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Poll: Guinness?

Yes! 47 (45%)
No! 29 (28%)
What do world records have to do with anything? 14 (13%)
Something Else. 14 (13%)
   Discussion: Guinness?
Josh Woodward · 17 years ago
Guinness the beer is wonderful. Guinness the company is awful. But I'll save my rant for another time.

I will mention, however, that the best Irish stout is not Guinness, but instead Murphy's.
Bruce Rose Back · 17 years ago

I actually prefer Guinness, but I'll admit that Murphy's is pretty good.

The best stout I've had was Watney's Cream Stout, but I believe that's British, not Irish.  I'd offer to double check, but I haven't been able to find it in about seven years.

Bruce Rose Back · 17 years ago

I found myself googling Watney's... curse this poll.

Watney's is British, but still a fantastic stout.  And it hasn't been available in the US for about seven years (which explains why I couldn't find it.)

Adam Hartfield · 17 years ago
I like Guinness, but the best stout beer I've had is from a brewery in Bar Harbor, Maine. Ye gods was it good.
Bruce Rose Back · 17 years ago
Rock Bottom Brewery in Chicago has an excellent stout as well.  They even use it in their desserts.
lawrence · 17 years ago
I'd rather drink something that isn't bitter.
A girl named Becca Back · 17 years ago
goovie is married! Back · 17 years ago

hate beer. hate guinness. this makes me a family outcast. i don't care. :P
Phoenix Back · 17 years ago

Welcome to the club.
By and large the same here. No beer - and that can lead to expatriation where I live:)

soul groove feline Back · 17 years ago
*joins the club*

beer is teh nasty. it tastes like... moldy tree bark. then again, i've yet to taste a form of alcohol that i actually like.
Zach Back · 17 years ago
I think beer tastes like citric acid mixed with piss and water.

[edit for addition]: Have you ever tried Amaretto? That stuff is teh r0x0rz.
ChrisChin is Getting Old Back · 17 years ago
mmmm...give me an Amaretto Sour any day (especially ones that have a slice of lime and/or a cherry. Yum.
Bruce Rose Back · 17 years ago

You probably would like Murphy's then.  More chocolate overtones.  Most of the bitterness is gone.

Josh Woodward Back · 17 years ago
I think he was knocking beer in general, but yeah, Murphy's is just smoother. But not in a wimpy way, like Beamish, it's just more flavorful than Guinness.
Bruce Rose Back · 17 years ago
I suspected.  I was focusing on the 'bitter' part.  My first response was, "So... how do you like your coffee?"   I figured I could just look it up in the old poll.
ChrisChin is Getting Old · 17 years ago
I like Guinness, but usually only when it's in a Black & Tan, preferably with Bass Ale. I love that little interphase when the Guinness and the Bass are ever so slightly mixed...quite yummy.
Paul Back · 17 years ago
Yuengling from Pennsylvania makes a good black and tan and their amber is pretty good too, Saranac Brewery also makes a good black and tan. Never tried Guiness mixed with anything but sounds like it would be great mixed with bass ale.
Bruce Rose Back · 17 years ago
The Irish pub in Bloomington makes a Snakebite that's pretty good.  It's essentially a Black & Tan, only using hard cider (in their case, Woodpecker).  Good stuff, but a bit sweet.  It would probably be better with Strongbow, but you take what you're dealt.
ChrisChin is Getting Old Back · 17 years ago
mmm..Snakebite. though Woodpecker is a bit too sweet and weak for my tastes. I wonder if Hornsby's would be good in a Snakebite.
Will work for anime Back · 17 years ago

I prefer a sweet cider. Woodpecker is alright (as is Woodchuck, which is the only cider they serve at my local pub) fav is Cider Jack...esp the rasberry one. 

