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Frucon 7 date.

poll When should Frucon 7 be held?
February 14th. We need the US President's day holiday on the 16
February 21st because EFO is playing Hugh's room on the 20th!
Some other date, because I hate cold weather and I don't mind th
When Fruvous comes back off hiatus.
I could care less. There is no chance I will go.
Some other answer (blah blah blah insensitive clod)
  51 Votes - 46 Posts
   Discussion: Frucon 7 date.
A.J. · 15 years ago
Ok, here is the perennial question about the Frucon date. Assuming there IS a Frucon 7 (do you really want a frucon 7?) ;) Would it be more important to have it on the traditional Presidents day weekend (Feb 13-16) or would it be more important to have it on the following weekend because EFO is playing Hugh's room on Friday the 20th? Discuss.
A.J. · 15 years ago
Um, Josh, we need a way to know when the limit of the length of a poll option has been reached. Option 3 is supposed to read "Some other date, because I hate cold weather and I don't mind that the committee is going to ignore my opinion"
Josh Woodward · 15 years ago
Definitely FC7. :) My heart votes on the "pick a sane time of year" option, but rather than throwing my vote away on that, I picked the 14th. Because (a) I'm not a big EFO fan, (b) more people can make it, and for longer, and (c) it's sooner. :)
Talcott Back · 15 years ago
See, since I was at Bowling Green for all of my past frücon's, it never crossed my mind that there was a holiday that weekend. (For those out of the know, BGSU puts its students on display president's day, we don't get it off so the recruiters can lie to highschoolers ;-)

Another idea for the less-than EFO fans. Fordy was set to open for them last time, and he might be set to do so again...
John J. Ryan Back · 15 years ago

I agree Talcott.  I think if Mike Ford opened for EFO at Hugh's Room like he was going to last time, that may change some people's minds.

It's a tough decision for me being the big EFO fan that I am, but I actually put down the weekend of the 14th, because I'd rather have the extra day then see EFO for the 20th time.  This decision is made pre-Fordy.

John J. Ryan Back · 15 years ago
I want to alter my thought from earlier and say that either weekend will be fine.  If it turns out to be during EFO weekend, I just have to take an extra day off work.  I can alter my vacation schedule to make this possible.
stealthlori Back · 14 years, 11 months ago

Hrmmm! indeed.

*changes mind based on possibility of Fordy goodness*

good thing I read the forum before voting.    

Shelly · 15 years ago
well, what would the consensus -deem- 'a sane time of year' is the thing, then, though. i think that -that- in and of itself is one of our challenges; getting everyone to agree on a date/time.

though,of course, with the EFO show added into the equation on the 20th, i must admit i'd make more of an effort to be there.{in fact, now the chances of my being up there that weekend are HIGHLY LIKELY!!!!...enough time to save for airfare/etc...} but that's just me.........

if fordy were to open, of course, that would raise the stakes for all the frus.....if y'all want, i can sniff around the inside track as far as EFO's concerned to see if it's a possibility again?

please advise :)
John J. Ryan Back · 15 years ago
I think any inside info would be VERY helpful to us.  And did EFO know about Frucon 7 weekend?  I HIGHLY doubt it, but it is quite the coincidence....
Shelly Back · 15 years ago
they have no idea about frucon...dtaes...etc....except that they know there is one every year.

that would be like asking fruheads if they had any idea that the con would conflict with the cruise.....doesn't really affect them....
John J. Ryan Back · 15 years ago

Yeah, l didn't think they would know what weekend it was.  Spooky.

Shelly Back · 15 years ago
when 'they' get back from the veeekend, i can sniff around aboot the hugh's room thing. not an urgency requiring phoning :)
danced with Lazlo · 15 years ago
Why can't EFO be more considerate of our plans? Why can't they schedule around us?? Bastages...
Nik Chaikin · 15 years ago
ummm, where is Frucon?
Agent Scully Back · 15 years ago
goovie is married! · 15 years ago
the efo show doesn't matter much to us, but neal and i will probably be there for our first frucon no matter what weekend it is. :)
hkath Back · 15 years ago
YAY!!!! *sigh with relief that her vote has no impact on whether or not Carey is coming*
goovie is married! Back · 15 years ago
heee :)
zil Back · 15 years ago
I'm in the same boat! I don't mind what weekend it is cause I'll be going for my first reguardless. my fruconcherry will be burst. *happy dance*
Bruce Rose Back · 15 years ago

You're making it harder to answer with "It doesn't matter because I can't go... I'll be one month into the new job, snowbound in Chicago, and flat broke.  Oh, and I hate the drive (pesky Canadian speed limits) and you never know what acts Congress will pass to make border crossing more difficult." (Oh, you forgot to bring your 'USA all the way' bumper sticker?  I'm sorry, but no border crossing for you.)

