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What is your cell phone ringtone?

poll Have you ever bought a cell phone ring tone?
Yes I have
No but I've downloaded free ones
No I just use what came with the phone
I don't have a cell phone
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   Discussion: What is your cell phone ringtone?
Gordondon son of Ethelred · 18 years, 10 months ago
What does your cell phone sound like when it rings? Did you ever pay for a ringtone? I haven't paid for one. I just use the reggae one that was an option built into the phone. If they had the Doctor Who theme here I'd be tempted.
Snow In Summer Back · 18 years, 10 months ago

I actually have quite a few.� The current ring (that I never hear 'cause I always leave it on vibrate) is Rage Against the Machine's "Killing in the Name of." yes, that part of the song, too.� I've also used the Super Mario theme & a really bad version of the Invader Zim theme.

The current ringback is Green Day's "Minority" & the one before that was Soul Coughing's "Screenwriters Blues."

Edit: I'm an idiot & somehow managed to delete them all... *smacks head*

Kristaffer DeHond Back · 18 years, 10 months ago

Wow, where do I start! I have the data cable and my phone plays downsampled mono�mp3s, so almost everyone in my contact list plays a different song.� My default is Explosivo by Tenacious D.�

Some others: corner of the earth(jamiroquai) , pass the dutchie(buck-o-nine), trenchtown rock(brad nowell), sexx laws(beck), saga (Pilfers), beer (reel big fish), mellowship slinky in b minor(red hot chili peppers), smoke two joints(sublime), paranoid android (radiohead), going the distance(cake), the theme to Aqua Teen, master of puppets (metallica), flossing a dead horse(NoFX), jays rap from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, sgt pepper(beatles), fraggle rock(allister), kiss me I'm shitfaced(dropkick murphys), lover undercover(the kgb), jen doesn't like me anymore(less than jake)

If any Rochestarians have Nextel phones and want ringtones and games let me know!

Jºnªthªn · 18 years, 10 months ago
I have a little bit of the intro to "Queen Bitch". I used to have a lot of special ringtones for different people, but I didn't bother on my new phone.
sheryls · 18 years, 10 months ago
i used to have several, but i got a new phone and you cant transfer them. i've bought another 5, but i've only downloaded 1 so far, which is the Invader Zim theme.
Andrea Krause · 18 years, 10 months ago
It's a ring like an old-skool telephone. Freaks people out. I don't really like to use rings that don't sound like...rings. And it was the only ringlike one on my phone I liked.
Talcott Back · 18 years, 10 months ago
I just leave mine on vibrate unless I'm sleeping, but if I had a ringtone, that's the one I'd want :-D
nate... · 18 years, 10 months ago
So my ringer is a single tone....

"Dingggg................................................. Dinggg............................"

Til I answer.

Except for Jay, whose ringer I have set to the super mario bros. theme song. :D

sheryls Back · 18 years, 10 months ago

john is the only one with a different ringtone on my cell :D it's just a high pitched "baloolalooolaloolaloo!"

the rest are defaulted to the invader zim theme, but non-caller id calls get a sound like�a real phone.

on my vx6000, i had like 20+ downloaded ringtones plus the 30odd that came with it, so everyone on my (omg, i almost said flist) contacts list had a unique ringtone, and i had some left over. i havent taken the time (or the money) to do it here, other than the $7 i spent to get 5 uses from modtones. i still have 4 left to pick out.

this phone, i dont like it so much so i probably will never download too many more.

i used to love using the unique ringtone because i knew who it was before i even figured out where the hell i left my phone. :D like i knew it was my mom from across the house :D

Misch · 18 years, 10 months ago
I recommend "It's The Phone" from Cheryl Wheeler's disc "Defying Gravity"
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 18 years, 10 months ago
Great Song. Cheryl rocks the Kasbah.
Adam Hartfield · 18 years, 10 months ago
I was using an MP3 I made myself of my old-school Bell System living room phone ringing, but it took my V600 too long to load the ring tone and I was missing too many calls! So now I just use a MIDI of "His Yoke is Easy, His Burthen Light" from Handel's Messiah. No confusion over whose phone is ringing!
Michael (foof) Maki · 18 years, 10 months ago
I've got lots of rings on my phone, most of them Loveline references...

