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Poll: Which is your favorite UK slang term?

"Snog" - passionately making out 35 (38%)
"Pilfer" - to steal something small 16 (18%)
"Smashing!" - awesome 16 (18%)
"Same to you with brass knobs on" - general diss 9 (10%)
I still don't know what you mean?! 1 (1%)
I prefer to use american grammar 4 (4%)
nheh? 10 (11%)
   Discussion: Which is your favorite UK slang term?
danced with Lazlo · 19 years ago
Snog cause it sounds like a Jim Henson character
soul groove feline Back · 19 years ago
wasn't that the name of that huge brown wooly mammoth that had a serious thing for Big Bird?
sheryls Back · 19 years ago
hee- that's Snuffy! :D
George E. Nowik Back · 19 years ago

snuffleupagus for long. (:

-= george =-

Joy- new picture! Back · 19 years ago
Mr. Snuffleupagus to you!
Rimbo · 19 years ago
I'm not entirely sure what "nheh" means, but I like it! In other news, I've always liked "wanker" as a diss.
Rimbo Back · 19 years ago
Also, I don't know whether or not it counts as official "slang," but I've always adored the British use of the word "innit," which is a conjuction of "isn't it?" but they say it with EVERYTHING.
Bel revisited Back · 19 years ago
when you come back, bring pie!


hahaha, weebl rules
Bender · 19 years ago
Still, I think anything's funnier when said with an Australian accent. Particularly an old camp counselor I had named Katrina...

(ask me for impressions of the following... It's so fun)

"Hairy mole!!!"
"D'ya reckon ____'s GAY?!?!!?!"
"PORN! I'm the expert!" (she'd fit right in here, I bet...)
hkath · 19 years ago
Pilfer is a UK slang term? I thought it was... a word. See? No mention of slang.
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 19 years ago
You beat me to it, pilfer is standard english. Pilferage is often mentioned as a problem in retail.

Personally I'll take cockney rhyming slang.
A girl named Becca Back · 19 years ago
Oog. I hate cockney rhyming slang. I don't even see why it's called slang since it's more like a pig-Latin-type secret language.
Phoenix Back · 19 years ago
*joins you*

Cockney *is* ugly...
Beth Back · 19 years ago

I, too, was beaten to it. Pointing out that "pilfer" isn't slang, I mean. That word was even in those little vocabulary workbooks they gave us in English class in junior high and high school.

I never heard that word used as the retail problem. I thought stores just called it "shrinkage". Like when a guy swims in a cold pool. {g}

Phoenix · 19 years ago
Smashing! all the way. But you have to say it in a Kate Rusby like broader Yorkshire accent ;-D
sheryls · 19 years ago
i voted for brass knobs, although "the dog's bollocks" is quite a collorful term too :D
dave "buh" · 19 years ago
I always liked "for f*cks sake!" (say in Scottish Ewan MacGregor "Trainspotting" accent)
sheryls Back · 19 years ago
or in brad-pitt-pikey :D
iPauley Back · 19 years ago
"I focking 'ate pikeys...."

dammit, now I have to watch Snatch again. :-P

-- Pauley
sheryls Back · 19 years ago

that movie has the best lines :D

"why do they call him the bullet-dodger?"

"..because he..dodges bullets, avi."

That, and i love when they call one guy a "Pee-nass." (for penis).

iPauley Back · 19 years ago
"Did that man have four fingers?"

"I'm sorry, I couldn't get the bi-noc-u-lars out in time!"

-- Pauley
sheryls Back · 19 years ago

"it was at a funny ang-oo."

"it's be'ind you, tyrone! when you're in reverse, things come from be'ind you!"

Victoria Back · 19 years ago
Or, the same phrase, in an exasperated Eddie Izzard manner. I say that far too often.
K-Lyn Back · 19 years ago
Anything said in an Eddie Izzard manner is FAN-tastic!
iPauley · 19 years ago
...not the word, so much as the meaning. ;) mmmm....

-- Pauley
Michael (foof) Maki · 19 years ago
Meaning "totally worn out."

