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Poll: Favorite Classic Legoland System?

Town 4 (4%)
Space 20 (22%)
Castle 28 (30%)
Pirates 21 (23%)
I only like the new stuff (Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc.) 1 (1%)
Lego? You're such a geek. 18 (20%)
   Discussion: Favorite Classic Legoland System?
Nik Chaikin · 20 years ago
space case!
meh · 20 years ago
You made me choose between castle and pirates!
Bad Talcott!!

ETA: Damn, not first. :-)

stealthlori Back · 20 years ago
> You made me choose between castle and pirates!
> Bad Talcott!!

ChrisChin is Getting Old · 20 years ago
I picked space, but I really prefer the classic free form stuff where I usually just end up building whatever random things come out of my crazed mind.
Nik Chaikin Back · 20 years ago
See, I'm not great with legos so I need the guidance the sets provide.
Andrea Krause Back · 20 years ago
I loved the space stuff with the opening and closing cockpit windows and all that fun stuff. :)
Joe Navratil Back · 20 years ago
I was such a fan of the space stuff that, years later when I bought REM's "Automatic For The People" on cassette the day it came out, my first thought was, "Hey, that's the same plastic Lego used in the yellow cockpits".
Talcott Back · 20 years ago
Well, that's why I specified "Legoland System" as opposed to "Lego set" ;-)

Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 20 years ago
I"m with you, I never had any of the systems, the fun was starting off someplace and seeing where it would go. I picked space but that was because there was no choice "loved legos but not the systems."
Talcott · 20 years ago
I'm a castle person now (in case my icon wasn't a clue), but growing up I had a bit more in the way of space and town.

lawrence · 20 years ago
I liked the town stuff but never had much of it. I remember I had all the emergency services, though, which was good, because there were constant "fires" at the gas station and racetrack. that is, until the fire engines returned to the station and forgot to raise the garage door, crashing into it and "igniting" the firehouse....

I had a couple of the space ones and an early castle, but never enough to really do much with them.

we once made a really cheesy movie with the race track, though - we used the camcorder and kept it running for 2 seconds at a time. one scene came out great, but the rest was kind of choppy. and then we lost the tape.
Jºnªthªn · 20 years ago
I had Lego. No land, no system. Just blocks and the occasional axle.
renita Back · 20 years ago
I had just regular old legos too, with some special bits from other sets that we inherited.

but then we gave most of our lego away, because my sister and I didn't play with it anymore, and then, like a few months later... Garrett was born.

So, once he got into lego we had to rebuild the stockpile. We had some stuff that we missed when we did the clear out... but yah, and for him, I bought mostly space system stuff.

Not so much because that's what he wanted, but because that's what I wanted to play with ;->

because you know, he always wanted some "help"
goovie is married! Back · 20 years ago
same here. but i was jealous of my friends who had the castle.
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 20 years ago
That's because Carey means near the castle. That or love. So naturally you love castles.
Mamalissa! Back · 20 years ago
mee too.

Erector set....I don't even know 'er!
100% dainty! Back · 20 years ago

squuuueeeaaal!! :)

Erect or set? I'll take the erect!

Magical Bob · 20 years ago
I had castles. All the way. I am a special case though. You see, this one guy my family knew was going away to college right about the same time I was getting into legos. SO, he gave me all of his old ones from when he was a kid. SO, I ended up with really old, cool legos and because he gave me all of his, I had double the amount of legos that all my friends had! I used to love the castle sets. I would build a castle and then have huge battles and stuff on rainy afternoons. Memories...
emilie is CRANKY Back · 20 years ago
word to castle sets, y0. i had two phat robin hood castle sets when i was a kid. i think i still have them somewhere... i rememberstill playing with themwhen i was about 16. :D
Talcott Back · 20 years ago
Only sixteen? ;-)
Annika · 20 years ago
I knew this was a Talcott survey the moment I saw "lego"
danced with Lazlo · 20 years ago
Like many here, I never had any of the systems, just the legos. We built houses and contraptions that made no sense. My cousins had the castle set all over their playroom though and I was always intrigued by it... so i guess I'll vote castle. Really though, the free form lego was awesome.
100% dainty! · 20 years ago
It's all about the pirates!!! I got the huge ship for christmas when I was little and it was the coolest thing EVER.
nate... · 20 years ago
what about the Technic systems??

I preferred just the standard blocks and such... no system at all... but... if I had to pick a system, I'd go with the Technic ones, no doubt about it!

Josh Woodward · 20 years ago
I've always been a road and building geek. The castle set was cool, too. I never had much interest in space or pirates.
dave "buh" Back · 20 years ago
Let me guess, you had Girder & Panel kits as a kid?

I always thought the Lego "Expert Sets" were cool but i never had any of them. Too expensive.
Pentecost Andrew! · 20 years ago
If y'all haven't seen this one yet, hold on to your heathen socks:
nate... Back · 20 years ago

oh man, I'd forgotten about that.
danced with Lazlo Back · 20 years ago
Dude, the lego burning bush is my LJ icon!
goovie is married! Back · 20 years ago
so *that's* what that is!
dave "buh" Back · 20 years ago
then, there's this lego church. Quite impressive.
Nick Collins · 20 years ago
Pirates and castles! actually, I am a history freak so when I used to own legos I would combine castle and pirate lego dudes to create the conquistadors of America and relive the great Cortez/Aztec conflict with the primitive Native lego dudes!
hehehe, I am such a loser
danced with Lazlo · 20 years ago
lawrence Back · 20 years ago
yup. I begged my parents for the advanced sets because the one they got me didn't have ALL the cool pieces. (I think they're glad they didn't buy them, though, because I only ended up playing with the stuff for a few months anyway. then I went back to the legos)
nate... Back · 20 years ago
hell yeah!!!

I loooved capsela.

Adam Hartfield Back · 20 years ago
Capsela was THE BEST. My aunt gave me a set when I was 8 or 9 and I adored it. Gosh, it was fun!
Beth · 20 years ago
What a great poll! I have such love for legos, I do.

At first, I had only plain old legos. I used to make cool houses and such (with balconies, always with balconies), but then my imagination floated away, and I became reliant on the systems and directions.

I loved the space stuff, especially for the hingey pieces and the yellow windows and such. I had a spaceship that carried a little box behind it with a magnet and one where the front of the ship could be removed from the rest, like a little escape pod. ^_^

I loved the castles best, especially because of the horses and the wagons you could attach to them. And the wizards.

The Harry Potter sets are pretty rockin' and rollin', too. I have a couple very small sets of those. Dumbledore looks suspiciously like the old school castle-set wizards. :)

Those girly legos never really took off, eh?
Adam Hartfield · 20 years ago
My company is owned by the family/company in Denmark that started and still owns Lego.

We haven't gotten any cool toys, though.

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