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Poll: Would you like to be head of goverment (President or PM) of your country?

Yes 14 (17%)
No 43 (52%)
No but I'd like to be King or Queen 26 (31%)
   Discussion: Would you like to be head of goverment (President or PM) of your country?
Nik Chaikin · 16 years ago
Supreme Dictator on the other hand...
Talcott · 16 years ago
I'm much rather be a behind-the-scenes type.

Although I did vote for King.
I imagine power would be much more fun without having to worry about the election.

I'd rather be knighted though. I think we need to establish a knighting system in the states. I know that we have similar honors, but none of those would be as cool as being a knight.

Hmm... does anyone know, because the queen is still the Canadian monarch, can Canadians be knighted?

sheryls Back · 16 years ago
i said king or queen too. just to be famous and have money without having to work for it ;)
stealthlori Back · 16 years ago
hey. we Queens work damn hard. just not for any discernible Boss Guy.
JMD Back · 16 years ago
Canadians are restricted from being granted titles from other countries, even if it is Britain, by the Nickle Resolution.

Unless, apparently, it is done before the Canadian government has a chance to oppose it and the British don't realize the problem, such as this case where the titles were given and are not revoked, with complaints coming only after it had been done.

And some people think its so great they'd renounce their citizenship for it.
iPauley Back · 16 years ago
Although I did vote for King.

"You don't vote for a king." [/python]

-- Pauley
Starfox · 16 years ago
But noone would ever vote for me.

But man, I would blow through pens vetoing legislation left and right. I'd need a whole box of pens just to recind all the executive orders out there.
100% dainty! · 16 years ago
. . .but I'd like to be the King of Spain
Mamalissa! Back · 16 years ago
Funny. Once I *was* the King of Spain.
John J. Ryan Back · 16 years ago
The King of Spain who only took 7 posts in the forum to make an appearance...
100% dainty! Back · 16 years ago
Either that or the Duke of Earl. :)

I wonder how many Monarchs have songs written aboot them?
sheryls Back · 16 years ago
and how many are written by morrissey?
stealthlori · 16 years ago
the Queen.

the cats know it. the boys know it. therefore, I am.

(also? my grandfather always called me Princess. he knew it too.)
Bender Back · 16 years ago
You're regal!
dirty life & times Back · 16 years ago
that's "lager" backwards.
Bel the ever forgetful · 16 years ago
No. No no no no no no no no no no. And if I was, people would hate me, and I would hate it. Bad deal all around.
zil · 16 years ago
I am the president!

of josh's fan club. ;-)
siobhan's a londoner · 16 years ago
In the run up to the election here I would say "no". Of course when in six years when I am PM and people find this to say, "In 2005 you said you did not want to be PM" I will say something along the lines of "I truly believed there were WMDs at the time and was acting on the best information available to me" or something like that.

To be honest I just worry I would forget what it was like to have little money or the time I was briefly homeless and be the next Thatcher, sparking rioting and doing bad things to Scotland ( my mum would hate that )
Starfox Back · 16 years ago
What's everyone got against the letters W M and D?
sheryls Back · 16 years ago
i would think the first one is obvious ;)
Kris 'engaged' Bedient Back · 16 years ago
Women and Men Dancing
White Milk Dunking
Wild Man Drinking
Warm Maroon Dungarees
Wimpy Mental Days
caroline: tired. · 16 years ago
I would run for president. if i was 35. only 21 more years...if there isn't a woman by then, i definitely will. For a couple of reasons:
1- I'm ambitious.
2- i'm a patriot and Bush is ruining our country. Although he will hopefuly be dead by then.
3- I don't know what I want to do when I grow up. President seems pretty cool. I'd have to get elected though. And have a lot of $$. I only have $58. but with 21 years, i might be able to save up a little more.
4- in 6th grade, my teacher said I could become the first woman president. i'll take him up on that challenge :)

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