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Poll: Have you ever broken bones?

Nope, never 37 (48%)
Yes, once or twice. 27 (35%)
Yes, several times. 5 (6%)
Yes, many times. 0 (0%)
I'm not sure. 5 (6%)
I broke someone ELSE's bones... 1 (1%)
I have no bones, clod. 2 (3%)
   Discussion: Have you ever broken bones?
Gordondon son of Ethelred · 17 years, 8 months ago
Shortly before my sixth birthday I broke my femur and patella. The femur is the longest bone in the body and the hardest to break but I somehow managed. The painful and humorous story can be found here.

I have broken my little toe too many times for me to count. I've always done it the same way, catching it on the door of my bedroom. Well once I rebroke it by jumping up in the air celebrating that the toe had healed. I have become expert at taping it up. If you do it right you can walk fine with it and it won't hurt.

Jºnªthªn Back · 17 years, 8 months ago
I thought the humerus story was when you broke your arm... ;)
John J. Ryan Back · 17 years, 8 months ago
Jºnªthªn Back · 17 years, 8 months ago
Thank you. I'll be here all week.
caroline: tired. · 17 years, 8 months ago
At the end of last year, the second to last day of school, actually, I got hit in the face with a bottle. It ended up breaking my right zygomatic bone, which is the bone right underneath my eye.

Awhile before that, 4 or 5 years maybe, I fell off my bike and did something to the growth plates in my arm... there was some debate over whether it was broken or not, I don't really count it though.
Cali · 17 years, 8 months ago
i broke my left ankle twice. my left thumb. my left middle and ring fingers (i was a softball catcher so it was bound to happen). i've pulled and sprained more than i have broken though.
Kat Kunz · 17 years, 8 months ago
...and I similarly had problems with it, because while I haven't broken bones lots of times, I broke a lot of bones once. So I went with once. but that's not really representative of what happened. :)
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 17 years, 8 months ago
Well technically you didn't break all the bones at once. It was one incident but I'm sure there were at least microseconds before the different breaks. So I'd have voted for more than one. I had the same dilemma till I decided to count the broken toes.
lawrence Back · 17 years, 8 months ago
I swear we had a poll like this once before...

and recently, too.
Kat Kunz Back · 17 years, 8 months ago
ha! I like how I answered differently both times. oh, well.
Andrea Krause Back · 17 years, 8 months ago
OOps, sorry!
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 17 years, 8 months ago
No wonder I thought I made this poll at first.
goovie is married! Back · 17 years, 8 months ago
i knew it! it was right after i broke my ankle.
Andrea Krause Back · 17 years, 8 months ago
I have truly gone senile. :)
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 17 years, 8 months ago
Right, that's what inspired it.
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 17 years, 8 months ago
Or do I have that totally wrong. I think actually I submitted it before I knew you broke your ankle and it was a coincidence.

I don't have a working memory.
goovie is married! Back · 17 years, 8 months ago
it was a very weird coincidence.
nate... · 17 years, 8 months ago
Playing volleyball once, I think I broke my left big toe.
or, well, I'm pretty sure I did, as the knuckle joint in it is now mostly fused in place.

It was for hurt.

Starfox · 17 years, 8 months ago
When I was a kid, I fractured my clavicle (collar bone) and had to have it fully broken or my shoulder would have healed funny and one should would have been narrower than the other.

A little over a year ago, I broke the fifth metacarpal in my right hand (the bone in the hand itself connecting to the pinky finger) by being really stupid and punching a stool I was standing on because I was frustrated with a light fixture that wasn't going in right.

To add insult to injury, I did for a split second have the impulse to punch the brick wall I was standing next to, but decided against it since that could hurt alot. Hahaha...DOH!
Talcott · 17 years, 8 months ago
Just over a year ago, we were taking Jayne to be neutered. We didn't have a carrier, but he was small, so I just wrapped him in a towel and carried him out (we did have a box for the ride home, when he was apt to be a bit sore).
Anyways, I get outside and to the bottom of the front steps, when I do a very cartoonish slip on the ice. I fly back, instinctually holding Jayne up, so as not squash him when I fall. Of course, that leaves me without any way to soften my fall, and I land hard on my side.
There was an Altoids tin in my coat pocket. It wound up with a huge dent in it. The wind was knocked out of me, but I was also laughing a bit. Other than some soreness, nothing seemed wrong. Life went on for a few weeks. Some mornings I had a hard time sitting up in bed, but I wasn't worried.
Then I sneezed. I doubled over, and my whole side felt warm. I was pretty much dragged to the ER at that point, where I learned that, yeah, one of my ribs was cracked. Take two (Advil, every four hours) and call me in the morning if it doesn't feel better in a week or two.

So, yeah, not the most exciting story or breakage.
But it has a cat in it, and I know we like cats around here ;-)
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 17 years, 8 months ago
We could start a "have you been neutered" poll.
Talcott Back · 17 years, 8 months ago
But do we really want to know the answer? ;-)
Geoff · 17 years, 8 months ago
I broke both my big toes. One while playing indoor soccer in gym class senior year, the other while playing some game with a tennis ball and a brick wall while drunk at midnight at some elementary school.
Mamalissa! · 17 years, 8 months ago
In elementary school I broke my left pinky playing basketball.

And a couple of years ago I fractured the head of my radius bone (thus dislocating my elbow) when I fell off a Segway Scooter. You know... the thing you can't fall off of.
dgodwin · 17 years, 8 months ago
When they hit me in middle school... Gave me a nice shiner for Xmas one year, but he was in a cast! Stupid punk...
nate... Back · 17 years, 8 months ago
damn... remind me to stay on your good side. :D
dgodwin Back · 17 years, 8 months ago
Don't worry nate... just don't ever try to punch me in the face :D
nate... Back · 17 years, 8 months ago
.... again...


Phoenix · 17 years, 8 months ago
When reading the poll on my front page I thought it would be about breaking other people's bones. Hee. :D

I have *very* strong bones and very weak ligaments. This is sort of weird. Although I tried breaking my bones repeatedly when I was a kid mostly crashing with my bike I never succeeded. Nor did my playmates with activities liek jumping down on me from a jungle gym...
Brian Dinsky · 17 years, 8 months ago
I punched a wall in 9th grade, fell in love with a crossbeam, and it broke my fingers and of course my heart.
rachel · 17 years, 2 months ago
2 weeks ago i fell down the stairs and broke my left arm in two places i had surgery to put a plate in and my arm is in plaster for six weeks other than now ive broken my big toe kicking a brick wall (dont ask me why)

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