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Poll: What's your favorite sea creature to eat?

Salmon - Sushi or otherwise! 10 (13%)
Lobster Sticks to Magnet!! (rahrahrahrah!) 8 (10%)
Raw bivalves on the halfshell (oysters, clams) 1 (1%)
Cooked bivalves (clams, mussels, etc) 2 (3%)
Tuna - mmmmm 11 (14%)
Swordfish - I like eating parasites! 0 (0%)
Shrimps - (run forrest! run!) 18 (23%)
Ew! I hate seafood!! 13 (16%)
Something else!! How could you have not included it, you clod?! 16 (20%)
   Discussion: What's your favorite sea creature to eat?
Mollie · 20 years ago
ChrisChin is Getting Old Back · 20 years ago
I second that. quite yummy.
Rimbo Back · 20 years ago
stealthlori Back · 20 years ago

Bender Back · 20 years ago

go to crabby's in mays landing, new jersey.

every weeknight is a different all-you-can-eat crab special

K-Lyn Back · 20 years ago
SOOOOOOOooooooooooo nummy!
Gordondon son of Ethelred · 20 years ago
I do not like sushi but I am eating sushi because he likes sushi and I love him.

I am not actually eating sushi but it was an excuse to quote the song.
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 20 years ago
Sorry to disappoint you. It was all a lie.
Prinut · 20 years ago
I just had it tonight (well actually last night since its 12:16 a.m.). I luuuurve me some shrimp...its my favorite food ever.
*joolee* · 20 years ago
fish&swimmy creatures=GROSS
Andrea Krause Back · 20 years ago
I second that
Nik Chaikin · 20 years ago
Anything except bivalves.
J. Andrew World · 20 years ago
It's a girl! Back · 20 years ago
*joins andy in the drooling*�� I'm also quite fond of crab and shrimp.� And of fresh water fish as well.... mmmm trout....
Real-Accordion! · 20 years ago
*replaces clod with cod*
this is fish.
renita · 20 years ago
i voted for cooked bi-valves.

because i am SO craving clams or oysters or mussels, cooked on a grate over an open fire right now. mmm.

but really, i love to eat all of the sea critters emtnioned above. mmm. fish.
siobhan's a londoner · 20 years ago
Something about steamed trout with spinach and a leeetle lemon that makes me wear my happyface. Damn. That is what I should have asked for. I.m aloud to choose my final meal at "home" and Dad does really good fish. I can never afford fish at Uni as it is expensive...which is odd, as I live on an island.
renita Back · 20 years ago
trout isn't seafood ;)

it's a freshwater fish ;D
stealthlori Back · 20 years ago
unless it's sea trout.

renita Back · 20 years ago
but then it's sea trout, and not trout.

Smatts' Baby's Pics! · 20 years ago
I love seafood, but a good old Friday night all you can eat fish fry is my fave! (Yah...I'm a hick from Ohio.)
iPauley Back · 20 years ago
There ya go. Good old beer-battered haddock. That's what I'm lookin' for. :)

-- Pauley
sheryls Back · 20 years ago
here it's Lake Trout :)
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 20 years ago
When you have a haddock you should take an aspirin.
iPauley Back · 20 years ago

-- Pauley
lawrence Back · 20 years ago
sometimes I take aspirin just for the halibut.
sheryls · 20 years ago
i love halibut.

i know, it's a weird fish to have as a favorite.

a little restaurant in Bowling Green has pan-seared halibut and i *loved* it. The Real Seafood Company in Toledo has Blackened Halibut. Jag's in Cincinatti has (omg drool) Hazelnut Encrusted Halibut w/ White Chocolate Beurre Blanc. i dont know what that means? but it rules. :D but, beware the prices @ this place.
dirty life & times Back · 20 years ago
it means white chocolate white butter. i know all sorts of food words in french since moving to canada!

what it means beyond that, i don't know.
sheryls Back · 20 years ago

Oh! thanks!

whatever it was? it was amazing.

ellen, formerly evil · 20 years ago
I knew it was you nate, only you and the stupid lobster song, after all these years. *giggle*

I chose Salmon, 'cuz it's liek, the THING to eat out here in Seattle. OMG yum. :)
Bender · 20 years ago
I just found this Chinese supermarket on Spadina... with a gorgeous live seafood market in the back.