As far as stout is concerned...i'm with Josh. Guiness is good, but why the hell do we need a Great Guiness Toast (aside from the fact that they give away free Guiness Glasses....i'm working on a set right now ;-).  I've never tried Murphy' our fav pub (Jeremiah's Tavern for anyone in Rochester) they have a home brew called Frog Grog which is a bit smoother and sweeter then Guiness..very yummy.  Also I like Young's Double Chocolate Stout - i think it's actually brewed by Cadbury's..or affiliated with them somehow - anyway, chocolate beer may sound nasty but it's really good,

I can see the bunny Back · 17 years ago
Heh, thanks for the Black & Tan mention Chris. I'm going to be earwormed for a week with the entire Pig & Whistle soundtrack now...
Gordondon son of Ethelred · 17 years ago
I only drink dark beer. I love Irish culture. Therefore I love Guiness right? Nope, it's swill. I do love their book of records and I got a great t-shirt from them on St Patrick's day a few years ago.
odoitau · 17 years ago
But most-- sorry, scratch that-- ALL beer that is mass-produced by some factory (Labatt, Miller, Molson, Anheuser-Busch) is all piss. But at least the Canadian beer has more alcohol than that American love-in-a-canoe stuff.

I've tried Guinness; yet to try Murphy's. I will say that the former was quite good (and that says a lot; I'm not a beer person), and I look forward to trying the latter.

To anyone who hasn't tried a good stout: you don't know what you're missing.

To anyone who hasn't sampled their local micro-brew: you don't know what you're missing either.
Josh Woodward Back · 17 years ago
Almost all beers, including Guinness, are mass-produced in a factory. The thing that makes the ones that you mention so bad is sugar. It's cheaper to beef up beer with sugar, as opposed to using 100% malt like all good beers use. It also kill the flavor. It's hard to have a 100% malt beer taste bad, and it's not *that* much more expensive to make.

I should mention that the best beer is made on a smaller level than micro-brews. Homebrew is the way to go. :)
Andrea Krause Back · 17 years ago

Is this the same malt as in malted milk balls and malt shakes? Because that is one of my least favorite tastes ever. It makes me want to retch. So I wonder what that would say about my beer spectrum. Like, if I actually drank.

dirty life & times · 17 years ago
i said yes, because i really like guinness & i hate beer. but these days i really don't drink, so maybe it's gone bad & i'd never know about it.
zil · 17 years ago
I've never had guinness. we're more a whiskey people, although our clan whiskey is bastardized shite. my home away from home in standish is always stocked with bech family beer. the grandad of the fam makes it and durring his christmas parties I station myself at the spiget he has rigged att he kitchen sink. beeeer.
iPauley · 17 years ago
I likes stuff like Mikes Hard Lemonade or Smirnoff Ice, myself. With the occasional Woodchuck Hard Cider snuck in. :)

-- Pauley
zil Back · 17 years ago

are you a woman?

;-) thats like... the winecoolers of beerdom.

zil Back · 17 years ago
addmitedly, that was horrible of me.
iPauley Back · 17 years ago
nope. :)

me just no likey beer.

at least, not the crappy ones I've tasted. Maybe there are better ones. I'm open to tasting stuph.

-- Pauley
goovie is married! Back · 17 years ago

hard cider is as close to beer as i'll go. but i'll take regular old hot nonalcoholic cider over it any day. :)
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 17 years ago
Especially mulled hot apple cider. Yummy.
goovie is married! Back · 17 years ago
especially when made by robin engle. :)
elfy, teacher of many Back · 17 years ago

well what about a nice, 7% alcohol, non-malt liquor cider?   slurp!

Stock up next time you visit Canada.  :)

A.J. · 17 years ago
I thought it said "Gayness" and I was thinking "Didn't we do this already?"
Bruce Rose · 17 years ago
Drove to the neighborhood store, bought some Guinness, met the brewmaster, got the T-shirt. Signed.
zil Back · 17 years ago
you bitch, and you gave it to your woman for v-day, and they say romance is dead. ;-)
Bruce Rose Back · 17 years ago
Sadly, I'm bigger than the shirt.  Maybe I should get it matted and framed. ;-)
zil Back · 17 years ago
love, you're bigger than MOST shirts. ;-)
radiogatorgirl · 17 years ago
*Homer drool*

I ca nonly handle Guinness about once a year, though. Tasty, but too thick and filling, plus I'm not a beer/ale/lager/stout fan by any stretch of the imaginiation.

Joshua M. Erich · 17 years ago
no, I am not talking about any kind of terrorist activity, but rather I am talking about the delicious drink made with guinness and a shot of Irish Whiskey, preferably Jameson. MMM, good times. But yeah, usually I can't drink too much domestic beers unless they are dark for I am allergic to something in them, not exactly sure what, all I know is i get violently ill before even getting drunk. It also sucks because I have to spend alot to get drunk, so all you beer drinkers consider yourself lucky

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