Although that applied only to the "general-admission" type tickets -- you still had to have volunteer or organized-group (or politico!) passes to get onto the bleachers or up close to the stage.

lawrence · 20 years ago
I happened to be in Pittsburgh the weekend Kerry spoke there on the college tour in April, so I went, and it was great. That was the first time I really decided that rather than supporting "anybody but Bush" I actually wanted to specifically support Kerry, and became actually enthusiastic about the campaign after hearing him speak.
Jody Back · 20 years ago
Kerry moved me, but my vote isn't secured until I hear him give a good non-stump speech before the election.
K-Lyn · 20 years ago
Got screened out...SHOCKING!
Bender Back · 20 years ago
screened out?
lawrence Back · 20 years ago
apparently you have to sign an "Oath of Loyalty" to get into a Bush event.
nate... Back · 20 years ago
Yeah... they should just call them "bush love-ins". Since the only people allowed are bush supporters.

Starfox Back · 20 years ago
Come come now, you can't have the chance someone may disparage our Imperial Leader. *narrows eyes* Do you need a visit from your friendly neighborhood Political Coordinator?
stealthlori Back · 20 years ago
Laura Bush appeared in my town this afternoon, but I of course didn't get an invitation to her rally. :P And there's no way on earth I'd sign that oath of loyalty -- for Bush or for any other candidate. Talk about coercion.
Jody Back · 20 years ago

I don't think any of the children of canidates do much for me. They're not running, what would anyone need to listen to them wax poetic for?

stealthlori Back · 20 years ago
Laura is Bush's wife. But apparently she doesn't influence his policy much. She's just a nice decorative Republican wife.
nate... Back · 20 years ago
A lot of high school boys have that same problem.

iPauley Back · 20 years ago

-- Pauley
stealthlori Back · 20 years ago
Jºnªthªn · 20 years ago
I saw Bobby Kennedy speak at Fairfax High School in 1968 shortly before he was killed. I was a little less than 2, and it is my earliest memory.
A.J. · 20 years ago
I saw George McGovern in '72 (I was 8 years old, my dad took me). I went with my school to see John Anderson in "80. Waited around forever to see Fritz Mondale in "84 (Hey it was my first chance to vote for prez). I don't remember if I saw Mike Dukakis. I doubt it--I mean I know I saw him when he was gorvernor of MA, but I forget if I saw him running for prez. I wish I'd seen Clinton.
sheryls Back · 20 years ago

Fritz Mondale in "84 (Hey it was my first chance to vote for prez).

huh. that's funny. i was 5. :P

Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 20 years ago
You weren't born the first time I got to vote, Carter in 76 :P

That makes my won-lost record 3-4* I can even my record in two weeks.

*The last loss was played under protest.
ChrisChin is Getting Old Back · 20 years ago
But I was born then. I was 5 months old. :)
stealthlori Back · 20 years ago
I was born then but couldn't vote. Because Gordon is EVEN OLDER THAN ME! :P

(I did get to vote in the next Prez election -- my first loss. So far I'm 2-4. Bah. But if you don't count the protested decision as a real loss, you could say I'm on a 3-in-a-row unbeaten streak. (You'd have to be insanely optimistic to say that, but I digress.) So p'raps that bodes well for 11/2/04.)
Bender Back · 20 years ago
huh. that's funny. i was 5. :P

that's funny. I was a fetus ;P
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 20 years ago
Now you are an embryo.
Bender Back · 20 years ago
you can't regress like that.
Mamalissa! · 20 years ago
Howard Dean was speaking on evening in Bryant Park - 2 blocks from my place of work. I went because I figured if I wasn't going to be a part of the political process when it's brought to my doorstop, I probably wasn't ever going to be a part of the political process.

The vast majority of people there were hugely enthusiastic Deaniacs. I hadn't planned to hold a sign or anything, but I really got caught up in it. But people were pretty respectful when I declined to sign up for lists, etc...

I saw Pres. Clinton speak when I was in college - it may have been on his reelection campaign tour, or during his second term. We were quite far away, and it was pretty much a big happy field day with people hanging out, and Bill speaking in the background.
lawrence · 20 years ago
I stood out in the bitter cold with my family for several hours on January 20, 1993, to see Clinton's first inauguration. It felt so great to be a part of that, because everyone there was so happy to see the end of the Reagan/Bush era.

I'd imagine a Kerry inauguration will be similar in tone. Hopefully it will happen. (and if it does, I will definitely be there)
Jody Back · 20 years ago

If there is no Kerry inauguration, I'm dodging the draft before it even happens and heading NORTH.

Gordondon son of Ethelred · 20 years ago
I was at the victory parties for the New York Bill Clinton Campaigns in 92 and 96. I had been poll watching since 6AM in 96 so I was half asleep.

92 was better, Jesse Jackson left the roped off bigwigs area and came to talk to rank and file. He came over shook my hand and talked a bit.

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