Nathan · 20 years ago
I love shrimp. I prefer them hot, though, rather than chilled. I'm not sure why chilled shrimp are so popular. They're still good, but not AS good.
renita · 20 years ago
.oO I'm Lester the Lobster from PEI. A lovely li'l bug with beady li'l eyes and I can tackle anything up to twice my size, I'm Lester the Lobster from PEI Oo.
Andrea Krause Back · 20 years ago
*feels Renita's forehead for fever*
renita Back · 20 years ago

no love for stompin' tom?

what a world....

just be glad i didn't post the entire song ;D
nate... Back · 20 years ago
*feels renita's.. *

Err.. yeah, gonna stop there.

K-Lyn · 20 years ago
Does anyone else remember this silly ditty from the late 80s?

"But she said things I just couldn't fathom
She was too deep, and seemed to be under a lot of pressure"

'Cause with all this talk of sea creatures I've got it earwormed...great.
nate... Back · 20 years ago
Yup! By Kip Adadda.

Great song. :)

"She drank like a ...... she drank a LOT."
Andrea Krause Back · 20 years ago
Heheh that's the line I most quote. Most people I know don't get it. Because they're turds. :)
sheryls Back · 20 years ago

bwahaha,i love wet dream - i love the part about the mechanic telling him he blew a seal.

i thought my car was leaking oil for a while, and people would tell me "maybe you blew a seal."

and i so wanted to say, "hey, leave my personal life out of this."

Andrea Krause Back · 20 years ago

For anyone all "wtf?" about this part of the thread:

Unfortunately you don't get the awesomeness of it in text.� A lot of it is in the delivery. I also quote the "Abalone.......shellfish" part a lot.

Wet Dream
by Kip Adadda

It was the 41st of April, being a quadruple leap year.
I was driving through downtown Atlantis.
My Barracuda was in the shop, so I was in a rented Stingray, and it was overheating.
I pulled off into a Shell station.
They said I�d blown a seal.
I said, "Fix the damn thing and leave my private life out of it, okay pal?"

While they were doing that I walked over to a place called "The Oyster Bar" -- a real dive.
But I knew the owner -- he used to play for the Dolphins.
I said "Hi, Gil!" You have to yell, he�s hard of herring.
Gil was also down on his luck.
Fact is, he was barely keeping his head below water.

I bellied up to the sandbar.
He poured me the usual -- Rusty snail, hold the grunnion, shaken, not stirred.
With a peanut-butter and jellyfish sandwich on the side -- heavy on the mako.
I slipped him a fin - on porpoise.
I was feelin� good. I even dropped a sand dollar in the box for Jerry�s squids.
For the halibut.

Well, the place was crowded.
We were packed in like sardines.
They were all there to listen to the big band sounds of Tommy Dorsal.
What sole.
Tommy was rockin� the place with a very popular tuna, Salmon-chanted evening,
And the stage was surrounded by screaming groupers -- Probably there to see the bass player.
One of them was this cute little yellowtail, and she was giving me the eye.
So I figured this was my chance for a little fun.
You know, piece of pisces.
But she said things I just couldn�t fathom.
She was too deep. Seemed to be under a lot of pressure.
Boy, could she drink. She drank like a- She drank a lot.

I said "What�s your sign?" She said, "Aquarium."
I said, "Great! Let�s get tanked!"
I invited her up to my place for a little midnight bait.
I said, "C�mon, baby, it�ll only take a few minnows."
She threw me that same old line, "Not tonight. I�ve got a haddock."

And she wasn�t kidding either, cause in came the biggest, meanest looking haddock I�d ever seen come down the pike.
He was covered with mussels.
He came over to me, he said "Listen, shrimp, don�t you come trollin� around here."
What a crab. This guy was steamed. I could see the anchor in his eyes.
I turned to him, I said "A-balone. You�re just bein� shellfish."

Well, I knew there was going to be trouble, and so did Gil, cause he was already on the phone to the cods.
The haddock hits me with a sucker punch.
I catch him with a left hook. He eels over.
It was a fluke, but there he was, lyin� on the deck, flat as a mackerel. Kelpless.
I said, "Forget the cods, Gil, this guy�s gonna need a sturgeon."

Well, the yellowtail was impressed with the way I landed her boyfriend.
She came over to me, she said "Hey, big boy, you�re really a game fish. What�s your name?"
I said, "Marlin."

Well, from then on, we had a whale of a time. I took her to dinner. I took her to dance.
I bought her a bouquet of flounders. And then I went home with her.
And what did I get for my trouble?
A case of the clams.

nate... Back · 20 years ago
which also brings up one of my favorite mis-quotes ever.

"..and she's gettin meaty-eyed."

instead of "..and she's giving me the eye."

Thanks to this song, it's become an expression for looking at someone attractive.

100% dainty! · 20 years ago
how could you forget those? ;)

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