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Poll: What kind of "people" are you?

Murray's People 26 (29%)
Dave's People 17 (19%)
Mike's People 15 (17%)
Jian's People 11 (12%)
Nobody's People 20 (22%)
   Discussion: What kind of "people" are you?
bored, bored, bored.... · 22 years ago
I've said it before, and I'll say it again, and I'll say it to anyone who'll listen....It's *all* about Fordy. (although I have definite Murray's People tendencies)
soul groove feline · 22 years ago
Mr. Matheson rocks my world. I love his laid-back cool attitude, his subtle yet effective humor in his live solo shows, and especially his solo music!!!

Dave's CD is a complete masterpiece. It has everything- he has so many musical colours in his voice and guitar playing. And it's so relaxing to hear...many a time, I've fallen asleep on long bus rides listening to Dave croon "You Remind Me" or belt out "Brainard". Yum!!!

I do, however, feel all the lads have good points. (well duh, I'm a fruhead.) And I'm not going to list them all coz it would take too long. But their main ones are: Fordy is weird, AND he has an amazing vocal range...four octaves or something like that. Murray plays the upright bass like NOBODY can (he played it for one of Dave's solo shows...mmmm...), and Jian is FUN! Jian is a fun-loving guy, and while his attitudes and political views CAN be the subject of controversy, I applaud his ability to be himself and stick up for his beliefs. plus he's kinda cute. :)

Well, there we go. Why I Love Fruvous in a nutshell.
A girl named Becca · 22 years ago
Honestly, I'm just not a "people" person. ;) I like Fr�vous. I like songs written by individual members. I like individual members' performances in songs. But I haven't limited myself to one faction, nor do I plan to, because the ensemble is what draws me to Fr�vous. Even if I chose a lad and voted as a his "people," that wouldn't really be a correct answer, because, even though I could probably have selected a favorite of the moment, that wouldn't make me count as a "people," since I've never established myself as such. So, basically, I'm a Fr�vous people. As there was no option to accomodate this, I have abstained. Thank you and good night.
Paul D. Beasi Back · 22 years ago
I guess that makes you one of "sheep" in the middle of the room; Nobody's People. :) That show in Albany was one of my favorites.

I picked "Murray's People", not because I favor Murray's talents or anything over the other guys', but just because, well, Murray's cool. I mean, he's Murray. Just look at his shirts.

Josh Woodward Back · 22 years ago
Good point, I made an exception to my "no editing polls after the fact" rule and added a "Nobody's People" option. If anyone wants to recast their vote, let me know.
Andrea Krause · 22 years ago
In the beginning I was a Jian's People member. Big time Jihead. But when I grew out of it...I switched to Dave. Talent is a big draw for me and IMO he seems to be the most talented in terms of instrument proficiency as well as number of instruments played. He can make my jaw drop on several different instruments and that makes me very loyal. It's why I love Peter Mulvey. It's why I love Melissa Ferrick.

He's just so good...I have my moments of dipping into the "People"s of the others, but I'm a Dave loyalist in the end.

zil Back · 22 years ago
"I love Peter Mulvey"

peter mulvey rocks!

rockon-peace out-zilbabe
ellen, formerly evil · 22 years ago
I guess you could cal me a Mike's person... I find his energy off the wall and contagious. :) (HAI-di-HAI-di-HAI!)

Once a friend said to me "but Mike's married!" and I had to think it about it for a second. Eeek! I had never considered it an attraction thing, rather, just a personality thing. :)

Plus, if you stood near Mike, you could also watch Dave on the multitudinous instruments :)

goovie is married! · 22 years ago
Once I got over the typical fishgirl phase, I became a Murray's people all the way. I can identify with him in a lot of ways -- I'm usually "the quiet one," I was an English major, blah blah blah...and, well...he's just so yummy. :) I will say that I do think Dave's the most musically talented, and Mike's the easiest to talk to. And 'bout that Murray, huh?
Mamalissa! Back · 22 years ago
Ditto. Except I don't find Mike the easiest to talk to - probably Murray on that one for me.

