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Poll: Final roll call - are you FruConning this year?

Yep! 24 (23%)
Probably. 0 (0%)
Probably not, but maybe. 7 (7%)
No. 67 (65%)
Huh? 5 (5%)
   Discussion: Final roll call - are you FruConning this year?
Josh Woodward · 17 years ago
Sara and I will be there Fri night - Sun afternoon.
zil · 17 years ago

Talcott and I'll be there... when? I dunno. how? I dunno. we'll figure it out.

I am SO exciteratetated!

ChrisChin is Getting Old · 17 years ago
I'll be there Friday through Monday. Can't wait! *squee* Okay, be Friday!! *sigh*
goovie is married! · 17 years ago
neal and i will be there friday evening thru sunday evening...tho i'll be ducking out for a while on sunday to play with some toronto chickliterati. whee!
A.J. · 17 years ago
I'll be there Thursday night to NOT see Jian or Dave. I'll be going home Monday. Lisa will be there for the first time since FC 3 Friday-Sun.
Phoenix · 17 years ago
I'll be there Thursday afternoon (hopefully) through Thursday night. Yup. I'll be staying more than a few hours - thanks for asking:)
Magical Bob · 17 years ago
Someone mind telling the uninitiated what Frucon is? I have no idea...
Josh Woodward Back · 17 years ago
This is FruCon. :)
Bruce Rose · 17 years ago
Have a great time!
zil Back · 17 years ago

boo hiss.


John J. Ryan · 17 years ago
I'll be there from Thursday afternoon until Sunday morning.  And I'm dumping a big pile of money into my car to be sure I can get there okay.
I can see the bunny Back · 17 years ago
I should be getting in around 10:30ish Thurs night and staying til Mon morning.
soul groove feline · 17 years ago
i should be getting in around 6 pm on Thursday, and staying till Sunday night.

soon, soon!
Erica: movin' to Ohio!! · 17 years ago
not gonna happen
danced with Lazlo · 17 years ago
Coming in Thursday afternoon with John and Shelly and leaving Tuesday morning on my own.

Two words... THE CAKEMASTER!
zil Back · 17 years ago

yay! gella!

whats this about cake?

Ligeia Lester · 17 years ago
what about "no, but I really really really wish I was"?
nate... · 17 years ago
"no, I hate you all, you psycho stalker freaks!!!"


Ligeia Lester Back · 17 years ago
why do you hate psycho stalker freaks?
we're nice psycho stalker freaks!
nate... Back · 17 years ago
kidding, silly... hence the winkie face. :)
zil Back · 17 years ago
no, he just has a facial tick, he thinks you're a freak. :-)
nate... Back · 17 years ago
Well, we're ALL freaks... I thought that was a given.


meh · 17 years ago
Taking the Train to Rochester, and driving up with Pauley on Friday. Staying until Monday.

*poing* Can't hardly wait!
iPauley Back · 17 years ago
uh, yeah, what she said.

oh, 'cept I'm not going to be on the train. :-P

-- Pauley
zil Back · 17 years ago
yay! lacytime! I can finaly finish the lacytoon! for the sweetsweetbrinjuice project. ssbj for short.
Shelly · 17 years ago
i'll be there{well, at least in TO} either thursday-sunday pending on whether i ride with john or ride with the band{efo} and continue on to quebec with which case i'd be there prolly friday and hafta leave earlyish saturday to leave for the gig....just dunno which plan's in effect yet..... will soooon?
Nik Chaikin · 17 years ago
fri. afternoon-sun. evening.

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