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What artist do you own the most CDs by?

   Discussion: What artist do you own the most CDs by?
Gordondon son of Ethelred · 18 years ago
I should have posted this at home when I could actually count but I own more Christine Lavin CDs than anyone. I think I have one more of hers than of Dylan. Dylan wins if I count vinyl and tapes. A related question is what artist that you have never seen live do you own the most albums by? I am pretty sure that would be the Beatles for me. I'd have to double check that.
Songbill Back · 18 years ago
Probably TMBG, although they don't get listened to like they used to. I remember when it was imperative to get singles/ extra b-sides/ live tracks. Now I realize that there is often a reason why cerain songs don't make it onto albums!
angelmusicmaven Back · 18 years ago
Prolly Matthew Sweet since I have a lot of singles from when he was on Zoo Records.... the Silos cause they put out a lot of records... hmm, yeah, those are probably the top 2.  The artists that I've never seen live but have CDs by is a list that's slowly disappearing due to reunion shows... Tears for Fears, Was (Not Was), and I counted the Finn Brothers pretty much as a Crowded House show, and this Michael Penn show is gonna be my first.  Cool.  I guess I would say... errr.... Tom Jones (heh!) and Cat Stevens would be the people who I have the most music by that I've never seen live.  I haven't been able to bring myself to pay $75 to see Tom Jones b/c I'd just be going to giggle the whole time.
Paul Back · 18 years ago
Fairport Convention including all their various side projects and some bootlegs of their annual Cropredy Festival in England-which I may never get to see live. Last year it was so big they ran out of 6X(ale).
Talcott · 18 years ago
XTC wins for most CDs overall, and since my parent's weren't hip enough to take me to an XTC concert as an infant, I haven't managed to see them live either. TMBG a close second, and most of the acts I follow are fairly close together after that.

It probably helps that XTC and TMBG are the two longest-running bands in my collection.
Andrea Krause Back · 18 years ago

The answer to this question depends on if one counts live recordings and crap like that.

The answer is either Fruvous, XTC, or Beatles. Fruvous wins if live shows count.  XTC probably wins if they don't, because some of my Beatles stuff is also unofficial boots and stuff.

And as Talcott said, XTC still wins in the "never seen live" arena.

Songbill Back · 18 years ago
I think I was four when XTC last performed live. What a shame! Was listening to Skylarking today... what a perfect day for it: sunny and 65.
Andrea Krause Back · 18 years ago

I was listening to that album on Monday! :)  I'm trying to ease Paul into liking them since he kinda digs the Wonderfalls theme.

Talcott Back · 18 years ago
I tried the mix-tape approach, and it didn't work too well.

They're too eclectic (both within each album and over the course of their career), and their albums are too well threaded together to make a representative mix.
nate... · 18 years ago
Probably either Tom Waits or Elvis Costello.

Josh Woodward Back · 18 years ago
I expect to hear those two a lot, mainly because they each released roughly 4,928 CDs over the decades. They're right up there on mine, too. If you count EPs as CDs, Belle & Sebastian and Death Cab for Cutie are towards the top for me. If you let live CDs through, Peter Mulvey mops the floor.
nate... Back · 18 years ago
Oh jeebus... if you count cds of live shows.... fruvous eats, pukes up, and eats again anyone else.

Starfox · 18 years ago
Rush. I have all their albums, a couple of gold discs, and their three anthology CDs. Plus all of their videos.
Prinut · 18 years ago
I own all of BNL's cd's and I own all of Stroke 9's stuff but have never seen them live.
Bruce Rose · 18 years ago
Tori Amos (9)
Depeche Mode (10 plus a tribute)
Ani DiFranco (14 plus a tribute)
Indigo Girls (10)
The Nields (9*)
Ramones (10, plus 1 tribute and 1 solo)
R.E.M. (9)
They Might Be Giants (11)
sheryls · 18 years ago
x-posted to herrgooch's lj, but:
James, without a doubt:
Stutter (imported from Germany), StripMine, James (self titled), Gold Mother, Seven, Laid, WahWah, Whiplash, Waltzing Along (single #3), Tomorrow (single #2,3), She's A Star (single #2), She's A Star (promo single - 1 track), James - Live, Born of Frustration (single), James: The Best Of, Millionaires (2 disc set, second disc is live stuff), Pleased to Meet You, Ultra (B Sides album), Getting Away With it (Live..) 2 disc set, plus Getting Away With It (Live) DVD.

Kat Kunz · 18 years ago
R.E.M.--17 albums, 29 if you count EPs
TMBG--13 albums, 25 w/ EPs (and albums I have 2 copies of... don't ask)
BNL--8 albums, buuuut 23 w/ EPs and doubly-purchased albums

and I did this really quickly, so the numbers might be off. I'm not even getting into live shows, b/c that's a mess. up till last fall, REM would have gotten the never-seen-live award. now? huh. that's tough. U2, probably.
lawrence Back · 18 years ago
TMBG--13 albums, 25 w/ EPs (and albums I have 2 copies of... don't ask)

nothing wrong with multiple copies of a TMBG album. :)

I have three copies of Mink Car and two of Factory Showroom...
Kat Kunz Back · 18 years ago
> I have three copies
> of Mink Car and two of Factory Showroom...

