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Poll: What's your favorite way to travel?

By plane! Flyin the friendly skies. 19 (20%)
By car! Yay roadtrip! 45 (47%)
By train, yay nostalgia. 11 (11%)
By bus.. I... like to be.. uncomfortable. 0 (0%)
By boat. I love the ocean. 4 (4%)
By foot. Screw mechanical things. 9 (9%)
By bike. I have strong legs. 2 (2%)
Other? 6 (6%)
   Discussion: What's your favorite way to travel?
Misch · 17 years, 7 months ago
F1rs7 p057!

Anyway, we need Norg or someone to post the lyrics to "Me Like Roadtrip", a parody of The Arrogant Worms "Me Like Hockey" ;-)
John J. Ryan Back · 17 years, 7 months ago

Funny how I was listening to Live Bait while sitting at the US/Canada border for 2 hours on my way back from Montreal.

I drove up with the bass in my quartet, who is older than my father, and he is now hooked on the Worms! (No pun intended).

George E. Nowik Back · 17 years, 7 months ago

this CNN.

 -= george =-

Andrea Krause · 17 years, 7 months ago
I almost went for flying. I like the adventure of it all. But road trips rock, as long as I'm not driving.
Zach Back · 17 years, 7 months ago
It was, indeed, a tough decision. Road trips do rock, but only when you have good travel companions. If not, airplanes are the way to go. Of course, if it's over a short distance, walking or bike-riding will do nicely. I went for road tripping.
ellen, formerly evil Back · 17 years, 7 months ago
I went with driving too, but I say you don't need the companions. I am more than happy to travel and drive alone, and I spent 8 days doing just that when I trekked over to this coast.

Of course, an audiobook that's 19 hours long helps too. :)
Arbie Back · 17 years, 7 months ago

I found it tough too. I don't find it to be a matter of companions either. Basicly all traveling involves some driving. Even if you just have to rent a car and drive to the hotel.

Flying is just fun for me. I don't do it enough for the lack of legroom and being trapped in a confined space with a random assortment of kids and rednecks and other socially maladjusted people to detract from being way up there above the clouds. It's also a matter of distance. Most of my travel is within distances that are not practical by plane. Out west here, we don't have the population to make cheap flight corridors possible. For instance, YVR to SEA roundtrip will set you back nearly $200Cdn. For what? A three hour drive each way? $50 in gas, maybe? But I do like driving. I have currently logged well over a milliom kms. at the wheel. The only time I find it stressful is when I have a deadline and I am trying to navigate unfamiliar places and the road signs suck. I also am a nervous passenger, so I tend to do most of the driving. Which means I don't see as much of the scenery.

Robin wants me to say that my favourite way to travel is naked. Which is funny but not really true, sorry for the nasty visuals that caused for those who know me :-)

Michael (foof) Maki · 17 years, 7 months ago
It's about as comfortable as being on the bus, but at least it's a damn sight quicker.
ChrisChin is Getting Old · 17 years, 7 months ago

While flying is the quickest way to travel most of the times, and you have a more flexible schedule with road tripping, I still love traveling by train the most...something serene and majestic about sitting in a window seat, watching the scenery pass by.  It's so nice.

Granted, if you're sitting next to someone who spills a 48 ounce Pepsi on your side of the seat that majesty and beauty of train travel quickly goes away, but I like the fact that I can get up and roam around, something you really can't do on a  bus or a plane.  

Plus, it's the only form of transportation where I can read and not get motion sickness.  So I say "Yay" to the rails!

renita · 17 years, 7 months ago
.oO That motorcycle will take your lifeOo.

mmm.... motorcycles, motorad...


.oO Cause nuthin' matters at 90 miles an hour, nuthin' matters at all Oo.

(and just for Gordon)

1952 Vincent Black Lightening ;D

The only problem is that it's harder to talk to your travel mates and it's harder to listen to music... you can do it, but I don't feel comfortable with it--you need to be that much more aware of the traffic around you when on a bike.
renita Back · 17 years, 7 months ago
Am I really the only motorcycle lover on fhdc?
Andrea Krause Back · 17 years, 7 months ago
I dunno, but I LOVE your new icon. :)
renita Back · 17 years, 7 months ago
jaci made it just for me *grin*

I luvs it.
nitsita Back · 17 years, 7 months ago


I *just* saw metropolis over the weekend in montreal.... yummy.

renita Back · 17 years, 7 months ago
that is a reason for bitterness.

mean daddy.

(even though your father, in all other respects, totally rocks)
ShrinkMan Back · 17 years, 7 months ago
Nope! I had a Yamaha FJ1100 ( my senior year in college (15 freakin' years ago!!) and I *Loved* it! That was in L.A. though, and as much as I enjoyed splitting the lane during freeway gridlock (Please don't protest, it was legal, at least back then), I couldn't afford the $895.00 per month insurance payments for very long....
Hopefully I will get a chance to own another bike someday, Damn I miss it!!!

