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Poll: How do you usually sleep?

On the Side 35 (38%)
Back 10 (11%)
Stomach 15 (16%)
Tossing and Turning throughout the night 23 (25%)
Cuddling with Someone 7 (8%)
I don't sleep, you insensitive clod! *twitch* 1 (1%)
   Discussion: How do you usually sleep?
iPauley · 16 years, 7 months ago
The question is how do I usually sleep, so my answer is curled up on my side. Left side or right side varies.

If the question had been how do I like to sleep, the answer would have definitely have been cuddling with someone. I much prefer having someone to snuggle with at night.

-- Pauley
Kris 'engaged' Bedient Back · 16 years, 7 months ago

While I usually sleep on my side, I'd rather sleep by your side. [/mush]

iPauley Back · 16 years, 7 months ago
Awww. ;)

-- Pauley
J. Andrew World · 16 years, 7 months ago
*I* sleep with Pete Best!

A girl named Becca Back · 16 years, 7 months ago
Doesn't Ellen get jealous?
Annika · 16 years, 7 months ago
on my side. Occasionally on my stomach or back, and even then for only part of the night.
dirty life & times · 16 years, 7 months ago
i start out cuddling with someone, then i toss & turn throughout the night until finally i end up lying on my stomach.
nate... · 16 years, 7 months ago
"Cuddling with Someone"


emilie is CRANKY Back · 16 years, 7 months ago


cuddling weirds me out, anyhow. *shudder*

Andrea Krause · 16 years, 7 months ago

I toss and turn. A lot. I usually do sleep on my side, but the side changes many many times through the night. I have bad hips and if I'm on one side too long that hip starts to ache pretty badly so the tossing and turning prevents it.

Not that I'm consciously thinking of that while I sleep but I'm sure it's part of why I do it...because on the rare nights I sleep like a rock and never turn, I wake up in so much pain.

I can't sleep cuddled with someone. But I like them to be in the bed. An empty bed sucks. But when I sleep I don't like to be touched. I think part of it also is if someone's cuddling me and falls asleep I lay there and can't fall asleep because I know I need to move around and I feel like I can't do so without waking the person and then I get stressed out about it and just lay awake for a long time. Which sucks. :) So cuddling is for cuddling time, but when it's time to go to actual sleep I scooch a bit away to my turf where I can thrash all night. :) (Thank goodness for a large bed!)

100% dainty! Back · 16 years, 7 months ago

Andrea I am soo with you on the cuddling dilemma.  I am definitely the tosser and turner, which stinks b/c i would like to find a comfortable sleeping position, but i can't seem to do so.  i try side or stomach or back or even some interesting yoga postures that relax me normally (like childs pose. .  .ahhhh. . .) but they don't work. grrr. sigh 

spooning with someone only works for me if I'm dead tired and falling asleep anyway. but the process of buying my ticket to dreamland is quite a lengthy and shifty one.

stealthlori Back · 16 years, 7 months ago
ditto on the cuddling, ditto on the yoga postures, ditto on the lengthy/shifty transition from awake to asleep.

I categorically cannot fall asleep on my back, although I find that position the most relaxing in a purely physical way. WHEN I manage to relax my mind enough to go to sleep, it's usually on my side or side/stomach in a "fencer's pose", but invariably when I awake there are muscles clenched somewhere. So I'm almost never fully physically relaxed when I'm asleep, and getting mentally relaxed enough to get to sleep in the first place is an ordeal.
Rimbo · 16 years, 7 months ago
With my eyes closed.
Phoenix · 16 years, 7 months ago
Actually I'm not very choosy but I *hate* sleeping on back. Oh the pain. I don't even succeed in falling asleep properly.
Really bad if you are to sleep on back e. g. after surgery...
Brian Dinsky · 16 years, 7 months ago

i don't sleep because i get tired.  i more or less NEVER get tired to the point where I cannot function and thus drop right out.  falling asleep for me is an activity.  the only problem with that is, from what i can tell, trying to fall asleep consists of blocking everything out and just going into a trance of sorts.  obviously not a trance in the traditional sense, anyways.  i feel comfortable thinking that falling asleep is simply nothing more than hypnotizing yourself into unconsciousness. 

sadly, i only get tired to the point where i can fall asleep almost if not instantly perhaps once or twice a year or so.  not something so presise, just something particularly rare.

now that i'm at the end of this post, i can go lie in my bed and think about not thinking.  can't say for sure how much sense that actually makes. after all, i don't usually sleep from being tired.  I usually sleep to reach tomorrow ahead of schedule.

sheryls Back · 16 years, 7 months ago

i'm the exact same way. it takes me a while to settle my mind down far enough for me to go to sleep.

my boyfriend is like a lightswitch, though, he's like..conversational one minute, and the next he's totally out. *jealous*

(maybe i'm just a really boring converstaionalist ;)

Beth · 16 years, 7 months ago
Sleeping on your stomach is bad for you. Or so says my chiropractor.
Joe Navratil Back · 16 years, 7 months ago
Y'mean, the guy who gets paid lotsa money if you sleep on your back and end up in pain? ;-)
Beth Back · 16 years, 7 months ago

Well, no. I only ever saw this guy about three times two years ago, but my problem was really bad, and I could barely sleep at all. All of my appointments combined only cost about $65 (and I didn't have insurance, either), and I haven't needed to go back.

He said something about how it impedes breathing. I forget exactly. It was two years ago, after all, and I couldn't fall asleep on my stomach even if I tried.

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