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Poll: How involved were you in the U.S. Elections on 11/7?

I voted 18 (67%)
I voted and I volunteered or donated money 5 (19%)
I am not elegible to vote but I volunteered or donated money 0 (0%)
I was eligible to vote but didn't. 1 (4%)
I was not Eligable to vote in the U.S. Elections 3 (11%)
   Discussion: Did You Vote?
Gordondon son of Ethelred · 15 years ago
I voted, I contributed to the DCCCCCCCC and I made calls for MoveOn.Org.
Mamalissa! · 15 years ago
My first vote as a Massachusetts resident. I miss the clunky old NY machines.

The other problem was that the polling place was a fire-house, and not a school. So there was no PTA bake sale.
ChrisChin is Getting Old Back · 15 years ago
i haven't voted outside of NYS, so I always have had the clunky mechanical lever machines. I'm not sure how I would feel if I had to use a touch screen computer or fill out a Scantron. I just don't think it would be as satisfying as ticking off the candidates you want and then finishing it all off by pulling the big lever to record your vote.
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 15 years ago
it all off by pulling the big lever to record your vote.

Don't you know that size doesn't matter.

I remember when those machines were new when I was a kid. When you pulled the lever to the right it closed the curtains and when you pulled it to the left when you were done it opened the curtain. I don't remember why they disconnected that function. Something didn't work right.
J. Andrew World Back · 15 years ago
Voting was Yesterday?  I was so caught up with K-Fed and Britney's divorce I hardly knowticed!  Now he is Fed-Ex.
Rachel Marie aka RAI Back · 15 years ago
Mine didn't have a PTA bake sale! I feel gipped. :o(
Rachel Marie aka RAI Back · 15 years ago
Nik Chaikin Back · 15 years ago
Man, if they'd had brownies at mine i may even have voted twice.

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