My default ring is a midi of "A Little Respect" by Erasure. My friend Christopher rings as Minka (#1 Asian Big-Boob Queen) saying "Who is number one?"

I've also got Deniro saying "Liar! Liar! Whore! And you know it!" from This Boy's Life, Ace Carolla saying "You stinkin' whore!" from Loveline, and a few from Cartman (Kyle's Mom... and German Dance spring to mind)
Prinut · 18 years, 10 months ago
I have the Law & Order theme song (original, not any of the spin-offs) as my ringtone. It's the only one I'll probably ever purchase because it makes me so happy everytime my phone rings.
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 18 years, 10 months ago
Do you use "That Sound," for the alert that you have a text message?
Prinut Back · 18 years, 10 months ago

No.� Unfortunately I'm not allowed to get text messages because my parents still pay for my cell phone bill (because I rarely use it).� But I would love to have that if I could.

Heather Back · 18 years, 1 month ago
Where did you find that?? I wanna use it as my text as well...
ChrisChin is Getting Old · 18 years, 10 months ago
I have the Lord of the Rings Theme song as my primary ringtone, which I got from some website for free and then uploaded it onto my phone using a USB connector.

I have assigned ringtones for some people, mainly family members, so I know it's them and I choose to answer or not without looking at the phone.
Mollie · 18 years, 10 months ago
Cantaloop by US3
I also have Love Will Tear us Apart by Joy Division.
Bruce Rose · 18 years, 10 months ago
"Paint It Black" by the Stones, but I have quite a few others. My phone is stuck in the dark ages of polyphonics, and a lot of the freebies I find forget to play the melody.
Phoenix · 18 years, 10 months ago
What shall we do w/ teh drunken sailor (since talk like a pirate day) :D
A.J. · 18 years, 10 months ago
I said "No but I've downloaded free ones" because that is the closest answer. Actually I've made my own. My phone accepts wav files, so you can use anything as a ringtone. Mine are KOS for the standard ring. Message for the message ring, Rocks and Trees for the Canadian ring, and You Send Me by Sam Cooke for Lisa's ring.
Brian Dinsky · 18 years, 10 months ago
My ringtone, as it has been for a while, is as follows

Super Mario Brothers 3 (U) [!].nes
ripped to
Super Mario Brothers 3 (U) [!].nsf (nes music code as opposed to analog audio)
converted to
Super Mario Brothers 3 (U) [!].wav
converted to
Super Mario Brothers 3 (U) [!].mp3
downsampled to mono both for space, and the phone only has a (one) mono speaker.

and i realize that i didn't exactly explain which of the songs from the game that my ringtone plays. it's the star/invincibility song, which is really friggin' embarassing to have ring while in a video game store. that's the last thing i need, to look like a fanboy.


yeah, i could have just gotten to the point, BUT I WAS BORED.

people love my ringtone, cause well, nobody else really has it in it's authentic audible form, SON!
Mamalissa! · 18 years, 10 months ago
Edit 12/16/06 - My current phone has "Number 9, number 9..." part from "Revolution 9" on it.  It totally confuses people.

I've got "I Dream of Jeannie" - it's got a nice catchy bossa nova that just screams "answer me! answer me!" while dancing the mambo. Or something

I've totally been thinking that Super Mario bros would be cool, and here there are a bunch of people with it. Hy-sterical.

My last phone had the first few bars of Day Tripper.
A girl named Becca · 18 years, 10 months ago
Gymnopedie #1, by Erik Satie.
My phone didn't come with any normal ring sounds that I liked, so I had to go with one of the fancy-schmancy tones, and the Satie was a) one that I liked, b) one that I'd never heard coming from anyone else's phone, and c) a piece I once played back when I had musical talent. So it won.
Jºnªthªn Back · 18 years, 10 months ago
The Embryons dess�ch�s are also nice (and funny). Here's a link to some midi files if your phone can play them
Will work for anime · 18 years, 10 months ago
currently i have "O Canada" was the best one listed on my phone when i got it

one of these days i will download The Verve "Bittersweet Symphony" - that's what my brother has right now

the best is still my friend's - plays the theme from Rocky :-D
sheryls Back · 18 years, 10 months ago
i had both those on my last phone! :) john used to box, so i set his to be Rocky.. :D
Mur_Maid · 18 years, 10 months ago
mine is still The Middle by Jimmy Eat World. I also bought Wig In A Box from Hedwig and the Angry Inch.
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 18 years, 10 months ago
WooHoo Hedwig!

