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Poll: Why didn't Fountains of Wayne win "best new artist"?

Because they suck 11 (13%)
Because they aren't a "new" artist 27 (32%)
Because Evanescence is *that* cool 8 (10%)
Because God owes Evanescence a favor 2 (2%)
Because Grammy judges are a bunch of gobshites 36 (43%)
   Discussion: Why didn't Fountains of Wayne win "best new artist"?
Rachel Marie aka RAI · 17 years ago
How about, "Evanescence is just more likely to be voted in because they get more radio play and the Grammys is just a giant popularity contest?"
Deacon Nailbat Back · 17 years ago

I don't even think it's a popularity contest.  You just have to win the approval of recording executive low-lifes.  I'm not exactly sure what *really* determines the winner, but I'm sure politics plays a role in it somewhere.

Personally, I would rather win NC State Fair's Banjo Picker of the Year award than 10 Grammys

John J. Ryan Back · 17 years ago

Don't you know the Grammy rules?

Rule #1:  If you're dead, you win.

Rule #1a:  If you're close to dead, you win.  (i.e. Luther Vandross)

Rule #2:  If you just performed on the awards show, and they present an award that you are nominated in, you win.

Rule #3:  The general rule:  The least controversial act usually wins.

dirty life & times Back · 17 years ago
why didn't warren zevon get it then? :(
Bruce Rose Back · 17 years ago
He's not a new artist either. :-)
dirty life & times Back · 17 years ago
newly DEAD artist :P
Bruce Rose Back · 17 years ago

That should be its own category.

....and the award for best newly dead artist goes to...

roB! "Rob" Johnson Back · 17 years ago
Actually, Warren Zevon won two Grammys.

Newly dead, yes, but not a new artist, and as a result, he wasn't nominated in that category.
angelmusicmaven · 17 years ago
Why did "Stacy's Mom" lose to that No Doubt song for the song one? And WHY THE HELL DID JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE WIN OVER BOTH WARREN ZEVON AND GEORGE HARRISON?

Totally disgusting.
Deacon Nailbat · 17 years ago
You don't have to be a "new" artist, just have a breakthrough album.

So if you've been together for a million years and just now make it on the scene, you can get nominated

I think Green Day fell into that category once upon a time for Dookie, though I wouldn't stake my life on it. I just think I remember kids at my school pissed about people calling them "new" :)
Josh Woodward Back · 17 years ago
Then why do they call it best new artist, and not best breakthrough artist? Calling them a "new" artist implies that an artist isn't a real artist until they've been accepted by The Man.
Deacon Nailbat Back · 17 years ago

Isn't that obvious?  We're talking about the RIAA :)

I'm more interested in what makes them Best

Phoenix Back · 17 years ago
Argh. Not for the first time. That's how the system works. It's all about commercial success and product placement and not about who's the best artist at that time.

When Shelby Lynne got her well-deserved Grammy some years back   - she got it for Best New Artist as well after  I don't know how many CDs... So there...
Deacon Nailbat Back · 17 years ago

I don't understand the "so there" of that, but yeah, the point is you don't have to be a "new" artist.

Nathan Back · 17 years ago
Indeed, they're NOT new artists, and I bitched about that back when I first heard about the nominations. That's obviously not why they didn't win, though.

I think they just felt sorry for Evanescence because she fell out of that building.
bored, bored, bored.... · 17 years ago
Was it just me, or was that the most boring Grammy telecast *ever*?? And enough with the Justin Timberlake. That thing with Arturo Sandoval? I kept waiting for the song to start. "Great intro - where's the song?"

Everyone seemed way too cautious. Can't upset the network. Personally, I think everyone should have shown a boob and be done with it.
nate... Back · 17 years ago
Gee... the grammy telecast boring?!

