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Poll: How often does the clique argument surface with Fruheads?

Every few years 3 (4%)
Once a year 5 (6%)
A few times a year 16 (19%)
Once a month or more 3 (4%)
It ever leaves the surface? 29 (34%)
Whatever. 29 (34%)
   Discussion: How often does the clique argument surface with Fruheads?
100% dainty! · 16 years, 9 months ago

All's I gotta say. . is there's a waterfront and there's a harbourfront.

No, actually all's I gotta say is that when I met a good deal of you at FRFF 2003 you weren't cliqueish at all.

I think every group of friends wavers back and forth between being close-knit and getting too exclusive and cliqueish. 

Annika · 16 years, 9 months ago
I've always felt that everyone is fairly friendly with everyone here, at least at first. I've personally never felt excluded from any topic, place or person/group here.
Andrea Krause · 16 years, 9 months ago
I suggested this as that one other forum erupted into the debate. It's not very timely with the delay. :)

It just makes me curious...or amused...because I remember it coming up from time to time before FHDC even...newsgroup fun. It's like there are some folks constantly feeling that it's going on and the emotion bursts out intermittently.

I've sometimes felt it. But it's more about my own insecurities and shyness, I think, than anything real.
George E. Nowik Back · 16 years, 9 months ago



i remember them well.

it's not you. (:

 -= george =-

renita · 16 years, 9 months ago
Rimbo · 16 years, 9 months ago
I refuse to answer this question because it isn't cool enough.
goovie is married! · 16 years, 9 months ago
it was worse when fruvous were touring...i remember lots of outbreaks of the clique argument on ammf, and i remember feeling left out at frushows/online, but like andrea said, i think that's more a reflection of my own anxieties and insecurities.
A.J. Back · 16 years, 9 months ago
It is. All the cliquy elitest people love you! :)
sheryls · 16 years, 9 months ago
at what point does a group of friends become a clique? i'm not challenging the arguments, or the existance of a clique, it's just an honest question. is it when they become exclusionary?
wild bill Back · 16 years, 9 months ago
as soon as you exclude someone. i mean, really, all fruheads should get along and should like the same things.. and they should all be named frank.
sheryls Back · 16 years, 9 months ago

well, then, in that case, couldn't there be several cliques? i mean, no one can be a part of all groups of friends.

and if we just recruited friends, wouldn't we be more like some sort of demented sorority? there are hundreds of fruheads - of course there has to be sub-groups :D

Talcott Back · 16 years, 9 months ago
I think we are like some sort of demented sorority ;-)

bored, bored, bored.... Back · 16 years, 9 months ago
Even "the girl"?
Andrea Krause Back · 16 years, 9 months ago
I think it can feel like a clique even without overt exclusion. Sometimes people feel excluded when private jokes are flying around but they aren't explained. Like, if a minute later someone reaches out and explains the joke it doesn't feel very exclusionary. But if they just let it stand and make someone have to ask it feels like an us and them thing. Or, at least it does to those of us who have a tendency to feel inferior. *grin*
emilie is CRANKY · 16 years, 9 months ago
i still don't feel integrated here. and it's my home page. and i've been here close to four years now. :D
Rimbo Back · 16 years, 9 months ago
Yeah, I don't feel integrated at my home page either.  It's MSN.  Maybe your problem comes from the fact that you're a foreigner.  And we hate foreigners.
Phoenix · 16 years, 9 months ago
I haven't ever had any problems with cliquish behaviour of früheads at all. On the contrary. Although I'm not part of the community for such a long time everybody has been welcoming and inclusive... And Frücon rocked hardcore...

I definitely cannot say that for a lot of communities - internet or *cough* local *cough*

.oO Where are the people that I willingly call friends All the cheap thrills that once offend my soul oO
goovie is married! · 16 years, 9 months ago
i just think it's funny that shortly after this poll went up, and everyone started posting about how they don't think there are any fruhead cliques...someone started a forum asking "old-school fruheads" to get together before a gbs show.
hkath Back · 16 years, 9 months ago
I doubt Gordon was intending to exclude anyone by asking that. For some reason the expression "old school" always seems to rub people the wrong way. Mostly people who don't identify themselves as "old school". Which is ridiculous at this point, since I regard pretty much any of my friends here as "old school".
danced with Lazlo Back · 16 years, 9 months ago
You're old school. I'm a newbie. I feel excluded by you. Nyah.
Arbie Back · 16 years, 9 months ago

I always feel excluded by "old school" because you people never mean old enough old school to include me. So...double Nyah

heh heh that was fun lets do it again *watches a really big cliche form on the other side of the room*

Kris 'engaged' Bedient · 16 years, 9 months ago

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