Whew. I'm knackered.
renita Back · 19 years ago

that's GOOD one. i like that one.
Erica: movin' to Ohio!! · 19 years ago
who hasn'tread "tommy's tale" yet?
siobhan's a londoner · 19 years ago
See I always thought snog was a bit of an ugly term for kissing and prefer the austarlian slang term "pash" but then I am british and all these words are normal to ME
emilie is CRANKY Back · 19 years ago
absolutely. the word 'snog' just creeps me out.
emilie is CRANKY · 19 years ago
dude. this poll is cracking me up.

as the ruling authority on the subject, 'pilfer' is, liek, never a slang term. and, i don't think i've EVER heard anyone british say, 'same to you with brass knobs on', and if i did, i think i would have to slap them. :D

personally, my favourites are 'bollocks', 'manky', 'bloke', and 'don' (as in, 'i am don'). :D
Josh Woodward · 19 years ago
Ireland wins hands down. "Gobshite" is my favorite insult ever.
Kris 'engaged' Bedient · 19 years ago
hey baby, wanna snog with me? I like snogging. I'm snogerific. This day is snogvolous. That couple last night was snoggering. Have a happy snogiday!
siobhan's a londoner Back · 19 years ago

the correct usage is

"eww. did he snog you yet? you're not cool til you've snogged a boy. we go out and do the ten man challenge and you've not ever snogged a boy!"

as it was used to me when I was eleven. I'm sure you know the ten man challenge it cannot be restricted to British slappers ahem girls.

(slappers by the way is like sluts the word comes from slapping on the make up)

i snog my boyfriend, beats drunken men with beer breath though he probably has beer breath now.

nate... Back · 19 years ago
THe only results I get for "ten man challenge" in google are fishing... but... I'm guessing you're not talking about fishing competitions.

emilie is CRANKY Back · 19 years ago

hehe :D

nate, i have no idea what it is, either. *pokes siobhan*

siobhan's a londoner Back · 18 years, 9 months ago
ten man challenge - a girl goes out with her girl friends and attempts to *ahem* snog ten men in the one night.
ussually at its best when the said "men" have upset girlfriends and the night ends up in a fight.
I love the school I went to/area I grew up in/England.

"Hey are you two girls british? I hear british girls party really hard!"
Why don't they just coem out and say "I hear Brititsh girls are sluts!"
nate... Back · 18 years, 9 months ago

That's funny stuff. :)

Talcott · 19 years ago
"Bugger" is actually part of my regular speach.

It's quite useful in an (American) office to be able to say "bugger all" or some thing like it, without only a "what's wrong with you" look from your coworkers. And I get plenty of the "what's wrong with you" looks anyways :-)

siobhan's a londoner · 19 years ago
I use that one it goes back to my days at a (relatively) posh school and my decision not to swear in front of my mother. bugger was banned too. When I was 5 I looked up from the dictionary and said

"mum what does bugger mean?"

"right whoever uses a word explains it to siobhan she is NOT reading the dictionary again!"
Bender · 19 years ago
I love saying bloody. It's great.
Phoenix Back · 19 years ago
oh I love saying wicked but that's rather New England-ish. ;-)
emilie is CRANKY Back · 19 years ago
i say 'wicked' entirely way too much. particularly at work. 'is there a rail of lingerie for me in the stockroom?' 'yeah.' 'wicked.'
Gordondon son of Ethelred · 19 years ago
So anyone want to roll me from the wall?
Beth Back · 19 years ago
Do you want anyone to knock you up?
Kat Kunz · 19 years ago
rather than "smashing," which i use occasionally, my british exclamation of choice is "brilliant!", which i use an awful lot, really. makes me feel oh so very harry potter. :D
Jºnªthªn · 19 years ago
I like "git" and "bint." We don't have decent monosyllabic equivalents.
emilie is CRANKY Back · 19 years ago
bint is a fabulous word but siobhan won't let me use it. ;)
Phoenix Back · 19 years ago

Oh I haven't got the faintest idea what a bint is....

*searches the net* *finds* ooooh :-D

Jºnªthªn Back · 19 years ago
the bint!
trunger is counting... · 19 years ago


thank god for red dwarf and monty python...

Rimbo · 19 years ago
On my DVD of The Office (the greatest show ever) they say "bender" a lot, which apparently is a derogatory remark referring to homosexuals. And while I don't approve of such things, it's funny in the right context (i.e. Let's laugh at the stupid bigots.)
Jºnªthªn Back · 19 years ago
I bet you won't laugh when you find out what a "rimbo" is...
Shelly · 19 years ago
ok...i personally *heart* referring to people as wankers so....yeah....... and my worst profane abuse is saying 'fuckity', which i only started saying after watching 'four weddings and a funeral' when hugh grant was late at the one point and said 'fuck fuck fuckity fuck!!!'. though -i- seem to couple it with other words and say 'fuckity duckity doo!!' ala 'bibbity bobbity boo'. but then again, i am a strange one.....:)
Magical Bob Back · 19 years ago

For coined slang, I prefer molesturbater. I have no real idea what I intended it to mean; it just popped out of my mouth when I saw someone abusing two fruit gushers. Still, it's a funny word to call someone. And it functions as a verb as well! "You molesturbated those gushers! Sicko!" Ok, really long story there. Nevermind then...

-Magical Bob

Bender · 19 years ago
I love how that one's used. Especially when talking about an eggplant or a greeting card or something.

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