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Poll: Is that him?

Yes! 1 (10%)
No, take the crack pipe away from Andy. 5 (50%)
Can't tell/Pete Best 4 (40%)
   Discussion: Neil Gaiman and the King of Spain Video
J. Andrew World · 13 years ago
Is it just me or is Neil Gaiman reading the newspaper in the "King Of Spain" Video?


Bender Back · 13 years ago
Andy, you're supposed to be selling me the crack, not smoking it yourself.  Remember?
J. Andrew World Back · 13 years ago
WHat happened to the embeded link to the video?

Wait Sell the crack?
I hope THIS works!
J. Andrew World Back · 13 years ago
Or this!
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 13 years ago
Great now you got me missing Fruvous.
J. Andrew World Back · 13 years ago
I have been waxing Nostalgic while I am writing my movie.
John J. Ryan Back · 13 years ago
I've been waxing nostalgic running the favorite Fruvous song tournament.
Will work for anime Back · 13 years ago
the You Tube video is a bit too fuzzy to really tell whos I'll have to dig out my Fruvous video tape and force myself to watch the videos again...thanks ^_^

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