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Poll: What did you do New Year's Eve?

Stayed home alone or with family 22 (47%)
Went to a party 15 (32%)
Went to a concert 2 (4%)
Went out someplace else 5 (11%)
Gave a party or invited people over 1 (2%)
Took a ride on the TARDIS 1 (2%)
Snogged Pete Best 1 (2%)
   Discussion: What did you do New Year's Eve
goovie is married! Back · 16 years ago
went to a party with good food and drink and company. also, bingo with kickass prizes. and guitar hero. and christmas crackers. and mst3k.
Paul Back · 16 years ago
made eggplant rolatini-ate some sort of vegetarian pot pie with something called seitan in it. Drank lots of beer, wine and champagne and played scrabble and checkers
Geoff Back · 16 years ago
I played Dungeons and Dragons for three hours! But then I was slain by an elf.
J. Andrew World · 16 years ago
Where is the box for made wire bracelets and watched VH1?
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 16 years ago
if you did them at home, the first box.
J. Andrew World Back · 16 years ago
But Pete Best was so shiny.....
Agent Scully · 16 years ago
Where is the "I had to work because it's a normal work day" option?
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 16 years ago
Sadly forgotten as I'm an insensitive clod. My apologies fair lady.
Agent Scully Back · 16 years ago
You are forgiven. :)

I cannot believe the amount of people who did call for tech support at 2 minutes to midnight (east coast time). Yeesh!
*joolee* · 16 years ago
Stayed home but it was a party, so yeah!

Played games, watched 'Veronica Mars', and ate tons of foods. w00t^2
John J. Ryan · 16 years ago
Went to spend it with family in South Carolina for 2004, spent it with my lady in Niagara Falls for 2005, so we took this year off. She was feeling sick and we had just gotten our dog fixed, so we took it off. We'll do something for 2007 for our first New Year's as a married couple!
nate... · 16 years ago
well, "went out someplace else" was the most appropriate.

went out with friends for an amazing dinner... then came back to town and went to many bars with even more friends.... rung in the new year by the ball completely failing to work correctly... heh... and then wandered some more before coming home.
I now have people on both my couch and my futon... still asleep.

Oh, and I got lots of (I hope) awesome pictures. :)

caroline: tired. · 16 years ago
small (about 7 of us) but fun party at a friend's house.

music, movies, snacks, video games, etc. lots and lots of fun. :)
Real-Accordion! · 16 years ago
Chinese food and irc for the win.
Bender Back · 16 years ago
Wow, people still use IRC?

I miss it fiercely, sometimes. Then I remember that World of Warcraft is IRC plus stabbing things and I smile.
ChrisChin is Getting Old · 16 years ago
Went down to the DC area to have a balloon animal made for me, see We're About 9 do two sets, and rang in the New Year twice (synchronize your watches properly people) while listening to and catching glimpses of The Kennedys.
Annika · 16 years ago
I went to the EMP and had an awesome time at Year of the dog new year's eve bash. If they have this again next year I'll be there.
nate... Back · 16 years ago
You went to an electromagnetic pulse? Didn't that mess with your cellphone bigtime?

Andrea Krause Back · 16 years ago

I assume she means the Experience Music Project. Which rocks. :)

Annika Back · 16 years ago
I do, and it does!
nate... Back · 16 years ago
Have to check it otu when I get home.
Annika Back · 16 years ago
*kicks Nate in the head*   for the chance that you knew what I was talking about.
nate... Back · 16 years ago
Mamalissa! · 16 years ago
Yummy Greek food and then a party, where we hung out and watched the Monty Python marathon on BBC America while drinking champagne. That's what I call a Happy New Year!
angelmusicmaven · 16 years ago
Fountains of Wayne at Navy Pier. They opened the set with "Radiation Vibe." Too cool.
nate... Back · 16 years ago
You did FoW for new years eve? Is chris actually as good in bed as they say?

angelmusicmaven Back · 16 years ago
hahah, gross. I should have clarified that I simply attended a concert and was not part of the after-show!   
nate... Back · 16 years ago

I'm jealous...
angelmusicmaven Back · 16 years ago

Jealous that I DIDN'T "touch the Schlesinger"???   

nate... Back · 16 years ago
no, just jealous of the show!
wish they'd play northampton..... *pout*
angelmusicmaven Back · 16 years ago
Yeah, they've played Chicago a LOT!  Mostly the outdoor summer festivals and such.  It was a nice change seeing them indoors where there was a passable acoustics/sound system in place.
Bender Back · 16 years ago
Did they play Red Dragon Tattoo? That's one of my favorite songs of all time :)
angelmusicmaven Back · 16 years ago

They sure did!!!!

They also played  a cool cover: ELO's "Can't Get It Out of My Head."  Very cool.

jen · 16 years ago
no one went to see great big sea and spirit of the west in niagara falls? i did! 'twas fun times!
Agent Scully Back · 16 years ago
I didn't know they were playing!!!   
Paul the KOA · 15 years, 11 months ago
I slept thru most of the night on account of bronchitis.

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