P.S. I dug up my only picture of my 1100 parked outside my dorm and put it in my profile!
renita Back · 17 years, 7 months ago
yay Paul!!!

ps. splitting the lane is still legal in Cali.
ShrinkMan Back · 17 years, 7 months ago
MMMmmmmm... moving in traffic when everyone else is incapable of doing so... almost as good as sex (for an Angelino, that is!)...

...Or was that merely the result of having a rocket between my legs?!?!?!

A girl named Becca · 17 years, 7 months ago

This was tough for me.  I thought about plane or car...but lately I've been getting motion sickness a lot more than I used to, so I tend to not enjoy those trips so much.  So I voted for foot travel, because I do like walking as long as I'm going somewhere in easy walking distance.  Which means it's a good thing I'm spending my summer in Middlebury, where the whole town is within walking distance.  :)

Actually, come to think of it, I do enjoy subways for the most part...does that go under train?

renita Back · 17 years, 7 months ago
a lot of motion sickness is caused by your inner ear tellign your brain that your body is moving, and your eyes telling it that you're stationary.

so one way to help counteract it, is to purposefully look out of the window at moving stuff.

that's why the front seat tends to be better, and reading is a nono.
A girl named Becca Back · 17 years, 7 months ago
Yeah, I know all the tricks, and I definitely learned years ago that reading just wasn't gonna happen while I was moving.  When I was little I got carsick a lot, and until I was about 8 I couldn't make it through a plane landing without needing one of those vomit bags.  As I got older I got better...but now travel has been sucking again.  *Sigh.
Andrea Krause · 17 years, 7 months ago
...Sheryl's Dad?
nate... Back · 17 years, 7 months ago
lawrence · 17 years, 7 months ago
train travel is great, but there really needs to be more coverage to make it useful off the east coast. then again, I suppose part of the problem is that so many people in the U.S. view train travel as old fashioned or "nostalgic" that it's doomed to failure, along with other good ideas like dollar coins and two dollar bills.
Annika Back · 17 years, 7 months ago
The two dollar bill was a good idea?
nate... Back · 17 years, 7 months ago
*I* think it was.

But then again, I also would love to have more coins instead of paper money... and prefer the metric system... so I'm obviously a bad american.

Annika Back · 17 years, 7 months ago

The met..ric.. system?  Is that like a baseball play?  (do they have plays in baseball, or am I getting that confused with another sport?)

nate... Back · 17 years, 7 months ago
I hear that if you're in baseball, you get a lot of play, actually. :)
Annika Back · 17 years, 7 months ago
So I was right?
nate... Back · 17 years, 7 months ago
Well, they ARE old fashioned and nostalgic.

They're just not practical anymore. Very few lines going where you want to go... very expensive... etc.

I mean, I agree, I like trains.... but they're more of a "novelty" form of travel than a practical one.
ellen, formerly evil Back · 17 years, 7 months ago
they're practical for very particular areas: namely, getting into New York City from anywhere within an hour's train ride away.
John J. Ryan Back · 17 years, 7 months ago
Taking the train to NYC is a MUST if you want to get in the quickly, most efficient way.  The New York City Metro area has the best train transit system in the country, and people make VERY good use of it.  I take it every day to work.
nate... Back · 17 years, 7 months ago
Ahh.. yes.
I should have specified that I did NOT mean to include boston/nyc in my statements.

nate... Back · 17 years, 7 months ago
Amtrak - Northampton, MA to Burlington, VT

1-way bus ticket to springfield, ma - $12
1-way train ticket from ma to VT - $51

Total = $63

Greyhound - Northampton, MA to Burlington, VT

1-way ticket - $45.

So, $18 more, and significantly more travel time and hassle.
nate... Back · 17 years, 7 months ago
Oh yeah, that was just the first trip that came to mind, so I brought up the sites and checked.

Just because I've never seen train be cheaper doesn't mean it never is.
I'm just speaking from my own limited experience.
nate... Back · 17 years, 7 months ago
I should add, though, that I did once date a girl whose dad worked for amtrak... so she could ride for free on ANY train, anywhere.

They have what's called an "Amtrak FlashPass".

Pretty cool. :D
dirty life & times Back · 17 years, 7 months ago
yeah... israeli soldiers in uniform get to ride all buses for free (um, in israel). & there's hardly anywhere you can't get to by bus. & if you're riding on a bus with mostly soldiers, etiquitte dictates that you put your knees up on the seat in front of you.

......good times. i had a six-hour commute to my base every week, & since i get motion sickness, i had nothing to do but listen to my discman & stare at the desert. so pretty.

i realize buses are not the same beast in north america, that's why i didn't end up choosing them. but if it was spend six hours on a bus versus spend six hours on a plane, i'd go with bus. the windows are a lot bigger, you can breathe real air most of the time, & every few hours you get to get out & walk around.
ChrisChin is Getting Old Back · 17 years, 7 months ago
Trains tend to be more expensive than buses in general.  Case in Point: OW from NYC to Boston  on Amtrak: $64.00  on Greyhound $25.00.  Heck, flying sometimes is comparable in price to train travel.  And I do agree with Nate that there is limited service.  I had to travel via bus to Ithaca all the time, as there was no passenger train going up there.   Alas, given an option of taking a train or bus, I would far prefer a train, though I would definitely have to weigh the cost-benefit before doing so.
nate... Back · 17 years, 7 months ago
Yeah, it really comes down to where you're travelling.