My god.. that's almost as shocking as the Oscars being boring as hell!!!!


bored, bored, bored.... Back · 17 years ago
heh...good point.  I meant "More boring than usual" ;-)
100% dainty! · 17 years ago
not that this is a breakthrough, but I've come to the conclusion that the Grammys are almost entirely about money and not talent. While there are talented artists that win, it seems mostly judged on who sold the most records.
John J. Ryan · 17 years ago
If they DID win Best New Artist, they'd fall under the curse of Best new Artist and fall off the face of the earth.  Milli Vanilli anyone?
Nathan Back · 17 years ago
Because then they'd find out that Fountains of Wayne lip-sync all their songs?
Bruce Rose Back · 17 years ago

I maintain that Milli Vanilli were actually good.  All four of them.  Just because they had two models appear in their videos doesn't change the music.

Of course, I say good in the 1988 sense of the word.

Deacon Nailbat Back · 17 years ago

Interesting point.  I think it was more that people felt decieved by them.

People also griped about the lip-synching - Most all of the pop artists did that at the time, and may still.  I had the pleasure of catching a recorded bit of a NKOTB concert where one of them picks up a guitar and holds it while guitar sounds are played.  Classy!  But it's camp, and just pop music so who really cares. 

It's not uncommon at all for pop musicians not to write their own material, so really, that's just putting a new face on someone else's song.  After all the synth work is finished, you could argue the person isn't singing the song in the first place.

But I do agree with you completely.  If the music is appealing, enjoy and quit bellyaching :)

*proud owner of Milli Vanilli tape*

Bruce Rose Back · 17 years ago

That was a video.  I don't remember which song.  But I remember that vividly enough.

I remember an American Bandstand featuring John Cougar Mellencamp.  Apparently, they were in on the joke.  The bass player had an upright slung over his neck on a rope, and kept falling across the stage.  The guitar was an acoustic with no strings.  John's mic wasn't plugged in.  The drummer was on an upright kit.  But it sounded JUST LIKE the record... it was weird.

Ironically, Dick Clark didn't realize that he was the butt of the joke.  In his interview segment, he asked John if they toured with those instruments. ;-)

zil · 17 years ago
because its all about tits and ass or sickness and pitty or tits and ass and sickness and pitty. about money and sucking someones dick. about sex. eyecandy. its not about dull looking white guys who finaly had a number one hit. imo.
George E. Nowik · 17 years ago
where's the "what are the fountains of wayne and what liquid do they spray forth" option?

-= george =-
nate... Back · 17 years ago
awww george! you've never heard FoW?

Dear god, man!

They are pop perfection.
George E. Nowik Back · 17 years ago

they must be going on hiatus soon.


 -= george =-

goovie is married! Back · 17 years ago
fow definitely rock. i spent most of the afternoon listening to "valley winter song" over and over.
Talcott Back · 17 years ago
ya know, that's quickly becoming one of my favorite songs ever.
nate... Back · 17 years ago

Besides...any song that talks about my favorite music spot (the baystate) is cool in my book.

God I miss that place.
Bel revisited · 17 years ago
Honestly, if I have to hear Stacie's friggin Mom one more time i'm gonna snap. that song is terribly annoying.
nate... Back · 17 years ago

Well, ya know.... if someone had told me a few years back that I'd ever hear someone say that about a little local band, I'd have told them they were on crack.

So, more power to 'em.

Besides.... if I hear someone bitch about hearing a song too many times one more time, I'm going to snap and kill them.
Like, hi? stop listening to it?
zil Back · 17 years ago

dude. brutal.


Bel revisited Back · 17 years ago
It's hard to just "stop listening" to a song when it keeps getting played in the place you are and the fans are militant and won't turn it off. And you want to stay for the ping-pong.
nate... Back · 17 years ago

Cry me a fuckin river. ... then change the damned station. ;)

Bruce Rose · 17 years ago
If I remember right, the Trib said that FoW should win, but the award would go to 50 Cent, because it's all about sales.
goovie is married! Back · 17 years ago
they sure did, on sunday. i was glad to see them praising fow, tho.

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