Real-Accordion! · 18 years, 10 months ago
I don't have a cell phone or a cell phone ring, but if I did, I'd want the theme song from Quest for Glory (... old seirra game. Awesome.)
John J. Ryan · 18 years, 10 months ago
Also the Rutgers fight song.
Dan · 18 years, 10 months ago
Bought Shaft, and it didn't work on my phone, so that sucked, but then I bought Won't be fooled again. 1 for teh price of 2=good deal in my mind.
Samantha · 18 years, 10 months ago
Silver Bells.. cause I'll know it's mine. Nobody else I know has christmas stuff on their phone year round o_o
Brian Dinsky · 18 years, 10 months ago
I hate everyone, which is why I'm changing my ring to:


Cmon, this has terrible-joke potential written all over it. Tee hee.
John J. Ryan Back · 18 years, 10 months ago
oO When she talks, I hang up... Oo
EcowarriorII · 18 years, 1 month ago
Homer: Gladys tonight I think I'm feeling a little calypso
Rimbo · 18 years, 1 month ago
The first (and probably last) ringtone I've ever bought is "The Final Countdown," as a nod to Arrested Development. I got it almost five months ago, and it's just starting to get old now.

But it's still pretty bitchin'.
trunger is counting... · 18 years, 1 month ago
if i had the money to splurge on a ringtone, i would have Gilbert Godfried telling me to pick up the damn phone. that would be the best ringtone EVER (imho) :)
Annika · 18 years, 1 month ago
"I'm a barbie girl in a barbie world, it's fantastic being plastic"
I always get a look.. guess I'm not barbie girl enough for it. ;P
Michelle · 18 years, 1 month ago

Mine is an ambulance siren...doppler effect. Music just blends into the background for me and by the time I realize it is my phone the caller has already hung up. I have a phone that barks, clucks and farts but doesn't have a normal ringer. Go figure...why would a phone have a ringer?

Sarah Back · 18 years, 1 month ago
Embarrassing-The Friends theme :)
Jerrilyh · 18 years, 1 month ago
Verizon ringtone #9. I wanna dl free ringtones so bad! Family plan sucks! I have the VX5200. Anyone know where I can dl ringtones for free without using minutes or text messaging or stuff like that?
Jerrilyh · 17 years, 7 months ago
Does anyone know where you can find Moxy Fruvous or Eddie From Ohio ringtones?
Mamalissa! Back · 17 years, 7 months ago
Just hold your phone's voice recorder up to the stereo, and record the song you want.  Then set the recording as your ringtone.
goovie is married! · 17 years, 7 months ago
just got a new phone and downloaded "nightswimming" by r.e.m. for my default ringtone. it makes me smile.
iPauley · 17 years, 7 months ago
...since the Treo connects to a computer, I've installed a number of WAV, MIDI and MP3 files to it to use as ringtones.

My main ringtone is the theme from "The West Wing."
If you're not in my directory, your ringtone is the "this level just ended" music from the original DOOM game.
Text messages use the two-beep "incoming PTT call" sound from NEXTEL phones (my Treo is on Verizon).

I've considered (but haven't yet downloaded) using the theme from "Robot Chicken" as my main ringtone.

Because I've been a cheapskate, I haven't purchased any good ringtone managers for my phone, otherwise I'd have a snippet from JBL's WWE theme (inside joke) for my old roommate Jeff, and a clip from Lifehouse's "You And Me" as Yvonne's ringtone (I have the clips, but the Treo 650 doesn't natively support MP3s as custom ringtones -- I've tried it, and it crashed the Treo).

-- Pauley
Jerrilyh · 17 years, 5 months ago
Okay I got a USB cable (LG VX5200) and now I have:

Peter, Paul, and Mary - Don't Let The Lights Go Out (mom)
Fergie - Fergalicious (my friend, Lindsay)
Stewie from Family Guy saying "victory is mine" as my text message alert.
Invader Zim Theme (my friend, Jon)
Eddie From Ohio - The Bird as my general tone
My Chemical Romance - The Sharpest Lives (my friend, Dan)
Someone from MST3K saying "suckiness comes through with great clarity" as my picture message tone
Fairly Oddparents theme
Lily Tomlin saying "no, no messages"

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