The bottom line is, unless I was going into NYC, I wouldn't hop on Amtrak. And, well, I try to avoid NYC if I can. :)

When I go to boston, I usually just park in Somerville at a friend's house and take the T from there.
Outside of big cities, trains are essentially useless these days.
Rachel Beck · 17 years, 7 months ago
I went Amtrak from Buffalo to Ann Arbor and got an upgrade to a sleeper car. Oooo. Even as nervous as I was about grad school interviews, I was out like a light. It was the best I slept that entire year, I think.

On the other hand, if you have to sit up on the train and you're my height (read: short), the headrest is useless. The Greyhound headrest is lower, in exactly the right place for me, and I don't really need the extra leg room, so if we're talking about a three-hour drive through boring territory, I'd prefer to go Greyhound and get some sleep.
Will work for anime · 17 years, 7 months ago

just depends on where i'm going.....;-)

J · 17 years, 7 months ago
I hate even taking the subway let alone a train or bus. boats make me sick and planes are just boring unless you get a clear day and a "window" seat. they have no business calling it a window though.
no one Back · 17 years, 7 months ago
Mhh, so a slow boat to china is out of the question? Looks like you're limited to going by car or on horseback.
Erica: movin' to Ohio!! · 17 years, 7 months ago
by horse,damn ye!!! THE BRITISH ARE COMING!!!!!
emilie is CRANKY Back · 17 years, 7 months ago
that'd be right. heheheheheheheheheh. (i kill me.)
ShrinkMan Back · 17 years, 7 months ago
(Heh) I used to teach Horseback riding to high school age kids, including some basic rodeo skills (barrel racing, roping - well, only a stationary target, and some basic trick riding), and high altitude mountain riding (through peaks over a mile and a half above sea-level). What I miss most, however, was wrangling the horses from one location to another, including searching the mountain during monsoon season looking for escaped horses (Damn high-schoolers always getting into places they didn't belong!)

I could easily imagine myself happy living in a time when horses were the only mode of getting around! 8^)
emilie is CRANKY · 17 years, 7 months ago
well. you just gotta love the french high-speed double-decker TGVs. they are don. but you can't beat a road trip through europe on a double-decker coach with all your mates. (two weeks to go! woohoo! *bounce*)
dirty life & times · 17 years, 7 months ago
'there are many ways to travel,' said his majesty the king. & he travelled quite a lot.

*end obscure probably botched children's book reference*
Sarah · 17 years, 7 months ago
Probably the most fun I ever had traveling was going to a small island in Belize in a small motorboat. Took us an hour or so to get there but it was so much fun.
ShrinkMan · 17 years, 7 months ago
When it came to picking transportation *actually listed* in this pole, my first impulse was to choose train-travel... I used to take trains in the late 60's and early 70's to visit family in and around the southwest. Man, I have never slept better than on a trian... and even then I could imagine traveling on trains as an adult with a partner and a private suite... h'mmm even then I had already learned the hitchcockian relationship between trains and tunnels - oh, and that wonderfully intoxicating rhythm...*sigh*...

And back then, most of the terrain from California to Texas and/or points due north were still undeveloped... the west still looked wild! My favorite trian ride, however, was a day trip on a narrow gauge railroad train deep into the peaks and canyons of Alaska! Breathtaking!

Without the luxury of a private train car, however, I had to pick 'boat', small (sail) boats for the adventure and challenge, but Ships (cruise) are my favorite. As much as I love the ocean and it's salty air and rhythmic motion, the single most reason I have for picking Cruise Ships is that I believe that there is no Luxury richer than living your life, and living it well, while in transit from one point to another.

No being crammed in a car, bus, or airplane cabin, trying to occupy yourself without pissing off the person who is nearly sitting in your lap, trying to hold your bladder until someone else finishes or the annoying little lights say it is okay, having to switch flights, buses, or guess with anxiety whether you will make the next fuelling station, and surviving on peanuts, stale cookies, or one sort of artificial fruitlike substance or another.

I'm for the being able to retire to your private climate-controlled room and/or bed whenever you please, seeing a film in an actual theater, shooting trap or skeet to pass a beautiful afternoon, reading in a cozy chaise with a fresh hot espresso or latté either in an equally cozy nook with a gorgeous ocean view, or in the fresh air of a deck lounger, all you can eat gormet dining available in one form or another like 9 times a day, or just leaning on a rail, face into the breeze, marvelling at the wonders of the ocean (I once watched several breeds of dolphin swim alongside the prow of a ship I was on for several hours)...! All while on your way to some place you really wanted to visit anyway, no matter how you got there. Why take an uncomfortable flight to the caribbean and island hop by air when you can unpack once, live like a king when you are not actually on the islands, yet still be able to enjoy everything the Islands have to offer!

I need a vacation! 8^)

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