A.J. Back · 15 years ago
Hey, 'twas not so long ago that that pesky speed limit was HIGHER than ours. Also... The 401... speed limit? WHAT speed limit?
John J. Ryan Back · 15 years ago
I always thought 401 WAS the speed limit! :) 
zil Back · 14 years, 11 months ago

dahh! thats no excuse! you think I wont be snow bound in MAINE then?! weakling! there is always that point in mid winter when the dress race begins. when the clean pants you just put on are so cold that you try to stand with your legs not touching any part of the inside of the cold denim. when its SO cold that its like a badge of honor to be the one who manages to get that all important 26th layer of flece on over your wool sweater. weakling I say! weak!


Mamalissa! · 15 years ago

So is that, like, a date?

hkath · 15 years ago
Where's the February 22 because I'm trying to get us a kickass um... special thing to do option? ;) Of course, EFO would be just super on their own, so maybe I should just leave it at that :D
Mamalissa! Back · 15 years ago
curiosity is piqued!
meh · 15 years ago

I voted the 14th just because it seemed to me more likely that more people would be able to make it over the longish weekend.
Actually I wouldn't mind the weekend of the EFO show at all, 'cause that would be greatish too.  -- the lacking an extra day that weekend doesn't bother me.  I'll still be laid off in Feb, so it's no matter which weekend I trek north.

*joolee* · 15 years ago


Y'know with some amazing planning and convenient circumstances, I might actually be able to come...

iPauley · 15 years ago
Pick a date soon -- with this many people I want to see "definitely"going to frucon, I better add myself to that list, QUICK, and reserve a day off from work!!! :-D

-- Pauley
nate... Back · 15 years ago
Yeah, even though I am currently unemployed, I must speak up with pauley about this.

I mean, most people don't have the luxury of just saying "can I get next week off?"

They have to ask, like, a minimum of a month in advance, and preferably three or four months.
Talcott Back · 15 years ago
keep in mind though, that compared to the last couple of years, this is the most discussion we've had thie early ;-)

I don't think last year was certian until after new years, was it?

John J. Ryan Back · 15 years ago

It looks like it will be a tough decision, as the poll is neck and neck, with the EFO option slightly ahead.

But it looks like a decision will be made fairly soon, which would be great news if it meant more people could come due to the advance notice.

bored, bored, bored.... · 15 years ago
I vote for the 21st, 'cause mid-terms are over and Erin could go!
Rachel Beck · 14 years, 11 months ago
Anybody in Iowa planning on going? I've got more than enough car space, presuming it's still running by then.
soul groove feline · 14 years, 11 months ago
doesn't make much difference on whether or not i'll be able to go, but i'd still rather the 14th...that way i can skip senior prom and feel good about doing so. :P
Sally · 14 years, 11 months ago

Senior prom in february?
Anyway, I think it should be postponed til the weekend of feb. 25th.
Cause then I can go.

Maybe there should be a rolling frucon.  people stay for as long as they can starting one date and then leave after interacting with new people when they can make it.


nate... · 14 years, 11 months ago
I'm assuming it's just not going to get planned?
Getting a little late now....
goovie is married! Back · 14 years, 11 months ago
i hope there's still time to plan it. i'd like to finally make a frucon...too bad the year i decided to make it at all costs is the year it looks like it won't happen.
Talcott Back · 14 years, 11 months ago
um...this is still early.

I don't think we even knew if VI it was going to happen before the first of this year.
danced with Lazlo Back · 14 years, 11 months ago
I'm assuming it's just not going to get planned?

Why on earth would you say such a thing?
A.J. Back · 14 years, 11 months ago
It will happen. This will be another "frucon lite" like last year. We'll get a room, and then you'll have to make your own fun. We won't get numbers to justify all the planning that a big con reqires, but that's ok. People have been liking the small con thing very much.
iPauley Back · 14 years, 11 months ago
Compared to the lack (on my part) of one last year, I'll gladly settle for a lite. :)

*gettin' eager*
-- Pauley
goovie is married! Back · 14 years, 11 months ago
that's all i want...a room and some fun people and some singing. just give us a date. :)
danced with Lazlo Back · 14 years, 11 months ago
.o0 all i want is a room somewhere... 0o.
goovie is married! Back · 14 years, 11 months ago
oOfar away from the cold night air...Oo
wait a minute, this is toronto we're talking about. :)
Sally · 14 years, 11 months ago

I vote for the 21st.
John Mayer is supposed to descend upon albany for valentines day/night at the Pepsi arena here.
We all have our loyalties ;)


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