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Poll: Did you go to Sleep-Away Camp?

Yep 19 (32%)
Nope 41 (68%)
   Discussion: Did you go to Sleep-Away Camp?
Gordondon son of Ethelred · 19 years ago
I went to the Pete Best camp for rock 'n' roll drummers.
goovie is married! · 19 years ago
but not the traditional "stay away all summer and go on hikes and short-sheet people's beds" kind. in high school i went to sleepaway arts camp. sort of like raise your voice, except way more for hippies and geeks, and without hilary duff.
K-Lyn · 19 years ago
...nuff said.
Talcott · 19 years ago
Am I think only one who's never actually heard the term "sleepaway camp"?

If it means any came where you spend the night, then yes.
For a few years I went to a church-run arts camp. It was fun, but odd. Half the campers were there for the religion and such, and the other half spent entire evenings quoting Monty Python and discussing Star Trek. Anyone want to take a wild guess which group I was in? ;-)

If it means the Kamp Krusty kind of camp, where you spend all summer there, then no. In fact, until I made it to Maine, I wasn't completely sure that kind of camp still existed.
Bender · 19 years ago heart still lives there.
nate... · 19 years ago
went to a week long boy scout camp as a kid.

It was... interesting.

I had a counselor named Kermit.

nate... Back · 19 years ago
oh... and... also, if you count the trips I did onboard the Brilliant.

I did two summers... one just around the mystic area and one from maine down to mystic... when I was 15/16.

Edit: better info on the boat here. It is a beauty.
Cali · 19 years ago
i wish i got to go to one. one summer a bunch of my friends went to a 2 week summer camp but my parents wouldnt let me b/c of the whole "too much money" factor.

they said it was fun b/c they had fires and hiked and swam and went boating and such.
*joolee* · 19 years ago
eh, the best I've done was a week at overnight tennis camp.
nate... Back · 19 years ago
Is tennis camp anything like band camp? I mean..... the racket and all.....


*joolee* Back · 19 years ago
Only in your weird and twisted dreams. :p
Brian Dinsky · 19 years ago

Camp Tel Noar in Hampstead, NH.


The APPROPRIATE kind of�Jew Camp, you jerkface.

Annika · 19 years ago
I went to an art camp when I was in jr. high, for writing. I loved it! I also went to young womens camp (mormon church girl camp) the first year was alright, I got along with everyone, the second year I was in a couple fights and was driven home on the 3rd day because they found my cigarettes, which was surprisingly not tolerated at all. Even my argument of, "I didn't smoke any.... here" was ignored.
caroline: tired. · 19 years ago
No, I haven't. I'd kind of like to, but I think I'd rather try to stay at the camp I'm at now for awhile.

Hopefully I'll get the job next year, and not have to take this stupid 'leadership' course. It is like school. In the summer. At camp. We have *binders.* And there is going to be a TEST. A TEST, I say. At summer camp. *dies*
Will work for anime · 19 years ago

...down on the shore of Conesus Lake.

It was your standard summer swimming, hiking, sports, arts and crafts (way to go boondoggle!!!!!) camp. I always wanted to stay for more then one week, but never could swing it. Still some of my best childhood summer memories there...*sigh*...oh to be 10 again........

A girl named Becca Back · 19 years ago
I went there one summer. :)

I've also been to about a million winter retreats there. *Hearts.*
Kelz · 19 years ago
I didnt go to camp this year..No Camp For This Chicka.Haha.

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