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Poll: What is your favorite meal?

Breakfast 15 (22%)
Lunch 10 (15%)
Dinner 26 (38%)
Brunch 7 (10%)
I'm a hobbit, I eat 6 meals a day. What about elevenses? 10 (15%)
   Discussion: What is your favorite meal?
100% dainty! · 16 years, 6 months ago
i'm a grazer. i nibble and bite and eat whenever i'm hungry.

other than that, as far as proper meals go, i am hungriest and enjoy food the most at breakfast.
Annika · 16 years, 6 months ago
I don't eat it often but when I do I reeeeeally enjoy it!
That seems like the only time you should eat sandwiches and ooh peanut butter and jam...mmmmm... /me goes to make a sandwich.
Nik Chaikin · 16 years, 6 months ago
I am a hobbit, as many people have noted.
sheryls · 16 years, 6 months ago
i could eat breakfast food at every meal. and i'm always starving in the morning. especially for eggs. i love eggs! i prefer the salty breakfast foods vs the sweet ones, although i will occasionally have pancakes/waffles/whathaveyou.

my *favorite* breakfast is The Old Timer from Cracker Barrell. thick cut bacon, eggs, sourdough toast, (or you can get the biscuits/gravy/grits combo but it's usually too much for me), and hash brown casserole (omg drool).
Talcott Back · 16 years, 6 months ago
I'm with Sheryl here.
It's all about the breakfast food.
Plus, you can put anything in an omlet, and make it good.

mmm... now I wish I could go out to breakfast this morning :-)
Andrea Krause Back · 16 years, 6 months ago

I get much enjoyment out of good breakfast foods but it's rare that I allow myself to have them. I said dinner was my favorite because almost every day I allow myself to have a good decent dinner...but breakfast and lunch are usually all diety. Like breakfast is usually yogurt and/or fruit or cereal or something. Maybe one day a week I get a bagel or eggs&bacon and stuff. So I can't call it my favorite meal when I don't get to enjoy it much. :)

Talcott Back · 16 years, 6 months ago
You and Sheryl should come up here, and we'll all go to the Slamma for breakfast. It's very much not diet food, but it's very much tasty food ;-) Best grilled muffins ever, too.
sheryls Back · 16 years, 6 months ago

mmmm, tasty breakfast! yespls.

there's this place down here called Sunny Side Cafe that has the best spicy potatoes evar.

sheryls Back · 16 years, 6 months ago

<annoying diet advice dispenser>

...actually you should have your cheat foods earlier, because you'll burn them off as the day goes on.

</annoying diet advice dispenser>

Andrea Krause Back · 16 years, 6 months ago
Well, see, I don't consider dinner a "cheat"'s a meal. :) And it's usually on the nutritious side, just more satisfying and filling. I just make it my major meal because I have to wait 4-5 hours between breakfast and lunch and 6 or 7 hours between lunch and dinner but what I put in my body at dinner has to keep me satisfied for up to 14 hours! :)  When I DO cheat it's usually brekkie, on those egg and bacon and tater tot mornings. :)
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 16 years, 6 months ago
I like both the sweet and the savory breakfast food, often combined. I love bacon or sausage with my pancakes and syrup.

The best pancakes in the world are at Polly's Pancake Parlor on maple road in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire.

I am also a sucker for sausage McMuffins [the only thing I eat at McDs] and the sausage egg and croissant sandwiches at Dunkin' Donuts.

Cereals are good too especially Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
sheryls Back · 16 years, 6 months ago

oh, my lord, the Egg McMuffin is my favorite (AND is included in a few diets - egg = protien, canadian bacon = protien and low fat, english muffin = low glycemic impact carbohydrate. processed cheese = bad but you can a) order without it or b) pretend really hard its not there ) , and if you like the sweet + savory together you should try the McGriddles, if youc ang et over their slighty grainyness.

i like cereal but i'd always rather have eggs!

Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 16 years, 6 months ago
McGriddles are good too. I wish they had the cheese on them. I think it is strange how their main menu sucks but their breakfast fast food is great but totally addictive.
sheryls Back · 16 years, 6 months ago
*so* addictive, to the point where i could probably eat it every day and not get sick of it.
Nik Chaikin Back · 16 years, 6 months ago
OMG,Biscuts w/sausage gravy. *DROOL*
Phoenix Back · 16 years, 6 months ago
i love eggs!

Hmm. Trident Booksellers and Cafe on Newbury street make kick-ass eggs benedict...
nate... · 16 years, 6 months ago
No doubt.

I mean, I like lunch, of course... but dinner is when I either get to cook for myself, or eat out... so it's always the best food.

Breakfast I never really have time for at home... or if I do, it's just a bagel with cream cheese. If it's at work, it's just poorly made eggs and often-inedible homefries.... or on the weekends, a bagel and cream cheese.

I'm with sheryls, though, I definitely prefer the salty/savory breakfast foods. When I was a kid I liked pancakes/waffles/etc.... but... now the LAST thing I want for breakfast is something sweet. ugh.

Talcott Back · 16 years, 6 months ago
Yeah. The only sugary breakfast food I'll have is a muffin, or oatmeal with brown sugar. If I'm going out though, it's all about the eggs and bacon. Even at Denny's, where pancakes come with everything, I try to get and english muffin instead.

Donuts, I like, but only as a snackish food. Not for breakfast.
Bruce Rose Back · 16 years, 6 months ago
I always opt for rye toast at Denny's.  Rye toast and coffee are the two things that no one, including Denny's can screw up.
caroline: tired. Back · 16 years, 6 months ago
yay for dinner. i like lunch, but only when i'm at home, which is on weekends and in the summer. and i like breakfast foods, just not in the morning, when i have to get up and go to school. when i go out to breakfast, or have it on weekends, it's okay, but dinner still wins. because it's good all the time. well, with maybe one or two exceptions.
I can see the bunny Back · 16 years, 6 months ago
I rarely have time for much in the way of breakfast or lunch. Work and stuff is too hectic to make much and not much to be had at the mall. But dinner I plan ahead and cook when I get home - definitely the most complete meal I eat during the day. It's the most enjoyable thing I do all day, right down to making sure it looks as good as it tastes. :)
Kat Kunz · 16 years, 6 months ago
...because, like many of you, I *heart* breakfast foods, and you can eat MORE of them at brunch, since it has to last you till dinner. :D also, in college, weekend brunches were my favorite meals, with everyone just lingering in the dining hall, looking for an excuse not to go do their work. ahh, the good ol' days...
A girl named Becca Back · 16 years, 6 months ago
You took the words right out of my keyboard. :)
Brunch is excellent because you can eat lots of breakfast food in the afternoon without feeling like a slacker for sleeping late, plus it's generally relaxed. Good food and pleasant associations. Rock.
Nik Chaikin Back · 16 years, 6 months ago
"It's not quite breakfast, and it's not quite lunch, but you get a good meal!"
Kris 'engaged' Bedient Back · 16 years, 6 months ago
I always thought brunch was a combination of breakfast and lunch, and was held around 11am or so, sort of like a meal in between.
but enjoy your afternoon brunch thing too.
A girl named Becca Back · 16 years, 6 months ago
I usually have brunch at the same time I would have lunch, so either late morning or early afternoon. It depends. :)

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