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Poll: Have you crashed with a Fruhead in a different city in the last year?

Yes 14 (21%)
No 54 (79%)
   Discussion: Have you crashed with a Fruhead in a different city in the last year?
goovie is married! · 14 years ago
but frff kids of the nields/wa9 persuasion, just last week.
Geoff · 14 years ago
About 2 years ago, crashed on Chris' floor to see Girlyman.
Michael (foof) Maki Back · 14 years ago
Gah. Has it been two years already?
sheryls · 14 years ago
about 2.5 years ago i crashed @ Donna's, but that was the last time :)
Andrea Krause · 14 years ago
Used to often...haven't in a long time. Stopped travelling anywhere. Sometimes Chris crashes with us though.
siobhan's a londoner · 14 years ago
not lately but have crashed at 5(?) Fruheads houses all in one month, each one was in not only a city I've never lived in but a country I've never lived in...that was so long ago now..
Josh Woodward Back · 14 years ago
Too long ago in my book. ;-)
goovie is married! Back · 14 years ago
word. come back, british girls!
Phoenix · 14 years ago
With Chris (multiple times), Rebecca and LORi !
Gordondon son of Ethelred · 14 years ago
I crashed with Lawrence last summer and there was a good chance I crashed with LORi.
Bender · 14 years ago
I'm permanently crashing with another Fruhead. Does that count? ;)
trunger is counting... · 14 years ago
..but perhaps this year since me and Bill are gonna do a brief sojourn in New York City after Faclon Ridge...
ChrisChin is Getting Old Back · 14 years ago
well, if you and Bill need a place to stay, I'm sure we'll be able to accomodate.
*joolee* · 14 years ago
I'm such a fruSlut!!
ChrisChin is Getting Old · 14 years ago
In the past year, I crashed at the home of Carey and Neal, JooLee (3 times), and Andrea and herPaul (twice!).

I also live with 2 Fruheads and have hosted a bunch at my home.

goovie is married! Back · 14 years ago
and you're coming back, too! eee!
Songbill · 14 years ago
Once in the past year, and a few other times in years previous.
Andrea Krause Back · 14 years ago
Come crash here!!

Um...permanently! :)
Gordondon son of Ethelred · 14 years ago
Here are all the fruheads that I've crashed with.

Certified Fruheads:
  1. Shelly
  2. Carey sans Neal
  3. LORi
  4. Lawrence
  5. Carey and Neal
  6. Heather

Uncertified Fruheads:
  1. Keli
  2. Jena

Not a very long list. Am I forgetting any of you?
sheryls Back · 14 years ago

is that like, ever? nnngh, that would seriously strain my brain. i dont think i've crashed at too many people's houses, but i've shared a great deal of hotel rooms, usually with 4+ others.

The pads i can remember crashing at are:
-Chad Maloney (he's crashed with me and i with him, although i think only took a nap at his place)
-FruCasa (Cee, Vika, etc)
-Hill Haus (mcee/hkath/mikewood)
-Someone in upstate new york. who was that? It was after the Tralf...

dirty life & times · 14 years ago
i crashed at norg's at least once in the past year. maybe twice?
Rimbo · 14 years ago
No one's ever crashed at my house, and I've never crashed anywhere else. Heck, I've never met anyone in person, except, I think, Sheryl at a show back in . . . '98.

And I have no interest in meeting any of you. :) Unless you want to come over for cheesecake.
sheryls Back · 14 years ago
bzuh? which show? :D were you wearing a hockey jersey?

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