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Poll: Favorite Movie Poll - Animated Category Poll #1

Aladdin 5 (42%)
Alice In Wonderland 1 (8%)
American Pop 1 (8%)
An American Tail 1 (8%)
Antz 2 (17%)
The Aristocats 0 (0%)
Bambi 0 (0%)
Beauty & The Beast 1 (8%)
A Bug's Life 0 (0%)
Cars 1 (8%)
   Discussion: Favorite Movie Poll - Animated Category Poll #1
J. Andrew World · 14 years, 9 months ago
I have not seen or even like any of those films. In fact, I have never heard of "American Pop".
Will work for anime · 14 years, 9 months ago
Ok, now we're clutching at straws aren't we? At least the last favs polls have be music related.
John J. Ryan · 14 years, 9 months ago
I didn't want to do yet another music poll, since I think we've covered enough ground between general songs and the songs of Fruvous, TMBG, and the Beatles. So, I'm changing directions here and have moved onto movies, something many people argue about anyway.

AFI recently put out their own Top 100 list to celebrate the 10th anniversary of AFI. They split the nominated films into 10 categories, each category with 50 movies each. I'm starting with the Animated category, and presenting the movies in alphabetical order.

The winners of each poll will get an automatic bid to the round of 64, with all top scoring ties and/or top scoring non-winners filling in the final 14 slots. We'll see what FHDC's favorite movie is.

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