... I have three factory showrooms, which kind of horrified me when I counted yesterday. three! What was I thinking? (ok, so one is autographed and one is a promo copy... but still. ack.)
lawrence Back · 18 years ago
... I have three factory showrooms, which kind of horrified me when I counted yesterday. three! What was I thinking? (ok, so one is autographed and one is a promo copy... but still. ack.)

heh. yeah, that's exactly my thought about Mink Car. I don't even like the album. And yet, I have the still shrinkwrapped, autographed one from, the signed one from the 9/10/01 instore, and the UK one, which has a different track list, and therefore Doesn't Really Count As The Same Album. :)
I can see the bunny · 18 years ago
If we're only counting cds then the top five ones would be...

Barry Manilow (22)
Duran Duran (13)
Beatles (9)
Fruvous (7)
Ron Sexsmith (7)

If you get into counting cassettes, vinyl and 8-tracks or live shows the whole thing shifts though.
caroline: tired. Back · 18 years ago
"Barry Manilow (22)"

so you're a *fanilow*? hee hee...couldn't resist. i'm such a geek like that. ;)
nate... Back · 18 years ago

You ahve barry manilow? You're hereby kick-banned.

Bender Back · 18 years ago
oh, my days on slashnet, #aglami... I was the Best Op ever. Queen of the Kickban.
I can see the bunny Back · 18 years ago
Dude, Barry is *so* underappreciated!

Where's George when I need him???
nate... Back · 18 years ago
Or as my mom always called him... "Barely Manenough"

A girl named Becca Back · 18 years ago
Your mom rocks.
Shelly · 18 years ago
yup, Springsteen is my top on this one. Then EFO/Robbie/Julie, then Früvous, I guess.
tom · 18 years ago
kelly joe phelps, greg brown, beatles, and probably a whole bunch of metallica from when I was in elementry school-
nate... · 18 years ago
tom: 21
elvis: 17

goovie is married! · 18 years ago
in my personal collection, probably rem or joni mitchell. with my cds and neal's combined, it's probably tmbg, followed by andrew bird.
ChrisChin is Getting Old · 18 years ago
Well, if you count just full length CDs, then it would be Billy Joel, as I have all of his studio albums, the russia concert, the millenium one, a British import and a box set.

If you include CD singles in the mix, then it would probably be a race between REM or Tori Amos, as I have a pretty decent stack of both.
Phoenix · 18 years ago
If I only count CDs (i.e. no CD singles, tapes and stuff) it would be Suzanne Vega and John Gorka (both 9 if I do the math right :)
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 18 years ago
When I think of those two I am always struck by the surprising fact that Suzanne Vega is a year older than Old John Gorka.

Suzanne looks really good on the Naked Folk Calendar.
shoebox · 18 years ago
the only artists i really have any kind of comprehensive collection of their works within my own (or really, my family's) possesion, it's because we know them personally-like, therefore the ohmygodcdsaresobleepin'expensivenowadaysdamnit factor is merrily thrust aside whenever they release something i guess those people don't count for this little game...but if they did, i think my answer would be jenny whitely, in a relative averaging sort of sense, because i think we own pretty much every album she's ever been involved with. including the raffi record she and danny sang on when they were tinyones.

as far as recordings-in-general (regardless of format) of people i've never seen live, holly near, tom waits, and tmbg are currently engaged in a wrestling match over the title. fun!
Kat Kunz Back · 18 years ago
you've never seen TMBG live? you must! they were my first concert, actually.
shoebox Back · 18 years ago

i must indeed!  i have a funny sort of faith that it will happen "someday", whatever that means.

i durno, generally the concerts i go to are within the context of a local festival/danceyfun thing, or because somebody needed help setting up chairs and feeding the musicians.  but tmbg is certainly on my "i will catch you one day, my pretties" list.

trunger is counting... Back · 18 years ago
heh. tmbg was my first concert as well :)
siobhan's a londoner · 18 years ago
I own mostly Super Furry Animals CDs as they are the first abnd I became a fan of, this includes quite a few limited edition versions of albums and stuff, but i also have one album on offial cassette tape. I sadly was not allowed Cds unitl I hit about 16, so I have a lot of vinyl and cassette albums (one is a signed limited edition clear vinyl) which makes me feel the question does not really represent my music collection but that is onyl due to my mother being a luddite for as long as she could manage...she owns 5 CDs now I think
Brian Dinsky · 18 years ago

i've got somewhere in the neighborhood of 65 albums.  that's more or less all of them, except maybe a few here and there.  i only keep 55 of them on the ipod.  muaha.  however, certain releases have up to 6 individually-sold 'volumes', which accounts for ~55 base albums, expandable upon such further scrutiny.

these are albums that i either currently own, or have owned/lost.  maybe a handful of them are WAREZHax0Rz!1!!!!!!1111lolzzzzzz.  i'm not sure anyone else really has this many albums available.  anyone?

Samantha · 18 years ago
wow.. I feel like a total loser now. I probably have less than all of you.. I think the most I have of any given artist is Jeff Buckley.. I have Grace, Mystery White Boy, Sketches for my Sweetheart the Drunk, Songs to No One, AND the Grace Legacy Edition..

but I'm getting up there with The Beatles, Rufus Wainwright, Blessid Union of Souls [I'm friends with the group, so I own all but 2 now, cause the last two erm... sucked.].. and I'm working on Simon & Garfunkel.. Jim Croce.. and Rockapella..

and wow. I never noticed how lame my cd collection was till now.

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