Also, my Yahoo screenname is "piscogirl" - fishgirl, in a sense. But a Murray fishgirl!
John J. Ryan · 22 years ago
I voted for nobody's people because I don't consider myself partial to any one lad. Therefore, a vote for nobody's people to me is like a vote for everybody's people. And Fruvous is certainly a lot more than the sum of its parts.
Gordondon son of Ethelred · 22 years ago
Fordy was a fan of the 69 Mets, that's enough for me. That and the fact that he could write Killer Tents an hour before they performed it.
I can see the bunny · 22 years ago
Well, I naturally had to cast my vote for Jian because I think he's underappreciated. :) I love all the guys equally. You need all of them to make Fruvous. I agree that musically Dave and Mike rock and that Murray is a highly cool dood. But Jian is loads of fun. He doesn't have to do things like come and hang out to play trivia with us at Frucon, but he does anyway. And while I don't *always* agree with him, I respect his opinions and the courage he shows in being so open. Ok, you can all go ahead and send me frums telling me why I'm wrong now. ;-)
Melinda J. Beasi Back · 22 years ago
I don't think you're wrong at all. Okay, I voted for "Mike's People", but really because the "Nobody's People" option wasn't up there yet when I voted. In truth I have no favorite. On the other hand, I think Jian-bashing is pretty tired, and frankly I don't get it. The guy is smart, funny, talented, passionate about his beliefs... and he's the only member of the band who consistently continued to hang out with the fans after all the rest of them had gotten sick of it. Sure, maybe that has as much to do with his ego as anything else, but let's face it... all those fruheads waited around every show for SOMETHING. Gordon's comment down there a ways is dead-on.

Josh Woodward Back · 22 years ago
jian is a wonderful musician, no doubt. he's an even better performer. his wit, charisma, and stage presence is a truly integral part of fruvous. i had to pick david, though. dave is amazing in different ways from jian -- he is a musical genius. again, not that jian isn't, dave just rocks in this area. since i'm more interested in musicality than "showiness", dave edged out a win for me. mike and murray were also close, but dave's incredible solo album clinched the win for me. :)
renita · 22 years ago
Up until very recently I was a "Mur-maid" all the way. The shirts, the bass, the murness. how could I resist?

however I've always been very appreciative of all of the members of Fruvous. Especially Mike, and in light of hearing about the work he's doing with the school board on Ontario... well. that just totally wowed me.

So now it's all about Fordy.
danced with Lazlo · 22 years ago
i've ranted about this plenty of times. I can't choose. They're all so cool and talented and they're all so different... I'm a Fr�head. That's all.
nate... · 22 years ago
I probably lean more towards watching Dave or Mike....... but I've never picked a part of the stage to stand by or anything, so I'm really not part of any "_____'s people" group. Besides, at frushows, I was always in the back taping. :)
Gordon Elgart · 22 years ago
See, it doesn't matter who you like the most. It has nothing to do with that! It's just that I happened to be on that side of the stage on that night in Albany, and I became a Murray's Person for life. It's kinda like being a Pod person. There is no escaping.
Adam Hartfield Back · 22 years ago
Right, I was on the Murray side of the stage as well. Once you were one of Murray's People, that was it; there was no changing loyalties.
Gordondon son of Ethelred · 22 years ago
I can't believe I'm going to defend Jian. I hope he never reads this.

What gives? After a show Jian attracts the biggest crowd. I'm sure if this poll was given by mind readers he wouldn't be way in last place.
goovie is married! Back · 22 years ago
Maybe it's because no fishgirls have voted yet. :)
nate... Back · 22 years ago
No no... stacey DID vote! hehehehe ;)

(just kiddin' stacey...)
Doktor Pepski, kommie · 22 years ago
He just uses 1 drum!!!! Now to get a sound like he does, you gotta be beyond good! All hail the man who uses 1 drun JIAN JIAN JIAN! ANd besides that, after the shows, he is usually the first, if not the only member, who greets the peeps after the show! JIAN JIAN JIAN and He signed two of my moxy cd's, not on the same night mind you JIAN JIAN!
Paul D. Beasi Back · 22 years ago
No disrespect meant to Jian's abilities because I actually think he's underrated, but.. um.. I see more than one drum. :)
Snarki_Fru · 22 years ago
Mathesonite, tried n true but, don't get me wrong... I adore and respect all of the guys for their unique and selective talents. However... stuck on a desert island... my vote so goes for Mr. Matheson... except... he does pushups now *blink blink*

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